Beyond the Game: Echo Fox's Challenger Squad is.... Interesting

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Echo Fox will field a challenger/meme dream team consisting of Imaqtpie, Scarra, Dyrus, Voyboy, and Shiphtur. The RotoWire LoL squad took their...surprise....from Skype into the archives to discuss the announcement. Dylan Sen, of course, took things way to seriously.

Noah Waltzer: So, just to clarify, this is actually happening, right? It’s not one massive meme?

Brendan Hickey: Are we sure esportsexpress didn’t get a new domain?

Dylan Sen: Not unless it’s “”

NW: I’m sure if esportsexpress were making this up IWD would be on the roster in some capacity. I know I’m having a hard time taking this seriously, but if this roster is actually competing in NACS, are y’all gonna watch?

BH: I dunno man, it’s been a while since I watched League for free. I’m a professional now.

DS: I’ll watch, I might even buy an Echo Fox Imaqtpie jersey if they do decent.

NW: Oh god I hadn’t thought of that, Echo Fox QT merchandise is gonna make serious bank. I know I already want to buy a QT jersey and I’m still in denial that this is actually happening.

BH: You’re gonna be wearing a g****n Nascar jersey if you do. Sponsors are gonna be all over this.

NW: lmfao only if they do well. Do y’all think this roster can take on teams like Gold Coin United or new eUnited?

DS: Yeah, I think they can simply due to sheer game knowledge and mechanics. If Piglet mid can take on those two teams, then I think Echo Fox can beat them across the board too.

BH: No way this team loses to any eU trash.

NW: I’m having a hard time not laughing right now, but at least Piglet’s, you know, a former world champion. Apart from QT and Shiphtur, the latter of which I’m pretty sure still ranks high in Challenger, can this lineup win games with two or three people playing off role? Who’s jungling?

BH: Yeah I don’t know how Scarra will be able to perform outside his usual coaching role.

DS: QT is a fantastic solo queue player from when I watch his streams and videos, and Shiphtur looks good enough, but Dyrus could be a weak link since it seems like his streams are more “fun.” Voyboy was practicing jungle on his stream yesterday from what I heard, so there’s that.

NW: If you had told me a year ago that I’d be able to watch Scarra and Madlife play support against each other in NACS or DanDy jungle vs. Voyboy...the influx of washed-up veteran Korean talent makes the EF team seem like a huge joke, but realistically I can see this roster finishing 2nd. Thoughts?

DS: I think second sounds realistic. I believe that they will take some time to get back into the way that professional/five-man teams play as opposed to the solo queue mindset. I think that’s when they’ll drop games due to poor macro play

BH: I could see that. Gentlemen always finish second, after all.

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