Soul Torturers
Odd choice with Malthael
November 16, 2017
Zeys played Malthael fairly well, but appeared to have very little sway over the series in the 0-2 loss to Super Perfect Team in the HGC Finals.
Zeys struggled in both Games 1 and 2 when it came to applying pressure on the hero Malthael. Without being able to force Super Perfect Team to retreat or panic, Malthael loses the best part of his kit, which is his infinite ability to chase and juke in an open area. This was largely due to SPT doing a great job at zoning out the rest of Soul Torturers or fully retreating whenever Zeys used his heroic. In Game 2, Zeys was able to finally get the exact situation he wanted at the 18-minute mark, where he was able to chase down the members of SPT, picking up two kills despite being down level 18 to 20. In the end we are forced to ask the question: why Malthael? Despite the hero having an excellent kit, it often felt as if Soul Torturers simply drafted Malthael as a tack-on hero instead of curating the draft to maximize the grim reaper's potential.
High Diamond player
November 16, 2017
Scroll is what you would expect from a high-Diamond-ranked player rather than a professional, losing 0-2 to Super Perfect Team in the HGC Finals.
Scroll was able to make some great plays throughout this series, but by and large he caused more damage to his team by making exponentially more misplays. When it comes to games at this level, you cannot regularly miss Mosh Pit opportunities. In Game 1, with Scroll on E.T.C, he managed to completely throw a fight at the eight-minute mark by hitting absolutely no one with his Powerslide/Mosh Pit combination. This misplay could be considered one of the biggest errors in the entire series. Game 2 had Scroll on Garrosh getting very little out of the hero's kit until level 20. While he was able to secure one early-game kill and save Zeys from the enemy E.T.C, both impressive plays in their own right, he wasn't able to do enough to warrant the hero choice.
Mirr and CuCumber: the terrifying duo
November 16, 2017
Mirr and CuCumber had the kind of synergy one has come to expect from their Hero League games. With that said, it is easy to see why Soul Torturers lost 0-2 to Super Perfect Team in the HGC Finals.
Mirr had his own teammates shaking in their boots with the way he was constantly overlapping his heroic with CuCumber. This dastardly duo attempted to play a dual-support composition in both Games 1 and 2. Individually, both Mirr and CuCumber made great plays, all of which were heavily overshadowed by the amount of times they could not coordinate their playmaking abilities. In Game 1 Mirr was on the hero Brightwing, often using his Emerald Wind to disengage the enemy team while CuCumber would use his Sound Barrier to protect the team. Game 2 had Mirr on Uther using his Divine Shield to protect allies who were also under the effect of Sound Barrier. This is all that really needs to be said about Soul Torturers, and if they want to up their game, it is very clear where they can find improvement.
Impressive Greymane play
November 16, 2017
GoDDog is the god dog, as he played an impeccable Greymane in the 0-2 loss to Super Perfect Team in the HGC Finals.
With the way GoDDog played Greymane in Game 1, it was truly a surprise they didn't prioritize the hero in their draft for Game 2. Game 1 had GoDDog putting out 127,000 damage and participating in nearly every single kill his team earned on the map Towers of Doom. At the 11-minute mark, GoDDog was able to pick up a double kill by forcing an out-of-position Uther to waste Divine Shield, killing him and then throwing a cocktail through the bottom Gate to finish off a low-health Dehaka. The fluidity in GoDDog's Greymane play was a truly a testament to his mastery on the hero. Game 2 had GoDDog playing the hero Kaelthas, often struggling to push back the enemy Falstad, who was operating as a split-pusher. When GoDDog finally did get to join the fights, they were often too brief for him to stack up any lasting damage. When he used his heroic in attempt to maximize his burst, it was typically cut short by the enemy's use of Mighty Gust.
Needs to calm down
November 16, 2017
CuCumber was all over the place in the 0-2 loss against Super Perfect Team in the HGC Finals.
CuCumber played Lucio in both Games 1 and 2 to his own great excitement. When CuCumber wasn't busy trying to wall ride through terrible choke points, he was busy mashing his R key on cooldown, almost always overlapping his heroic with Mirr, the other support player. While this was equally Mirr's fault, it was CuCumber who was getting picked off due to his terrible positioning and rotational awareness. While it's easy to get carried away on the speedy Rollerblade hero, CuCumber ended up being a massive detriment to his team and one of the reasons they lost. Despite all of these critiques, it is worth noting that CuCumber does have potential to be a great player, as this was clearly visible at the eight-minute mark, when he landed an absolutely perfect Lucio Sound Barrier.
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