DraftKings LoL: Sunday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

Like Team Dignitas yesterday, it’s time to ride Team SoloMid while they remain cheap and hot. The big win over Cloud9 yesterday should catapult this team to another win over a fading FlyQuest on Sunday. TSM are way too cheap and therefore will be pretty popular for Sunday's slate. In other matchups I like Cloud9 to beat Phoenix1, Counter Logic Gaming over Team Liquid, with Immortals and Echo Fox being a toss up.

Top Lane: Hauntzer (TSM vs. FLY, $6,200)

Hauntzer leads top laners in kills and is second in assists. Questions about him playing on carries remain, but stick him on a tank and he performs top quality.

Jungle: Svenskeren (TSM vs. FLY, $5,900)/Contractz (C9 vs. P1, $6,600)

Junglers remain cheap, so keep riding them while you can. Contractz plays a more carry-oriented style resulting in kills, while Svenskeren is an enabler for Bjergsen and company. I like both junglers today in matchups they should win, and both are fairly cheap for their upside.

Middle Lane: Bjergsen (TSM vs. FLY, $6,900)/Jensen (C9 vs. P1, $7,600)

Bjergsen ended yesterday's win over Cloud9 with over 100 fantasy points and picked up a pentakill in the process. We all know his upside, so his cheap price pairs well with Jensen who is a bit pricer.

ADC: Stixxay (CLG vs. TL, $7,200)

Stixxay is coming off back-to-back 100+ point series and has four 100 point series so far this year. Team Liquid are a mess right now and CLG are looking better the last couple games. Be forewarned however, that every time I pick Stixxay he does poorly.

Support: Biofrost (TSM vs. FLY, $5,200)

Biofrost fits into the TSM stack after a nice series yesterday. He’s cheap and should put up double digit assists in multiple games.

Team: IMT vs. FOX ($4,200)

If I had $100 left over I’d use TSM, but I don’t. IMT and TL should be a coin flip, so using a cheap Immortals team could payoff in a winning effort.

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