Jianhao Wu 
Hots Lady
Missed opportunities
August 29, 2017
If Carlo had played better, Hots Lady could have potentially taken both games off RPG. Instead the series ended in a 1-1 in the HGC China Phase 2.
Carlo had few brilliant plays in Game 1 on the hero Tyrael. At the 12-minute mark Carlo was able to use Sanctification to completely nullify the enemy Falstad's Gust Heroic, allowing his team the opportunity to pick up two kills against RPG. Sadly, that was end of the good Sanctifications as he flubbed every single one from that point forward, using them neither aggressively or defensively just awkwardly and poorly timed. Game 2 saw Carlo back on Arthas, which seems to be one of his comfort heroes. Despite being out of position a few times in the early game, his team was still able to take the victory. It would be keen to watch this player, as he might eventually be replaced if his performance continues in this way.
Builds damage on tanks
August 1, 2017
Carlo only opted for damage talents in the 1-1 round robin against eStar in the HGC China Phase 2.
Game 1 had Carlo playing Arthas on the map Battlefield of Eternity. Opting for a Frostmourne Hungers build with Runetap, Carlo would have been very menacing in melee combat. That is, if he could have even gotten himself into melee combat, as eStar managed to kite him in nearly every single teamfight. With these questionable talent choices in mind, Carlo was nearly dead weight for his team. Game 2 had Carlo on Stitches making some very impactful plays throughout the duration of the game. At the seven minute mark, on the map Infernal Shrines, Carlo was able to land a hook on the enemy Cassia, pulling her into range of his Punishers leaping attack. Again at the 11-minute mark, Carlo was able to hook Cassia, eStars' only ranged damage, over the keep wall. These two plays would keep Hots Lady in the lead.