Free Agent
Questionable Abathur play
August 1, 2017
Meng played a really shoddy Abathur in the 1-1 round robin against eStar in the HGC China Phase 2.
Game 1 had Meng playing Abathur on the map Battlefield of Eternity. While this isn't one of Abathurs better maps, he can function here as a scout and primary agitator with his mines. While Meng did not go mine build, he did go full Symbiote in an attempt to empower Illidan in the ensuing teamfights. Unfortunately, Meng struggled to find the balance between using Symbiote on Illidan and using his Clone on Greymane. This hesitation alone would lose many teamfights for Hots Lady. Game 2 bore witness to some big plays from Meng as he played the hero Zarya on the map Infernal Shrines. At the five-minute mark, Meng made a fast rotation to bottom lane, using his shield to save Illidan from what would have been certain death. Shortly after Meng hit level 10, he was able to use his Expulsion Zone to interrupt the enemy Tryael's Sanctification, putting it on a nine-second cooldown. This play would not only win the teamfight, but set up Hots Lady for significant advantages that would later allow them to win the game.