Tempo Storm
United States
Rare tournament appearance fell well short
September 18, 2017
JustSaiyan fell short of the main stage as he was eliminated in the swiss stage of the Hearthstone Americas Summer Playoff.
Usually known as a streamer, JustSaiyan is skilled enough to rack up the HCT points on ladder to find himself in the Americas Summer playoffs. He started out with rocky play, quickly snowballing to a rough 2-3 record to get eliminated. Surprisingly enough, JustSaiyan is the top competitive player from the Tempo Storm organization.
Grinded his way to a semifinal finish in Atlanta
July 31, 2017
JustSaiyan made the most of his rare tournament appearance with a semifinal finish at the Hearthstone Grand Prix at Dreamhack Atlanta.
Normally only seen on stream, JustSaiyan is one of the lesser known Hearthstone players on Tempo Storm. He has a lot of big name players to compete with on the squad, but he still fights hard to prove that he can hold his own in the competitive scene. In a crowded and grueling swiss format, JustSaiyan emerged from that only to face Chakki for a semifinal berth. He clinched the series with phenomenal play, but fell in the semis to Noblord.
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Pulled a major upset for their first win
November 1, 2017
Tempo Storm was able to shock the world as they beat Virtus.Pro 6-5 in Week 4 of ESL Trinity Series Season 2. Tempo Storm is made up of JustSaiyan, Eloise and Trump.
Still looking for their first win, Tempo Storm has had a rough season. It seems as if there is a constant disconnect between teammates, but they are still fighting through and looking to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Now matched against an experienced Virtus.Pro team, it seemed likely for TS to have to wait another week for their win. It looked even more likely as Virtus.Pro won three straight games on Evolve Shaman to grab a 3-1 lead. When one team gets a win streak in this format, the other team needs to be able to match, and Tempo Storm surprisingly chipped away at the lead with two separate two game win streaks. The most clutch plays from Tempo Storm came as they won the final two games on Evolve Shaman to close the series. The 'first-win' monkey is now off Tempo Storm's back but they still have a long road ahead to climb up the standings.
Found their third straight loss
October 23, 2017
Tempo Storm stayed winless as the lost to Team Liquid 6-2 in Week 3 of ESL Trinity Series Season 2. Tempo Storm is made up of JustSaiyan, Eloise and Trump.
Still trying to find their identity and best way of communicating, Tempor Storm had a difficult matchup in Team Liquid. Once again, Tempo Storm struggled mightily to be on the same page as each other and was clearly outmatched by Team Liquid. Tempo Storm was caught off guard by Team Liquid's N'Zoth Fatigue Warrior deck and dropped four straight games to the deck before allowing an Evolve Shaman deck to win the final to games of the series. Tempo Storm grabbed two game wins, bringing their season total to nine and firmly in last place.
Struggled mightily in their season debut
September 30, 2017
Tempo Storm could not handle Paladin as they lost to Misfits 6-2 in Week 1 of ESL Trinity Series Season 2. Tempo Storm is made up of JustSaiyan, Eloise and Trump.
Tempo Storm was part of the Trinity Series last year, but JustSaiyan is the only returning member from the team. Eloise and Trump are now on the roster, and lack the experience that a lot of the players on other teams possess. Communication will be key for Temp Storm as they have two new players added with a person who was not able to communicate the best last year, JustSaiyan. Communication was not the issue in their loss however, more the fact that they could do nothing to defeat Murloc Paladin. Misfits took five straight games with the deck to seal their victory. Tempo Storm will have to rework their lineup for next week as it is unheard of for a single deck to win five straight without being countered.
Ended the season with a win but fell just short of playoffs
March 3, 2017
Tempo Storm pulled the major win over G2 6-3 in Week 7 of the ESL Trinity Series. Tempo Storm is made up of JustSaiyan, Vlps and Gaara.
After having awful communication through the early weeks of the season, Tempo Storm turned it all around to get themselves into playoff contention. Communication improved greatly, but what Tempo Storm did better than anybody else in the league was show creativity with their decks. It was hard to predict what decks they were bringing each week as that helped them defeat G2. The series was tied 2-2, but JustSaiyan was able grab control of the series for Tempo Storm with some beautiful Freeze Mage play. After eventually seizing the 6-3 win, Tempo Storm needed Luminosity to lose in order to make playoffs. That did not happen though as Tempo Storm salvaged a rough early part of the season to finish 5th and take home $4,500 as a team.
Had no answer for Rogue as their playoffs chances become slim
February 24, 2017
Tempo Storm finally came back down to Earth as they lost to Team Liquid 6-3 in Week 6 of the ESL Trinity Series. Tempo Storm is made up of JustSaiyan, Vlps and Gaara.
Coming into the week as one of the hottest teams in the league, Tempo Storm could pretty much lock up a playoff spot with a win against Liquid. The chances of them doing just that looked pretty promising after they took a 3-1 lead, but then Liquid queued up Rogue. Known as one of the three power classes, the other two being Shaman and Warrior, Rogue is often banned but was able to be piloted by Neirea in this series. Sure enough, the worst fear of TS became reality as the Rogue started rolling. You could feel the salt building up in all of Tempo Storm's players the they watched Rogue win five straight games to close the series. Tempo Storm now needs to win and get some help in the final week if they want to make playoffs. This is still a much better season outcome than we expected from them as they struggled to begin the year.