Louis Bremers 
Crowned champion of SeatStory Cup VII
July 5, 2017
Mitsuhide put together an incredible tournament run and capped it off with a 4-3 win over MrYagut to be named champion of SeatStory Cup VII champion. Mitsuhide took home $10,000 for the win. His lineup consisted of Mage, Paladin, Rogue and Druid.
SeatStory cup is known for being a super laid-back tournament where everybody drinks, messes around and 'goes for the memes.' For the sake of getting attention, the stream focused on the more popular and recognizable names. Among the star-studded tournament, Mitsuhide was able to quietly destroy everybody he faced. It really wasn't until the semifinals that he was prominently featured on stream and talked up by the casters. Known only for his recent DreamHack victory, Mitsuhide was able to march through all of SeatStory undefeated, taking down names like Gaara, MrYagut, Forsen and Ostkaka. Mitsuhide played perfectly and deserves to be known as one of the top players in the game right now.
Captures his first major as DreamHack Winter champion
November 26, 2016
Mitsuhide and his Hunter deck completed his championship run with a 3-2 victory of Weghuz to be crowned champion of the DreamHack Winter Hearthstone Grand Prix.
As the only player in the semifinals who brought Hunter, Mitsuhide was on stream saying he is unfavored in the finals against Weghuz and his Zoo Warlock. For that reason, Weghuz queued up the Zoo deck right away, but Mitsuhide shut that down in convincing fashion with his Malygos Druid deck. After Weguz ramped up and won a Druid mirror matchup and conquered a Zoo deck, Mitsuhide queued up his Midrange Hunter and didn't need another deck. As a class that has been struggling to find its place in the meta since the Call of the Wild nerf, Mitsuhide showed just how strong Hunter can be when played well. Weghuz could not stop the consistent damage with his Druid or Control Warrior decks as Mitsuhide took the championship 3-2. This is the first major appearance for Mitsuhide and a validation of the new GamersOrigin member's rising stardom. He played incredibly all tournament long and definitely deserved the win.