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Clutch Gaming
Does his best to save his team
June 18, 2018
Hakuho went 1/3/9 as CG lost to Echo Fox on Sunday.
Hakuho's Rakan was part of the reason Clutch maintained a slight kill lead early on, but he mostly came alive in teamfights. In the fights Clutch were able to win, it was often due at least in part to Hakuho landing knockups onto multiple members at once, even before using his ultimate. In the game's last fight, he was able to land a four-man charm in order to keep Echo Fox occupied, repelling them from the CG base.
Dark Bindings on point in win
June 17, 2018
Hakuho's Morgana finished with a 2/4/10 KDA in Clutch Gaming's victory over Cloud9 on Saturday.
It didn't take long for Hakuho to start locking down targets with Morgana's Dark Bindings, picking first blood during a level 1 skirmish in the river. While Hakuho wasn't to get much done during the mid game, he began to come alive in the late game teamfights. Hakuho landed some clutch Dark Bindings while enabling LirA to pop off on Graves thanks to Black Shield. The final teamfight was easily won by CG as it traded 4-for-0 before marching into C9's base and securing its first victory of the split.
Right places, right times
March 19, 2018
Hakuho's KDA read 3/3/12 at the end of Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians.
Hakuho's fourth-rotation Thresh proved to be a fantastic pick in this game, assisting Solo's Cho'Gath in protecting carries and shutting down enemy divers. He was also great with his roams and hooks, picking up first blood for Clutch Gaming in the mid lane for starters. He couldn't keep his AD carry alive all that well, but he did a great job helping out Febiven, who was by far the more important member in this game.
Solid Thresh play in win
March 11, 2018
Hakuho's Thresh finished with a 1/2/7 KDA in Clutch Gaming's win against Echo Fox on Saturday.
While Thresh's engage abilities were denied by Tahm Kench's Devour during the laning phase, Hakuho was able to make up for it in key fights late. Once Clutch Gaming reached the second half, teamfights started to spread out which allowed Hakuho to hook and flay his way to an 89 percent kill participation. The complete and utter dominance of the late game teamfights allowed Clutch Gaming quickly even up objectives. After securing its second Baron buff of the game, Clutch quickly pushed to victory, finally securing a win against a team above it in the standings.
Morgana Bindings off the mark in loss
February 26, 2018
Hakuho's Morgana finished with a 0/3/4 KDA in Clutch Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Hakuho decided to counter pick Smoothie's Braum with Morgana and it didn't work out too well for him. While Hakhio landed plenty of poke down with Tormented Soil, his Dark Bindings missed more times than it landed. The laning phase was pretty even until Cloud9 started rotating into the bottom lane and quickly picked up kills and objectives. Hakuho and crew could do little to alleviate the split push pressure, losing its Nexus in under 25 minutes.
Rakes in assists in the second half
February 25, 2018
Hakuho's Taric finished with a 0/1/9 KDA in Clutch Gaming's victory against Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
Hakuho struggled to get lane control early as the Clutch duo got pushed under turret. He never found a good opening to engage and hugged turret until it finally fell, giving CLG first turret gold. With the side lanes opening up, Hakuho began to rotate and began raking in the assists. Clutch Gaming started to dominate skirmishes and ran away with a lead in objectives and gold. Hakuho got caught out late but it didn't hurt Clutch's lead much and all was forgiven as his Cosmic Radiance helped everyone survive the final teamfight.
Rocks out on Rakan in victory
February 19, 2018
Hakuho's Rakan finished with a 1/0/7 KDA in Clutch Gaming's victory against Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Clutch Gaming's bottom lane decided to break out the Xayah/Rakan duo and put together a solid performance. The laning phase went smoothly before Hakuho started to roam and help other lanes secure kills and push objectives. Clutch Gaming slowly grew its advantage before pushing to win during its second Baron power play. Hakuho was a big help in the teamfights throughout as he finished with an 80 percent kill participation.
Solid Braum play in win
February 18, 2018
Hakuho finished with a 0/0/9 KDA on Braum in Clutch Gaming's victory against FlyQuest on Saturday.
