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Failed to make it through group stages
July 31, 2017
Tars fell victim to the grueling swiss format as he failed to make it out of group stages at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
Even though Tars is a big name in the scene, DreamHack can be a struggle for anyone. The Hearthstone Grand Prix starts out with a grueling Swiss Bracket to help sort out the 168 players entered in the competition. Players played up to nine rounds in a single day, and that format can knock out even the best players around, Tars being no different.
Tars: Eliminated from Europe Winter Championships after being unable to overcome series of bad draws
March 19, 2016
Tars lost a heartbreaker of a series 3-2 in the loser's bracket of Group B during the Europe Winter Championships.
Tars started things out with a bang in this series taking a quick 2-0 lead. In Game One, he brought out his Tempo Mage deck to face the Patron Warrior from BunnyHoppor. He was able to take a pretty big lead early on in terms of board control, but BunnyHoppor came roaring back to take an even bigger lead on the board. Tars was caught dead to rights, but was able to squeeze out the victory after BunnyHoppor took one point of damage too many on a questionable play, giving Tars exact lethal. For the second game, Tars faced off against BunnyHoppor's Patron Warrior once again with his own Druid deck. The Warrior was again able to gain board control, but could not overcome the early ramp up from Tars' Druid. With Tars now holding a 2-0 lead, it was time for his Secret Paladin to face BunnyHoppor's Aggro Paladin. The Aggro deck was able to snowball a slight lead at turn five into a major win by turn nine. Game Four saw BunnyHoppor's Patron Warrior come back to try and defeat the Secret Paladin of Tars. He was able to put a ton of pressure on BunnyHoppor, even getting him down to nine health by turn five, but he ran out of steam and could not overcome the massive board of Grim Patrons. For the decisive Game Five, it was Tars' Secret Paladin facing the Druid of BunnyHoppor. This one went back-and-forth the entire time, with no one player having a lead until BunnyHoppor was finally able to wrestle the victory away after Tars completely stalled out. Tars was eliminated by the loss and will take home $5,000 and 10 HCT points.
Tars: Comeback attempt falls short in close 3-2 loss to Diggen
March 18, 2016
Tars lost a close 3-2 series to Diggens in the first match of Group B during the Europe Winter Championships.
Tars started out flat with his Druid deck in this match. He started out playing against Diggen's Patron Warrior deck. Despite the fact that Diggen had some great draws, Tars was able to keep him in check for most of the game. In the end, there was just too much pressure from Diggen for Tars to overcome. From a 17-attack Frothing Berserker to an enraged Grommash Hellscream, there were just too many questions that Tars did not have the answers to. Things weren't much better for Tars in Game Two, with his Druid being matched against Diggen's Aggro Paladin. Tars was overwhelmed from the start, with Diggen keeping the board full and making efficient trades the whole game. There was no hope for Tars in this game, as he fell behind 0-2. In Game Three, Tars started to make a comeback with this Druid mirror. Things started off quite scary for him, though, as he fell behind early on. Scariness turned to delight as Tars began to get the draws he needed, and he was able to pick up the victory in this coin flip of a matchup. Game Four saw Tars bring his Secret Paladin against Diggen's Druid. Tars started with the perfect hand, and played on curve the entire game. By the time he dropped Mysterious Challenger on Turn 6, things were already over for Diggen. With the match tied, Tars brought out his Tempo Mage to go up against Diggen. Tars took a lead early on, as he was able to fool Diggen into thinking that this Mage was a Freeze Mage, which led Diggen into playing a Piloted Shredder right into a Mirror Entity. He was able to keep that tempo for most of the game, but things started to slip in the later turns of the game. The Druid was able to get control of the game with his superior card draw from cards like Wrath and Ancient of Lore. Tars ran out of gas and fell 3-2. He now falls to the lower bracket of Group B for Saturday's games.
Tars: Invited to Hearthstone European Championship
March 16, 2016
Tars, along with seven other players, will play in the European edition of the Hearthstone Championship Tournament taking place March 18-20.
Tars fought his way into this tournament by virtue of being a top eight finisher in the Europe Winter Preliminary back in February. Before this, Tars won the DreamHack Tours tournament in May of 2015 and will look to parlay his recent successes into winning a portion of the $100,000 purse.