Murloc Geniuses
United States
Jun dropped from Astral Authority
December 31, 2016
Jun has been removed from Astral Authority according to Astral News on the Astral Authority homepage.
Jun "Jun" Jang was an integral member of the founding squad of Astral Authority, Murloc Geniuses. Jun played support for his team under both names and will presumably stay in the support role, should he continue to play professionally. Jun was best known for his aggressive Rehgar play as well as his Piano Uther. He was a strong member of his team and will likely be retained if the freshly released roster chooses to stay together. Astral Authority has thanked Jun for his excellent effort and professionalism and wishes him the best of luck for his future endeavors. When asked about why they released Jun, Astral Authority cited that they are in talks with representing another Heroes of the Storm professional team and that more news will be available later after the contract negotiations are finished.
CauthonLuck signed by Astral Authority
October 2, 2016
CauthonLuck and his Murloc Geniuses team has been signed by Astral Authority according to the Astral Authority Facebook page.
CauthonLuck and his entire Murloc Geniuses roster has been signed by Astral Authority in what has been the biggest North American signing of the year. The surprise signing was amid some impressive results that saw CauthonLuck and his squad win back-to-back regional championships. CauthonLuck played in the flex role for his former team and will presumably pick up where he left off with Astral Authority.
A Gall king is born
September 8, 2016
cattlepillar played awesomely in a close 2-1 victory over Team Name Change during the second 2016 Fall Regionals.
cattlepillar started Game 1 with an insane and rarely seen Gall pick, With fury acting as his legs on Cho. This rare pick paid off in a big way, as Tychus, arguably the best Cho'Gall counter, was already banned thanks to some smart draft planning. Despite the early Cho'Gall pick, Team Name Change had no answer to the high damage output from cattlepillar. This led to some hasty and poorly executed Mosh Pits by Goku on TNC that fed Murloc Geniuses a mid-game lead they would never give up. In Game 2 cattlepillar played Zeratul on Sky Temple. This wasn't a very strong pick, and cattlepillar had some very poorly placed Void Prisms that did not get utilized well by his team. This resulted in TNC taking a huge lead and winning the game handily, 12 kills to three. In Game 3 cattlepillar redeemed himself, again on Zeratul but this time with a much easier target in Lunara. The softer targets enabled cattlepillar to get fully half of the teams eight kills, with two of them being easy ones on an unsuspecting dryad.
Only needs one hero
September 8, 2016
Jun played superb in a 2-1 victory over Team Name Change during the second 2016 Fall Regionals.
Jun played Reghar in all three of the matches in the best-of-three series against Team Name Change. While he played the same hero in each game, he managed to pull out some excellent talent diversity based off of the map and hero composition that TNC was running. In Game 1 we saw him in a double support comp with a Cho'Gall on his team. This led to him choosing the Healing Ward level-4 talent, which heals two percent of max health per second in a huge AoE for 10 seconds. This was excellent to synergize with Cho'Gall, as he has the highest health pool in the game, with over 8,000 at level 20. In Games 2 and 3, however, Jun opted for Wolf Run and Feral Heart at levels 1 and 4 respectively. This gave him increased movement speed and mana regen, which were very important on both Sky Temple and Dragon Shire, the maps they were playing on. The reason these abilities were so important is because it allowed Jun to rotate at the same speed as his teammates, rather than running at a 10 percent slower pace, which is his base wolf-form move speed. It also allowed him to regen mana quickly enough to stay in prolonged fights and ensure his team won the very important objectives.
Fury controls the battlefield with excellent positioning
August 27, 2016
Fury had an astounding 3-0 series against Vox Nihili beating them handily during the first 2016 North American Fall Regional.
Fury started Game 1 on Johanna, a strong solo warrior with excellent wave clear. This was a top priority pick for Murloc Geniuses as Tomb of the Spider Queen, the map they were playing on is all about quickly clearing waves of minions and rotating. Fury was also able to overpower the solo tank Arthas strategy that Vox Nihili tried to employ using his much larger health pool to bully him out of the front line. In Game 2, Fury took a big risk as he chose to solo tank with Tyrael, a much lower health warrior hero. Fortunately, his positioning was perfect and he managed to end the game with only a single death. In Game 3, with Tyrael banned and Johanna picked, he pulled out E.T.C., his favorite pocket pick. This was a strong hero selection, as Vox Nihili only had Johanna who could reliably interrupt his Mosh Pit ultimate. Late in the match this oversight proved fatal as Futy used Powersilde to get deep into the backline of Vox Nihili and trap two heroes with Mosh Pit while the rest of MG took them down to end the series 3-0.
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