Jung-Soo Kim 
South Korea
Planet Odd
Crowned champion on the APAC region
September 10, 2017
Surrender had an amazing tournament run that ended in a championship in the Asia-Pacific Summer Playoffs. Surrender also clinched himself a spot in the global Summer championship in the process.
In the region that continues to see high turnover in the seasonal champions, Surrender finally got to take his turn wearing the APAC crown. Without a clear favorite, Surrender was able to weave his way through the crowded bracket. He showed incredible mastery of his Highlander Priest deck, which ended up being the most popular deck played at the event. The mirror matchup was often a decisive match, vital as Surrender won his final his final two series with a 3-2 score. Surrender will next be seen at the Summer Championship where he can book himself a spot at the World Championship.