B Step
Moving to free agent
May 31, 2017
McIntyre has been released from his player contract with B-Step, according to the official B-Step twitter account.
McIntyre, one of North America's best melee assassin players and widely considered the top Kerrigan player in the region, is now a free agent for hire after the disbandment of B-Step. This came as quite a surprise, as B-Step was one of the mid-tier teams who were speculated to make a run for one of the top two spots in the region. However, after a tough to watch but very hard fought upset loss to Team Freedom, B-Step's hope for the playoffs were crushed. With McIntyre as a free agent again, many teams will be probing to see if he is interested in joining them. It will be hard to tell where McIntyre ends up, but he should make an instant impact as soon as he is signed.
Released from player contract
May 31, 2017
k1pro has been released from B-Step, according to the official B-Step twitter page.
k1pro was a flex/support for B-Step and had been with teammates KingCaffeine and iDream since the beginning of Cloud9 back in the late Alpha stage of HotS in early 2014. During this time k1pro was best known for his skill with Tyrande and his slick rotational play where he would catch many opponents off guard with his long-range stun skillshot and secure early advantages for his team. He is still a very capable player and definitely a dual threat with his large roster of both ranged assassins and supports. Should k1pro want to continue his professional career, he would be hard pressed not to find a team that was incredibly interested.
Disbands B-Step
May 31, 2017
KingCaffeine has been released from B-Step, according to the official B-Step twitter page.
KingCaffeine will no longer play under the B-Step banner as he made the move to disband the team after some lackluster results in the HGC and failing to make the playoffs for the NA Region. Prior to the upset versus Team Freedom, B-Step was looking good and looking like a team that would continue to improve over time; however, the team did not have the gumption to stay intact following such a disappointing loss. KingCaffeine was the main tank for the team and was considered one of the best Muradin and Leoric players in all of North America. With such a lack of tank players in the NA region, if he wants to find another team to work for he most certainly will.
Retires from professional play
May 31, 2017
aPm has retired from professional play amid a roster drop by B-Step, according to the B-Step twitter page.
aPm, the support for B-Step, has decided to hang up his jersey in pursuit of other interests now that his time on B-Step is over. While his support skills were not perfect, he was still a good enough player that he could have likely found work on another team, but after the failure to provide results on B-Step it appears that he is no longer interested in this game as a career. If aPm were to ever come back to the scene, he would likely have to work his way up the totem pole and start over, as B-Step was taking a long shot in giving him a chance, and although he wasn't that bad, not many players know much about him due to his incredibly short stint in the professional HGC league lasting just four months.
No longer plays for B-Step
May 31, 2017
iDream has been released from his contract, according to the official B-Step twitter page.
iDream was the ranged carry for B-Step and excelled on heroes like Valla, Gul'Dan, and Li-Ming. He has a long history as a professional HotS player starting back before the game was released, and still in its beta stage. iDream is a decorated player, having won the first Blizzcon world championships under the Cloud9 banner, and would be an excellent addition to any team. As it stands, iDream has mentioned that he will be continuing to look for a new team and attempting to further his career. With so many teams looking for talent, iDream should be able to find work anywhere he likes, as his reputation matches both his skill and work ethic.
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Heroes of the Storm
Denial eSports loses sponsor, becomes B Step
January 12, 2017
Denial eSports lost their sponsorship and has decided to rename themselves B Step.
KingCaffeine and team, forced to pick a new team name, are jumping on the B Stepping bandwagon, just in time for HGC 2017.