Laid down his life
September 26, 2017
tdie a self sacrificing Brightwing in the 1-1 against Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
Game 1 had tdie playing Tassadar on the map Battlefield of Eternity. After watching the teamfights multiple times it would appear that tdie struggled to keep shields up on the correct targets, often shielding targets who did not need it, or were not in position to maximize its benefits. It can be remarked up that tdie also would use it on retreating allies whose lives were not at any risk. These miscalculations made tdie's teamfight interactions incredibly lacking. Game 2 had tdie on Brightwing dying many times as he tried to save his allies with Emerald Wind. Despite completely whiffing it a few times, he was at least able to take the death for Sonya at the eight-minute mark, a much more useful hero (considering their position at the time). tdie's best plays might have been the use of Polymorph on the enemy Lucio and Lunara at the 11 and 14-minute marks respectively. While pressing the W key isn't challenging, getting the timing just right can be, with tdie preventing both of these enemy heroes from escaping after miss-positioning themselves.