Bowed out early of a rough outing
September 18, 2017
Astrogation did not last very long as he was eliminated in the swiss stage of the Hearthstone Americas Summer Playoffs.
Astrogation has been a staple of Splyce Hearthstone for a while now but has yet to break out in a major tournament even though he racks up enough HCT points on ladder. He did not stand much of a chance this time as he lost his first two series before dropping out of the event. Astrogation has shown he can shine on ladder, but he will have to wait for this tournament breakout.
Upset multiple times as he could not make it through group stages
July 31, 2017
Astrogation fell victim to early losses as he failed to advance from the group stages at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
When Astrogation was playing on stream, he looked fantastic as he outlasted crowd favorite Ant in a thrilling series. When the cameras were off, however, he didn't have as much success as he was upset multiple times in the swiss format. Astrogation will continue to look for his breakout performance.
Continued to fall flat in tournaments, eliminated early in Atlanta
July 31, 2017
Th3Rat tried his best, but it was not good enough as he failed to make it out of group stages at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Atlanta.
Not really being a notable professional since the Grim Patron deck was removed, a majority of the scene may have forgotten about Th3Rat. He was on a mission to remind us all, but fell short as he showed that he has a way to go to climb even to where he used to be.
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