Hak-Jun Baek 
South Korea
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The juggernaut fell in the group stages
September 10, 2017
Kranich could not make it out of the swiss bracket of the Asia-Pacific Summer Playoffs.
Still one of the best players in the APAC region each and every season, Kranich did not have his best result in this tournament. Kranich played well but couldn't make it out the swiss stage of the event. What may have hurt Kranich the most was his Evolve Shaman lineup. The deck is popular enough but ends up being a victim of nearly all of the other popular archetypes in the meta. The choice hurt, but credit other talented players in the region for Kranich's early exit. Kranich's lineup consisted of Jade Druid, Midrange Paladin, Highlander Priest and Evolve Shaman.
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Could not outmatch the Ukrainian powerhouse
August 26, 2017
Kranich and South Korea had their HGG run fall short as they lost 4-2 to Ukraine in the semifinals of the Hearthstone Global Games.
South Korea was the true underdog in the semifinals, surrounded by Hearthstone powerhouse countries such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, and the United States. Kranich himself is no underdog, but all of South Korea faced a huge challenge in going against Ukraine. Kranich and HandsomeGuy have done a great job of leading the South Korea team all through HGG, but Ukraine was just too powerful. South Korea grabbed two games and showed that they did belong in the final four, but just not any further.
Leads South Korea to top four of Hearthstone Global Games
July 26, 2017
Kranich shined again as he pushed South Korea to a Top 4 spot in the Hearthstone Global Games. Semifinals of HGG are at Gamescom in Germany in August.
Through weeks and weeks of exhausting series through the night, all countries were tested to the max. South Korea came in as one of the heralded countries and played like it, representing the Asia-Pacific scene well. Kranich is known as a god in the Korean Hearthstone scene and hopes to cement his legacy with the first ever HGG title.
Missed a chance to qualify for his third World Championship
July 10, 2017
Kranich had a disappointing showing as he failed to make it out of group stages at the Hearthstone Spring Championship.
Already as the only person to ever take part in multiple World Championships, Kranich had the opportunity to compete for a third title with a semifinal berth. Always a tough opponent, he fell short this day as he ran into the hottest player in the world in Hoej. Hoej defeated Kranich twice to eliminate him from the tournament, a tournament Hoej would later go on to win. Kranich is still one of the world's best players and is worshipped in the Korean Hearthstone scene.
Clinched a spot at the Spring Championship in Shanghai
June 4, 2017
Kranich was his dominant self as he made it to the semifinals of the Asia-Pacific Spring Playoffs. With the semifinal finish, Kranich clinched a spot in the global Spring Championship in Shanghai.
Easily the most recognizable name of the field, Kranich was the favorite to win it all. Although the competition was tougher than most people would give credit, Kranich may have hurt himself with a unique lineup that saw a Secret Hunter decks struggle. Regardless, Kranich is still one of the best players in the world and talent always seems to find a way to shine bright. Kranich made it to the semifinals and accomplished his goal of qualifying for the Spring Championship in Shanghai.
Kranich: Wins 2015 HWC - Asia Pacific Championship
October 3, 2015
Kranich bested Kno in the Finals of the 2015 HWC - Asia Pacific Championship in the road to Blizzcon.
The event started off well for Kranich, despite landing in the same group as Kno, who would meet him again in the Finals. He advanced through the Group Stage with ease, winning both of his series in convincing fashion. This would give him the highest seed moving into the Semifinals, where he would continue his dominant run taking out Pinpingho 3-2 and securing his spot in the Finals against Kno. Despite having a challenge in the Semifinals, Kranich was determined to prove he was the best and quickly swept Kno in the Finals, claiming the crown of the Asia Pacific Championship.