Hilarious use of Stage Dive
September 29, 2017
Boy were we lucky to witness Lucky's use of Stage Dive in the 2-0 victory against Beyond The Game in the HGC China Phase 2.
The Game 2 Sky Temple match bore witness to a whole new way of earning style points. At roughly the eight-minute mark, Lucky must have been feeling flashy, so he used his Stage Dive to basically turn himself into a giant cow on a pogo-stick, flying directly above his current position only to land back down in the same exact spot. While we've seen E.T.C's use point-blank Stage Dives before, we've never seen them used for no explicable reason, hitting literally no one in the middle of nowhere. Quickly writing this off as a potential fat finger proved to be wrong as well, with Lucky using his Stage Dive not even five minutes later to literally transport himself down top lane to his well, something he could have accomplished by mounting up and walking there. If there was a single common denominator amongst any of these "misplays," its that Lucky was hitting minions with his Stage Dives. Perhaps he was using it to try to clear waves? Find out next time in the China HGC...