Jo Yong-in 
South Korea
Played a consistent series
November 6, 2017
CoreJJ posted a 1/2/28 KDA in Samsung Galaxy's series victory over SK Telecom T1 on Saturday.
CoreJJ played two games of Janna and a game of Lulu. His two Janna games were both deathless for himself and his carry. His disengage and utilization of Ardent Censer consistently protected and healed Ruler, who showed no hesitation in carrying the series. His Game 3 Lulu showing was impressive, considering his team was behind in the early and mid game. Despite Lulu being a high priority target, CoreJJ managed to show great positioning while protecting Ruler.
Sets up rematch of 2016 final
October 30, 2017
CoreJJ finished Samsung's Sunday win over World Elite with a 1/4/27 combined KDA.
CoreJJ struggled to make plays as Taric in Game 1, ending with a 0/1/1 KDA but did pick up an assist on his team's lone kill. In Game 2, CoreJJ used Janna and earned a 0/2/8 KDA. He had an assist on eight of 11 kills, evening the series at one game. For Game 3, CoreJJ returned to Taric, finding success with a 0/1/10 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, picking up double-digit assists in the game. Using Rakan in the final game of the series, CoreJJ earned a 1/0/8 KDA. He was unkillable while ending the final game involved in nine of ten kills to set up a rematch of last year's World Finals.
Helps Ruler dominate the bottom lane
October 19, 2017
CoreJJ earned a combined 1/5/37 KDA during Samsung's Thursday sweep of Longzhu.
CoreJJ used Rakan in Game 1 to earn a 0/3/14 KDA. He was involved in 14 of 19 kills, leading Samsung with 14 assists. In Game 2, CoreJJ finished with a 1/1/12 KDA as Taric. He was involved in 13 of 16 kills, again leading Samsung in assists, this time with 12. Using Taric again in Game 3, CoreJJ finished the series with a 0/1/11 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, leading Samsung with 11 kills. CoreJJ helped Ruler dominate the Longzhu bottom lane, in surprising fashion, leading to Samsung's sweep.
Does his job
October 13, 2017
CoreJJ used Janna during Friday's win over Fenerbahce to earn a 1/1/11 KDA.
CoreJJ allowed his AD carry to scale well by utilizing Janna's shields and building Ardent Censer. CoreJJ was involved in 12 of 14 kills, tying for the team high in kill participation, while leading the game in assists. CoreJJ helped Samsung move one step closer to the knockout stages during their first game of Week 2.
Perfect KDA against G2
October 13, 2017
CoreJJ used Lulu during Friday's win over G2 to earn a 2/0/10 KDA.
CoreJJ helped Samsung dominate G2 during Week 2 action at Worlds. He was involved in all 12 Samsung kills, tying for the team-high assist total and the second-highest kill total. CoreJJ allowed Ruler to scale and carry, helping Samsung start Week 2 undefeated as they inch closer to the knockout round.
Utilizes the strength of Taric
October 5, 2017
CoreJJ finished Samsung's Day 1 win over G2 with a 0/1/7 KDA as Taric.
CoreJJ led Samsung in the game with seven assists, setting up multiple kills throughout the game. He was involved in seven of nine kills, tying three other teammates for the game high kill participation. CoreJJ effectively used Taric to navigate Samsung through teamfights in the victory.
Helps Samsung take series win
August 1, 2017
CoreJJ finished Samsung's 2-1 win over ROX with a 0/5/18 combined KDA.
CoreJJ ended Game 1 with a 0/1/9 KDA as Rakan. He picked up an assist on first blood, ending the game with 90 percent kill participation and the game high assist total. In Game 2, CoreJJ finished with a 0/4/2/ KDA as Tahm Kench. He had an assist on two of three Samsung kills, but had the highest death total in Game 2. For the deciding Game 3, CoreJJ used Taric and earned a 0/0/7 KDA. He had an assist on seven of 11 kills, while giving away no deaths to help Samsung close out the series.
