Tugay Evsan 
compLexity Gaming
Keepd hot streak going with another top-four finish
July 6, 2017
MrYagut put together strong series after strong series as he grabs a top-four finish in LifeCoach's Summer Mansion. MrYagut's lineup consisted of Druid, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior.
Fresh off of a top-four finish at SeatStory Cup VII, the lesser-known MrYagut got right back to business in the very next tournament. MrYagut has been able to break out in a major way in 2017, with tournament performances like this only helping his cause. Still trying to emerge out of the shadow of his CompLexity teammates, MrYagut has thrived in this control--oriented metagame, taking advantage of those who brought aggro decks. MrYagut ultimately ended up losing to eventual runner-up Powder in the semifinals, but showed that we can expect to see him in contention for a lot more titles going forward.
Shakes off nerves to grab top-four finish at SeatStory Cup VII
July 5, 2017
MrYagut had a dominant tournament run as he finished SeatStory Cup VII with a Top 4 finish. MrYagut's lineup consisted of Rogue, Shaman, Warrior and Druid.
Quite often in the shadow of his CompLexity teammates, Crane and SuperJJ, MrYagut has begun to emerge on his own. Normally renowned as a Rogue expert, fellow pros have started to notice that MrYagut can play every class as well as anybody in the field. It is still evident that MrYagut is not used to the attention that his play deserves as he admitted to being very nervous throughout the tournament. Luckily, some misplays did not cost him any wins as he had a great run to the semifinals. He lost to eventual champion Mitsuhide but helped his case as one of the world's best in convincing manner.