Francisco Fraga Leimontas 
Isurus Gaming
Fell just short of making it out of swiss
September 18, 2017
PNC fell a game short of making it out of the swiss stage of the Hearthstone Americas Summer Playoffs.
PNC played well with his unique lineup, really surprising a lot of other players. He was one of few players to bring Quest Mage and Big Priest, complementing those decks with Quest Rogue and Jade Druid. PNC shines when the games are slower control matchups that rely largely on decision-making, as he demonstrated in this tournament. He finished with a respectable 5-2 record but ended up a game out of qualifying for top eight.
PNC: Eliminated in a heartbreaking series
June 25, 2016
PNC played great, but fell short at the hands of Joster 4-3 in Day 1 of the Americas Spring Championship.
In the closest series of the day, PNC and Joster were evenly matched the whole time. The two alternated wins the first four games until PNC's heart was crushed in Game 5. On his aggressive Dragon Warrior deck, PNC rushed down Joster's Reno Warlock to just 10 health on turn 4, only to watch Joster barely live to turn 6 before throwing down a Reno Jackson to reset the game. PNC seemed to be crushed by the loss as he made a couple of key misplays on the way, but bounced back well, as he took the next game against Joster's Rogue to set up a decisive Game 7. PNC's tournament hopes were on the line with his Midrange Hunter deck, but fell short as Joster's Rogue Cold Blood combos were just too much damage to handle. PNC is happy with how far he came and rightfully should be, as we can expect to see his name more going forward.
PNC: Survives tough series to advance to top eight
May 25, 2016
PNC squeaked through a tough 3-2 series against Gallon213 to advance to the top eight of the Americas Spring Championship
This was the closest series of the day, as the tough battle didn't seem to give any indication as to who would claim victory early on. Game 1 started with another appearance of the rarely seen Hunter class, being played by PNC. The Hunter dropped Game 1 to Gallon213's Rogue but found revenge in Game 2 as it took down a Reno Lock. For Game 3, PNC played his Tempo Warrior and found a win against the very innovative Worgen Combo Warrior where the goal is to win the game with a 32-damage combo. The combo came out in Game 4 against PNC's Rogue to get the one-turn kill and force Game 5. In Game 5, PNC played his Rogue perfectly and used a very smart concealed attack to win the series against Gallon213's Reno Warlock. PNC showed strength with all his decks and should feel great about being in the top eight.