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Nostam: Reaches finals at Americas Winter Championship
March 14, 2016
Nostam, making the most out of his late inclusion, reached the finals of the Americas Winter Championship.
Nostam, who was invited after passport issues sidelined Fibonacci, lost to Amnesiac, 1-3 in the finals of the Americas Winter Championship, taking home $15,000. Nostam came out of Group A play 2-0, having beaten Amnesiac 3-0 in a match win during group play. The finals would be different however, as Nostam dropped the finals match 1-3. Nostam's Warrior Control deck didn't get it done in the first two games against Amnesiac's Druid and Rogue. However, Nostam got a huge win with his Druid then inexplicably went back to a Warrior/Warlock deck in Game Four which resulted in a loss. Not a bad tournament for a guy that wasn't even supposed to be there.
Nostam: Invited to Americas Winter Championship
March 9, 2016
Nostam has been invited to the March 11-13th Americas Winter Championship, replacing Fibonacci.
Fibonacci is missing the event due to passport issues. The three winners from the March regional Winter Championships will compete in the Hearthstone World Championship. The American Nostam is known for his unorthodox decks. He was a semifinalist last month at ONOG 2016 Circuit Feature Tournament #1.
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