Frederik Nielsen 
Planet Odd
Fails to repeat as European seasonal champion
September 5, 2017
Hoej could not defend his European title as he was knocked out in group stages of the European Summer Championship.
The expectations were high for Hoej in this event as he just dominated the previous European season. Unfortunately, Hoej got overwhelmed early by the always powerful European field and could not make it out from the swiss group stage. Hoej still has his trip to the World Championship booked so we will definitely see more of him.
Continued his world domination with a new title and a spot at the World Championship
July 10, 2017
Hoej continued his dominant 2017 with a 3-0 sweep against Kolento in the grand finals to be named champion of the Hearthstone Spring Championship. Hoej also clinched a spot in the World Championship.
Coming in as the hottest player in the world with two major Hearthstone tournament victories already under his belt in 2017, it was a surprise that he wasn't as popular as a pick to win it all. Looking to become to first player to win both his region's championship and the global championship, Hoej had to fight through the stacked field to get there. However, the biggest win Hoej had came before the games even started. He was able to construct a greedy aggressive lineup to target the exact decks he anticipated facing. With that strategy, he was able to put himself in some pretty favorable spot, with his perfect play being able to close the games. Hoej earned $60,000 with the victory and earned his spot at the World Championship in January 2018.
Crowned European Champion of the Spring Playoffs, on to Shanghai
May 22, 2017
Hoej completed an incredible tournament run by defeating Kolento 3-0 in the grand finals as he was crowned champion of the European Spring Playoffs. With the finish, Hoej also clinched a spot at the Spring Championship in Shanghai.
The initial release of the final eight of the European Spring Playoffs did not even feature Hoej. After some recalculations of the complicated tie breaker process, Hoej snuck in the final eight as the 8th seed. Hoej brought an extremely aggressive lineup, featuring Aggro Murloc Paladin, Pirate Warrior, Aggro Druid and the surprising Secret Mage. After not even being included in the final eight, Hoej upset the number 1 seed, FebEli3, to clinch a spot in the Spring Championship. Hoej was not done there, as he defeated Neirea and Kolento in order to clinch the championship. This is great for Hoej as he emerges back on the competitive scene and also as he debuts for his new esports organization.
Hoej: Plays very well in tough loss
June 23, 2016
Hoej played great throughout the tournament, but his run ended 3-2 to Rdu in the semifinals of the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix.
Hoej was praying to the Old Gods throughout this whole tournament, as he had both a N'Zoth and C'Thun deck in the Last Hero Standing format. In the series against Rdu, those two decks each found a win, but it took him awhile to find a win with his Aggro Shaman deck, costing him the series. He lost two straight games against Rdu's Aggro Shaman, but he did finally find a win on it to set up a C'Thun Druid against Zoo matchup for the series, which eventually went in favor of Rdu's Zoo. Hoej and Rdu seemed to be the two favorites for this event, making this matchup feel like the real championship. The overall great play from Hoej during his run did not disappoint one bit.