Aleksandr Malsh 
Surprises with early exit
September 5, 2017
Kolento did not have his best stuff as he failed to make it out of the group stages of the European Summer Championship.
As the most well known player in Europe, it seems that whenever Kolento does not make it to at least the semifinals of a tournament, we are surprised. Those may be unfair expectations, but Kolento is truly still one of the world's best, making his elimination in any group stage surprising. Already with a ticket to the World Championship in hand, Kolento will be back to build his resume some more.
Wasn't able to build on his legacy as he wanted
August 26, 2017
Kolento and Ukraine were upset on the biggest stage as they lost to the Czech Republic 4-2 in the grand finals of the Hearthstone Global Games.
With a resume that includes everything is Hearthstone other than a world championship, Kolento is renowned as one of the best in the world. A team format is a new experiment for Kolento however, as he looks to become the champion of the first ever HGG. Kolento thrived in the team setting, finding a leadership role that saw Ukraine make it all the way to the grand finals against the Czech Republic. Ukraine possessed more skilled players with Neirea and DrHippi with Kolento, but Czech's secret weapon was Stancifka. He brought a sense of creativity to the deck building process, earning an edge in the matchup. Czech closed it in a dramatic six games, but we can all expect Kolento to be back in big tournaments soon enough.
Godlento strikes again as Ukraine make the top four of Hearthstone Global Games
July 26, 2017
Kolento continued world domination as he helped Ukraine clinch a Top 4 spot in the Hearthstone Global Games. Semifinals of HGG are at Gamescom in Germany in August.
With the name power on the Ukraine team, expectations were high. The HGG format was an absolute grind to get through, spanning multiple months and odd times in the day, but the skill level of the Ukrainian players pushed them through. Kolento is the fearless leader of the team and played like it throughout. He will continue as the face for the team as they hope to capture the first ever HGG championship.
Finished as runner-up, clinched himself a spot in the World Championship
July 10, 2017
Kolento looked like vintage Kolento, but finished in second place as he lost to Hoej 3-0 in the grand finals of the Hearthstone Spring Championship. Hoej also clinched a spot in the World Championship.
Revered as one of the greatest Hearthstone players ever, it was odd that he was being overlooked when it came to choosing a champion. Maybe it is because he is not the most outgoing or talkative, but Kolento means business. He made that clear as he not only defeated his competition, but did so in heartbreaking manner. On multiple occasions, Kolento was in a 0-2 hole in a series only to win three straight to advance. His magic ran out in the finals though, as Hoej's aggressive lineup completed the 3-0 sweep. Kolento had what it took to be champion, but achieved his ultimate goal of making it to the World Championship.
Great play resulted in a runner-up finish and a trip to Shanghai
May 22, 2017
Kolento finished a strong showing with a loss to Hoej in the grand finals as he finished as runner-up of the European Spring Playoffs. With the finish, Kolento also clinched a spot at the Spring Championship in Shanghai.
Everybody knows about the skill of Kolento, so a run into the final four to clinch himself a spot in the Spring Championship in Shanghai is no surprise. The competitive scene just seems to be in a better place when Kolento is in the mix. This tournament, he showed his skill on control deck as he brought a slow lineup: Jade Druid, Taunt Warrior, Midrange Murloc Paladin and Quest Rogue. He navigated the matchups smoothly in a tough quarterfinals matchup with Stancifka to officially book himself a spot in the championship. Kolento defeated Rdu before he lost to Hoej as his tournament run fell just short, but yet accomplished the goal he set out to achieve.
Kolento: Secures Semifinal finish at SL i-League Tournament
January 30, 2016
Kolento topped his group to advance to the Semifinals of the SL i-League StarSeries Tournament.
Kolento started off the SL i-League Group Stage with an impressive record. In his matches again Cipher, Dog and Nicolas, he went undefeated to earn himself a bye into the Semifinals. Despite this extremely impressive early showing, he was unable to maintain his momentum in the Playoff stage of the event. In his series against Cipher, he quickly claimed the first game in the Paladin mirror match. From here, the series turned in Cipher's favor, who quickly defeated Kolento's Warlock three games in a row. This eliminated Kolento from the tournament and secured his Semifinal finish in the league.
Kolento: Moves onto last match of ONOG Summer Circuit Finals
August 30, 2015
Kolento defeated Pavel in the Semifinals of the ONOG Summer Circuit Finals to advance to the Finals against Tom60229.
Kolento quickly showed his domination in the competition during the Group Stage portion, winning both of his series 3-0 against his opponents. He carried this momentum into the Semifinals against Pavel, starting the series with a 2-0 lead after two quick wins against Pavel's Hunter and Druid decks. Pavel would respond with two wins of his own to try and rally a comeback, but Kolento quickly shut him down, destroying his Hunter two games in a row to claim the series win 4-2, and advancing to a Finals matchup against one of his opponents in the Group Stage, Tom60229.
Kolento: Wins Europe Pro Qualifier
August 9, 2015
Kolento proved to be the best player in Europe, winning the WCA 2015 Europe Pro Qualifier.
Despite placing first in the tournament, Kolento had a rough start, losing all three of his games in the Playoff Group after qualifying for the Playoff Stage. This would pit him against ThijsNL in the Losers' Round 1. Desperate to prove his ability, Kolento came out strong, winning the series in a convincing 3-1 fashion. Kolento continued the trend in the Losers' Finals, beating StanCifka 3-1 to advance to the Grand Finals. After winning the previous two series in convincing fashion, Kolento faced off against fellow European Titan, Lifecoach, who didn't lose a single game in the Round Robin. Lifecoach struck early and was able to take Game One, easily beating Kolento's Miracle Rogue with an aggressive Hunter deck. This forced Kolento to play from behind as his extremely aggressive Patron Warrior would accrue 36 armor, but was unable to close out the game. Despite the early hole, Kolento rose to the occasion, winning the next three games in quick succession to walk away with the WCA 2015 Europe Pro Qualifiers.