Dima Radu 
G2 Esports
Strikes out again
September 5, 2017
RDU came up short again with an early exit in the group stages of the European Summer Championship.
Although RDU is mentioned in the same breath as his other European powerhouse players like Hoej and Kolento, RDU simply doesn't have the accolades to match. He was the lone European to miss the world championship cut in the Spring championship and was hoping to work his way towards that goal here. What may be working against RDU the most is that he is a player who prefers and is more experienced with aggressive decks, but control decks are currently dominating the meta, leaving him in a rough spot.
Fell a series short of the World Championship
July 10, 2017
Rdu put together a strong tournament showing, but was knocked out in the quarterfinals of the Hearthstone Spring Championship.
The most prevalent theme of the Spring Championship was the dominance of the European region. All four representatives made it out of the group stages, Rdu being one of the two undefeated players. Unfortunately the Europeans had to face off against each other in the quarterfinals as Rdu and Kolento battled it out with a spot in the World Championship on the line. Rdu fell victim to friendly fire as he lost a thrilling series 3-2 to Kolento. Rdu did not get his sought after spot in the World Championship, but we can expect him to get right back into things come Summer season.
Gave everything he had and ended up with a second place finish
June 12, 2017
Rdu battled his way through a tough field to lose to Zalae 4-2 in the finals of StarLadder Season 3.
As a player who is known for only playing aggro decks, Rdu surprised the field as he brought a more control oriented lineup. His main reasoning for bringing his lineup was that control decks are just too strong right now. He had a good point, but unfortunately Zalae brought a lineup specifically designed to defeat control decks. A lof of the time, a major championship strictly comes down to who was able to bring the best lineup. Rdu is just as good as any player in the world, but he was not able to take down Zalae. Rdu looked great throughout the entire tournament and he will continue to make noise in each tournament.
Clinched a spot at the Spring Championship
May 22, 2017
Rdu used aggro decks to rush his way to a final four finish in the European Spring Playoffs. With the finish, Rdu clinched a spot at the Spring Championship in Shanghai.
Continually referenced as one of the best young players, it has actually been a surprisingly long time since we have seen Rdu in a major tournament. We saw him flop as part of the G2 team in the Trinity Series, but now he is solo and making his moves up the charts. His skill can never be doubted though, and Rdu reaffirmed that as he thrived with the ultra aggressive lineup. Rdu brought the pressure in every game he played with the insanely fast Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Face Hunter and Aggro Druid lineup. Rdu was able to beat Casie in the quarterfinals to clinch himself a spot in the Spring Championship before losing to Kolento in the semifinals. The goal was to make the final four, and Rdu accomplished that swimmingly.
Tournament run ends in second-place finish
January 3, 2017
RDU was once again defeated by his rival SuperJJ 3-1 in the grand finals of the Zagreb Gaming Arena. RDU finished in 2nd place and took home 2,000 euros.
Coming into the matchup, RDU confidence had to have been low, as he has a disastrous 0-12 record against SuperJJ in competitive matches. The record speaks to the skill of SuperJJ, but RDU was done no favors by his decks in this matchup. Game 1 set the tone as RDU had atrocious card draws with his Pirate Warrior as it lost to SuperJJ's Dragon Priest. After getting beat down with his Jade Druid deck, RDU found a win on his Pirate Warrior deck in the heavily favored matchup against a Miracle Rogue. RDU dropped the Miracle Rogue mirror match to lose the series as SuperJJ's dominance over him continued. RDU made a couple of bold moves, especially on his Rogue deck, but nothing that would be considered a misplay. He played with a sense of desperation after falling into an early hole, but it did not pay off. Thankfully RDU is not leaving completely empty handed, and we know we will see him in grand finals more often.
Rdu: Repeats as DreamHack Grand Prix champion
June 23, 2016
Rdu played great all tournament and finished as champion when he defeated fr0zen 3-1 in the finals of the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix.
The real championship matchup was his Semifinal match against Hoej, but Rdu finished his tourney run off with a dominant win over fr0zen in the finals. Rdu's Zoo Warlock deck proved to be his most trusted deck, as he claimed the final two wins to clinch the series with the deck. With the level of competition continually growing in the Hearthstone world, it is a very impressive accomplishment to defend a title at the professional level. This was a great tournament for Rdu and he shows that he still has what it takes to win high-profile tournaments.