Dropped from Superstars roster
November 29, 2017
iakona has been released by Superstars, according to the official Superstars twitter page.
iakona has been dropped from Superstars following a disappointing HGC season 2. iakona was never perceived as a top support in the region, but the fact that he mains the support role does add some potential draft stock to him in the assassin- and warrior-heavy NA region. iakona is best known for his Malfurion and Rehgar play, though currently the meta has shifted away from those heroes. Of late he has been making good use of the newer supports from the Overwatch universe with Lucio and Ana, but nothing that really stands out on its own. All told, iakona may be hard pressed to find himself another team.
Released for good
November 29, 2017
Srey has been released from Superstars, according to the official Superstars twitter page.
Srey is finally on the outside looking in for the team that he helped create more than one year ago. Superstars have had many problems in the past, but Srey never seemed to be one of them. Despite that, his frustrations regarding the team's direction could potentially be the reason for his departure. Srey made a name for himself playing the playmaker heroes such as Falstad and Valla, yet in the professional scene he has predominately been relegated to the warrior/tanking role. If Srey is interested in staying in the professional scene, he could likely find a spot among some of the lesser HCG teams.
Slight issue in overwhelming victory
September 27, 2017
Yoda was average in a 3-1 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Yoda opted for a Greymane pick in Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity. Yoda went for a fully aggressive build that focused on good solo laning and strong single target damage. This allowed his team to take control of the objectives with their superior firepower and end the game in just 12 minutes. Yoda ended the match with a perfect 2/0/4 KDA. Game 2, however, was a little different. Yoda chose Gul'Dan for this match on Dragon Shire and had a very hard time staying alive. The displacement ability of Garrosh was something that Yoda was clearly not accustomed to and it caused him a lot of issues throughout the otherwise straightforward and easy victory. Yoda ended the match with a 0/3/6 KDA and was the only member of his team to die during the game.
Rejoins Superstars
September 27, 2017
Srey has rejoined his old team according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
In a strange turn of events, Srey briefly took a leave of absence from the team he helped create over a year ago to take care of some personal business. After a short time away, Srey has returned to his old team and taken the place of the trusty and reliable Daihuu. Srey will of course be taking over his old role as a warrior/flex player for Superstars and is already looking forward to playing for his team and making big plays. With Srey back into the fold Superstars is looking stronger than ever and will likely make a big impact in their upcoming matches during the second phase of the HGC Group Stage.
Excellent on Rehgar
September 27, 2017
iakona played well in a 3-1 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
iakona started out strong in Game 1 on Lucio. During the match he made great use of his wall ride passive trait and Battlefield of Eternity and kept his team inside his pulsing area-of-effect heal while also managing to not die a single time. iakona ended the match with a 1/0/5 KDA. Game 2 was by far the best match of the night for iakona. Playing on Dragon Shire this time, iakona opted for the Rehgar pick over the Uther pick which seemed like a slight oversight on his part; however, he made it work wonders by chaining his heals and keeping both frontline warriors topped up so they could continue providing a buffer for the backline Hosty on Falstad to do massive damage. iakona ended the match with a perfect 2/0/4 KDA and showed the stage that he does not need to play meta heroes to win big games.
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Heroes of the Storm
Dumpster Tier Superstars now just Superstars
January 12, 2017
Heading into HGC 2017, Dumpster Tier Superstars has changed their name to simply Superstars.
The name change was at Blizzard's request, as the company classes things up for HGC. Qualifiers Faye, Goku, Hosty, iakona and Srey are all still on the squad.