Jacob Coen 
Gosu Crew
Continued his struggles in the major events
September 18, 2017
APXVoid could not make it to the main stage as he was eliminated in the swiss stage of the Hearthstone Americas Summer Playoffs.
The ladder grinder made another appearance in a seasonal championship, but APXVoid again struggled to make any use of it. APXVoid competed best when he could rely on his skills on Tempo Mage, and has not been able to find his place in tournaments since.
Fought hard to boost his reputation, but was knocked out early
July 31, 2017
APXVoid failed to make an impression in Atlanta as he failed to even make it out of group stages at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
Constantly trying to make a name for himself, APXVoid has been fighting an uphill battle. After switching teams and falling off since his seasonal qualifier appearances, he is working from the ground up at tournaments like DreamHack Atlanta. He has skill, but just not enough to make it through the grueling swiss format of a tournament like this.