DraftKings LoL: Friday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: Friday Cheat Sheet

We return from the IEM break with a Friday two-game slate -- Counter Logic Gaming faces off against Phoenix1 and Immortals take on Team Liquid. Team Liquid have reshuffled their roster, with Piglet moving to the mid lane and Youngbin coming in at ADC. This doesn’t inspire much confidence for me, so I think Immortals are huge favorites today and are priced accordingly.

Top Lane: Flame (IMT vs. TL, $6,600)

While Lourlo is having a solid season, I don’t expect much out of Team Liquid in their first game with this new lineup. Flame started off quite slow, but hasn’t scored below 58 fantasy points in his last four series. While his average gold differential at 10 minutes isn’t great at -20, Lourlo is last in the league in the category at -147, which should help Flame get through the early game and have a strong mid game.

Jungle: Dardoch (IMT vs. TL, $6,300)/Xmithie (CLG vs. P1, $5,900)

I still believe Dardoch is the main carry for this Immortals team and we know how aggressive he is. Throw in the narrative of facing off against his former team and all the components are in place for a big series. Xmithie ranks near the bottom of the NA LCS in kills among junglers, but is third in assists. I like CLG to upset P1 today and Xmithie should be heavily involved throughout the series.

Middle Lane: HuHi (CLG vs. P1, $6,800)

While Pobelter is in what appears to be the easiest matchup, he’s having a terrible season and is really hard to trust for a big fantasy output. Huhi is actually very underrated this season, as he’s second in the LCS in kills and fifth in assists among mid laners. I wouldn’t say Ryu is a easy matchup for the CLG mid laner, but Huhi has scored over 77 points in his last three series.

ADC: CodySun (IMT vs. TL, $7,300)/Stixxay (CLG vs. P1, $6,900)

Stixxay leads the NA LCS in kills from the ADC role and hasn’t scored below 89 points in his last three series, two of which he scored over 111 points and didn’t even have to rely on the games-not-played bonus to get over 100 points. He’s cheap and has the best upside on the slate, although the matchup is pretty tough. CodySun doesn’t inspire me with a ton of confidence as a middle of a pack ADC, I like Immortals in this series and he gets to face Youngbin in his first LCS appearance.

Support: Olleh (IMT vs. TL, $5,500)

Like his marksman, I’m not that thrilled to use Olleh, but I’m sticking to my guns. I really think Immortals can 2-0 this series, which makes it hard for me to not use Olleh. He’s the most expensive support, but should provide double digit assist upside in what will hopefully be a sweep.

Team: CLG vs. P1, $4,500

This is looking like a really close series, with both teams pretty evenly matched. I like CLG due to their slight advantages in categories such as Gold Difference at 15 minutes, First blood rate, and first tower rate. If they can control the early game they may be able to slow Phoenix1 from their league leading Dragon and Baron control rates.

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