Frank Zhong 
United States
Free Agent
Free Agent
Played the best Hearthstone of his life all weekend long
January 22, 2018
fr0zen had his miraculous run fall one game short as he finished 2nd at the Hearthstone World Championship.
Quickly becoming the fan favorite and the target of all the USA chants in Amsterdam, fr0zen gave this tournament absolutely everything he had. With all but one of his series going the full five games, it seemed that every series fr0zen would have would become the new most dramatic series of the tournament. Even in the championship, fr0zen earned himself a 2-0 series lead with only his Jade Druid left. Unfortunately, Tom60229 was able to complete the reverse sweep to deny America a second World Champion. fr0zen showed incredible creativity in his deck building and backed it up with phenomenal play. He should be very proud of his showing, and the $150,000 he gets to take home.
Fell flat on the first day of the Grand Prix
July 31, 2017
Fr0zen had an uncharacteristically bad weekend as he failed to advance from the group stages at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
Already with his spot in the World Championship, Fr0zen has a target on his back wherever he goes. His opponents got the best of him this time around as he was beat up early and often. This was a rough performance for the otherwise sound player, but should not start a pattern.
Finished as runner-up but still clinched his spot at World Championship
March 27, 2017
fr0zen finished as runner-up as he lost to ShtanUdachi in the finals of the Hearthstone Winter Championship. fr0zen also clinched himself a spot at the World Championship with his top four finish.
The tournament got off to an extremely rocky start for the American hopeful as it was clear he was nervous. We saw multiple obvious mistakes made as he need to pull of a miracle comeback from a 3-1 deficit to find his first win. fr0zen was able to calm down and put together the play we expected from him, advancing himself all the way to the championship, clinching his spot at the Wold Championships along the way. Facing the only person who defeated him so far in ShtanUdachi, fr0zen put a much better performance as the two combined for a thrilling seven game series. fr0zen still ultimately fell just short as it was clear that ShtanUdachi was the best player in the competition. fr0zen was still able to accomplish his ultimate goal of clinching his spot at the World Championships.
Qualifies for Winter Championship as one of four American representatives
February 21, 2017
Fr0zen made it to the semifinals of the Americas Winter Playoffs, clinching his spot as one of four North American representatives to play in the HCT Winter Championships.
As one of the most well-known players in the field, Fr0zen had to fight his way through a grueling Swiss bracket of all the top HCT point recipients in the Americas just to qualify for the single-elimination bracket. He then emerged victorious from the most anticipated matchup of the quarterfinals with Amnesiac to clinch his spot in the Winter Championships in Bahamas. He proceeded to lose to DocPwn in the semifinals but successfully accomplished the ultimate mission of moving onto the Winter Championships.
fr0zen: Great tournament run comes up just short with 2nd place finish
June 23, 2016
fr0zen put together an amazing tournament run, but finished as the runner-up, as Rdu defeated him 3-1 in the championship of the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix.
fr0zen became a fan favorite for his use of the Yogg-Saron Druid deck, but he failed the get a win with the deck in the last two rounds of the Grand Prix. Instead, it was the aggro decks that decided the matchups. fr0zen won Game 2 against Rdu on his Aggro Shaman, evening the series 1-1. Rdu then turned to his Zoo Warlock deck, as one of the most experience Zoo players in the world, as he took two straight game to close out the series and claim the championship. fr0zen was clearly outmatched, but he played great all tournament and should be very happy with the runner-up finish. This was a great audition for future teams since fr0zen's old team, Hearthlytics, recently disbanded and he is surely looking to land with a powerhouse.