Hakuho provided plenty of protection in the laning phase as he was able to keep the Morgana and Ezreal in check. Neither duo could get a kill advantage but Hakuho and Apollo were able to contribute a lot more to teamfights than their lane opponents. Clutch Gaming smashed FlyQuest in teamfights as it built its huge lead in gold and objectives. After a second Baron kill, Clutch Gaming was able to easily siege into FlyQuest's base and finish off the Nexus.
Can't find much
February 5, 2018
Hakuho's KDA read 0/0/4 by the end of Clutch Gaming's Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Hakuho's Taric had a rough go of it on Sunday. He and Apollo did fine in lane, but arguably should have had a lead given the kind of roaming the enemy support was doing. Hakuho, meanwhile, got no such roaming done, and by the time teamfights rolled around, didn't have many options available to him. Cloud9's engages meant he was typically forced to use Cosmic Radiance defensively, which isn't ideal, and Cloud9's backline was incredibly difficult for him to reach. Still, under the circumstances, a 0/0/4 scoreline isn't bad.
Crucial crowd control
January 28, 2018
Hakuho's scoreline read 1/1/16 at the end of CG's win over CLG on Saturday.
Playing Morgana, Hakuho was a big part of the reason why CG took such a crushing win Saturday. His late game was rather average, which was all it needed to be with how hard Febiven was carrying, but his early game was where he shined. A series of great Dark Bindings and Soul Shackles helped his team win early engagements, which is where Febiven picked up his early kills.
Low impact in loss
January 22, 2018
Hakuho finished with a 0/2/1 KDA on Braum in Clutch Gaming's loss to Echo Fox on Sunday.
The laning phase was close for Hakuho in the bottom lane as the gold race was close. Hakuho did a pretty good job of protecting Apollo early but wasn't much of a frontline threat late. When Hakuho's Braum tried to protect allies in the teamfights during the second half, he was often too late and it cost him his life. In Clutch Gaming's final stand, Hakuho got blown away almost instantly, leaving the rest of the damage dealers to flee as EF finished off the Nexus.
Solid CC facilitates win
January 21, 2018
Hakuho went 1/0/5 as Clutch Gaming took down Golden Guardians on Saturday.
Hakuho's Ornn wasn't anything exceptional in lane, as the bottom lane was largely a wash, but he did participate in a mid lane play that netted two kills for CG. Afterwards, he did his job just fine as a meat shield and ultimate bot as CG breezed their way to an easy win.
On his way to join Clutch Gaming
November 21, 2017
Hakuho is set to join Clutch Gaming alongside two former EnVy teammates, according to Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
Coming off an upswing in his performance during the end of the LCS season, it is no surprise that Hakuho has found his way onto an LCS team given EnVyUs did not get accepted into the NA LCS. He is set to join Clutch Gaming alongside former teammates LirA and Apollo to build the core of the organization's roster. After showing his own skill as well as synergy with his former team, Hakuho is sure to impress during Clutch Gaming's introduction to the league.
Mayor of hook city
August 22, 2017
Hakuho went 7/13/38 overall in NV's 2-3 loss to CLG on Sunday.
Hakuho's Game 1 on Thresh wasn't anything amazing, as his team was generally crushed. However, his Games 2 and 3 on the champion, in which he earned nearly identical KDAs of 1/2/12 and 1/2/11, were so impressive that they prompted bans of not just Thresh, but also Blitzcrank in the next two games, with CLG hoping to alleviate the pressure from Hakuho's hooks. Hakuho was having none of it, however, and simply picked Nautilus. The pick worked out arguably just as well as Thresh had, but unfortunately the team as a whole wasn't quite able to eke out a win in Games 4 and 5.
Solid effort in Game 2
August 7, 2017
Hakuho put up a 0/7/11 KDA at the end of NV's 0-2 Saturday loss to Cloud9.
NV were utterly torn apart in Game 1, so his KDA of 0/5/2 on Morgana has to be taken in context. In Game 2, his respectable 0/2/9 KDA on Thresh underlies his strength in this game, as his hooks were on point and his fantastic Flay at a Baron fight could've easily won the game for NV, had his team not thrown away their advantage.
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