DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

Counter Logic Gaming (12-6) vs. Team Envy (8-10)

CLG were one of the best teams in North America for most of the Summer Split, but come slipping into the playoffs going 3-3 in their last six series. This includes losses to strong teams in TSM and Immortals, but also a series loss to Phoenix1. EnVy really backed their way into the playoffs, winning only one of their last six series. Their lone victory came against FlyQuest, while their losses include dropping a series to bottom feeders Team Liquid. CLG won both meetings in the regular season, taking out NV 2-1 in Week 4 and sweeping their playoff opponents in Week 8.

I don’t see much hope for EnVy here. Despite CLG’s modest recent play, they still hold all the cards to advance to the semifinals. I see pretty clear advantages in four of the five roles for CLG. Darshan led all top laners in kills and KDA, while finishing fourth in assists. Huhi had the second most kills, but led mid laners in assists. Stixxay led AD carries in kills and KDA, while finishing second in assists among AD carries And of course, Aphromoo finished second in assists, despite only having the ninth best kill participation among supports. Their EnVy counterparts all fall toward the middle to bottom half of the charts in most categories, and I see CLG being too good in these roles to really give up any significant advantages.

The only question mark for CLG is in the jungle as OmarGod makes his first playoff appearance. He’s played fairly well since joining CLG and replacing Dardoch, but will need to be on his toes as he faces off against LirA. LirA has been excellent since joining EnVy and leads junglers in kills, while ranking in the top five in assists, kill participation, and KDA among junglers. LirA is NV’s one major hope in this series - if he can effectively out-jungle OmarGod, they may be able to take a game or two at most, but ultimately CLG should be the ones moving on.

Prediction: CLG 3-1

CLG Players to consider: Darshan ($6,900), Huhi ($7,700), Stixxay ($7,700), Aphromoo ($5,900), CLG Team ($5,300)

NV Players to consider: Lira ($5,300), Hakuho ($4,500)

G2 (8-5) vs. Splyce (8-5)

G2 come into the playoffs at 4-2, but lost both of their series in the final week of the regular season. One loss came to a top team in Fnatic, but G2 also dropped a series to ROCCAT. Splyce on the other hand also come in at 4-2 with their losses coming to H2K and UoL. G2 swept Splyce during their Week 6 meeting, dominating both games.

This series may seem a little closer than I think it actually is. If you just look at the numbers, both for individual players and team stats, there doesn’t seem to be a lot that separates these two teams. G2 have had a down split by their lofty standards with the members of the team only finishing middle of the pack in their respective roles. You have to be careful when taking that into consideration. Yes, G2 had a down split, but you know the upside this team possess when they are rolling right. My thought is they will be prepared coming into the playoffs with something to prove and should be back near their best. I’m not sure they’ll win the title again this split, but Splyce are not the team that will knock them out.

In terms of pure skill, G2 have the advantage in every role. While Splyce are not necessarily pushovers, I don’t see any position where you think Splyce have an advantage. That showed clearly in their Week 6 meeting as G2 ran rampant over Splyce. Splyce may take a game, but in the interest of being a bit bolder, I think G2 come in with a point to prove and take this in three games.

Prediction: G2 3-0

G2 Players to consider: Trick ($6,800), Perkz ($7,800), Mithy ($6,000), G2 Team ($5,600)

SPY Players to consider: Sencux ($6,000) (GPP)

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