Zihao Song 
Start Over Again
Great deny
September 30, 2017
Ty was the number one stopping force when it came to beating Hots Lady 2-0 in the HGC China Phase 2.
Both Games 1 and 2 had TY playing Tassadar. Game 1 had some particularly nice plays as TY was able to stop the enemy Stitches from ever landing an effective Hook/Gorge combo. Ty did this by constantly being in a position that would allow him to immediately react with a Force Wall, thus preventing Stitches from walking away with one of TY's allies. Game 2 was incredibly amusing to watch as Hots Lady made a call at the 15-minute mark to rush SoA's core. With only TY alive, it was up to him to stall for 15 seconds until his teammates could re-spawn. During this time, Hots Lady managed to group under the core taking a considerable amount of splash damage. With TY activating his Archon form, he too began to deal out a considerable amount of splash damage. This story ends with nearly all members from Hots Lady dying and SoA easily taking a 17-minute finish.