Dr J 
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Free Agent
Knocked out of the field early
September 18, 2017
DrJikininki bowed out early as he couldn't make it through the swiss stage of the Hearthstone Americas Summer Playoff.
Even without Denial Esports attached to his name, DrJikininki is seen at every major Hearthstone event. This event did not go his way as he was beaten up early and often in the swiss bracket, going 1-3. DrJikininki has to wait longer to add to his signature win of 2017 in DreamHack Atlanta.
Free Agent
No longer representing Denial Esports
September 10, 2017
DrJikininki and Denial Esports have parted ways amid rumors and accusations of mistreatment of their players by the organization.
Denial Esports is facing these accusations across multiple esports titles, mainly revolving around their lack of payment to their players. There is a lot of proof and evidence behind the claims, making sense of why DrJ and many other players are ending their relationship with the org.
Shocked the world again by winning DreamHack Atlanta
July 31, 2017
DrJikininki capped off an impressive tournament run with a victory in the grand finals to be crowned champion of the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
After coming out of nowhere to win the Americas Winter Championship in 2016, we haven't heard much of DrJikininki. We saw a player come out of nowhere and clinch a spot at worlds and a roster spot on Denial Esports. Now back in the public eye, DrJ showed that his prior tournament run was no fluke. He took down some of the best names in America in Atlanta and rightfully earned his second title.
Free Agent
Crowned Americas Winter Champion and will play for the global title
February 21, 2017
DrJikininki shocked the world as he defeated DocPwn 3-0 in the Americas Winter Championship to finish as Americas Winter Champion. DrJikininki also clinched his spot as one of four North American representatives to play in the HCT Winter Championship.
As a completely unknown player, DrJikininki was on a mission to surprise everyone on his way to qualifying for HCT Winter Chanpionship. As the Swiss tourney continued, DrJ kept putting together amazing play in each series, defeating players like VLPS, Amnesiac and Zalae. In the championship series against DocPwn, DrJ was the beneficiary of terrible draws from DocPwn's Pirate Warrior as DrJ closed the series 3-0 against the deck. DrJ's goal was to qualify for the HCT Winter Championship in the Bahamas, but went ahead and won the whole tournament too.