Start Over Again
Great deny
September 30, 2017
Ty was the number one stopping force when it came to beating Hots Lady 2-0 in the HGC China Phase 2.
Both Games 1 and 2 had TY playing Tassadar. Game 1 had some particularly nice plays as TY was able to stop the enemy Stitches from ever landing an effective Hook/Gorge combo. Ty did this by constantly being in a position that would allow him to immediately react with a Force Wall, thus preventing Stitches from walking away with one of TY's allies. Game 2 was incredibly amusing to watch as Hots Lady made a call at the 15-minute mark to rush SoA's core. With only TY alive, it was up to him to stall for 15 seconds until his teammates could re-spawn. During this time, Hots Lady managed to group under the core taking a considerable amount of splash damage. With TY activating his Archon form, he too began to deal out a considerable amount of splash damage. This story ends with nearly all members from Hots Lady dying and SoA easily taking a 17-minute finish.
Panic playstyle
September 30, 2017
uncleG made some really questionable plays in the 2-0 victory against Start Over Again in the China HGC Phase 2.
uncleG's victory had very little to do with his performance and more to due with Hots Lady drafting from a meta that is three months past its prime. While uncle G did squeak off enough heals to help allies SparkBZ and FelyE stay in the fray, he did often do so from a position of pure panic. A great example of this was at the eight-minute mark in Game 2 when uncleG would get caught out of position taking so much damage that he felt the need to use Ancestral Healing on FelyE who was nearly full health at the time. This panic decision was indicative of his play, as uncleG would push in too far, panic, and drop his best cooldowns on literally anyone in range of him. If Start Over Again wants to make it to BlizzCon, they will have to find a way to reign in their support player.
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