Can't carry the carries
July 24, 2017
CoreJJ has an acceptable day against MVP on Friday by going 1/4/16 in KDA.
CoreJJ was perhaps the best player for Samsung on Friday, but clean support play rarely is enough to tip the scales in professional matches where the mid and ADC are playing poorly. In Game's 2 and 3, he took Tahm Kench and did a great job keeping Ruler alive, as his ADC only died two times in the two games. In Game 1 he played Rakan for the first time in his professional career. His individual performance was decent as he netted a 77 percent kill participation.
Unbendable and unbreakable against SKT T1
July 14, 2017
CoreJJ earned a 0/3/35 KDA during Samsung's sweep of SKT T1.
When CoreJJ was first swapped into the support position a little over a year ago, most commentators thought it was a sign of desperation from the organization, rather than a premeditated strategy. In the wake of Samsung's victory over SKT T1 -- a victory that CoreJJ played no small part in -- such nay-saying is sure to become a thing of the past. CoreJJ looked nothing short of outstanding during the critical match. More importantly, he looked outstanding on Braum, a champion that is very far outside of the wheelhouse that we normally ascribe to CoreJJ, who's best known for his mastery of the mage supports such as Zyra. CoreJJ had one task all series: peel for Crown and Ruler, and it was a mission that he carried out with aplomb. Both Faker and Huni had their attempts to enter the back line of Samsung constantly frustrated by everything from Concussive Blows to Glacial Chasm, and SKT T1's composition completely fell apart when denied back line access, at least in Game 1. Game 2 was a much shorter and brutal affair, and instead of using his crowd control to peel SKT T1 off of his own backlines, CoreJJ was instead in a position to use said crowd control on SKT T1's backline to devastating effect, which helped net Samsung the quick 2-0 victory as well as the much-coveted first place position in the LCK.
Nearly unkillable Tahm Kench
July 11, 2017
CoreJJ ended Samsung's sweep of Ever8 with a 1/1/12 KDA in two games as Tahm Kench.
CoreJJ finished Game 1 with a 0/1/7 KDA. He was involved in all but one Samsung kill, ending the game with the highest assist total at seven. He helped Samsung overcome a huge deficit early in the game to pick up a comeback win in Game 1. In Game 2, CoreJJ was unkillable, finishing with a 1/0/5 KDA. He was involved in six of eight Samsung kills, finishing with his team's highest assist total and tying Haru and Syndra for the lowest kill total on the team.
Complicates victory over EDG with constant deaths
July 7, 2017
CoreJJ ended Samsung's victory over Edward Gaming with a 1/5/10 KDA.
For most of Samsung, the victory over Edward Gaming was an excellent example of just how skilled and resilient of a squad Samsung can be. For CoreJJ, it was another story entirely, as he was the one who paid for all of Samsung's collective mistakes and looked quite bad compared to his teammates. Whenever EDG made a play with Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Abyssal Voyage, it was usually onto CoreJJ, who stalled out Samsung's mid game with an impressive string of deaths that hearkened back to his Dignitas days. Fortunately, CoreJJ managed to perform when it mattered most, and the two teamfights that Samsung most needed to win were won thanks to a combination of CoreJJ's Glacial Chasm and CuVee's GNAR!!! chained together.
Triples up on Braum
June 28, 2017
CoreJJ finished Samsung's 2-1 win over Longzhu with a 3/6/26 KDA in three games as Braum.
CoreJJ earned a 1/1/5 KDA in Game 1. He was involved in six of Samsung's eight kills, dying only once, but was unable to help his team to a win in Game 1. In Game 2, CoreJJ finished with a 1/5/17 KDA. He was involved in 18 of his team's 21 kills, setting up multiple plays with his Concussive Blows passive and finishing with the game high in assists. In Game 3, CoreJJ finished with a 1/0/4 KDA. He was unkillable, involved in five of Samsung's nine kills, en route to taking the decisive game of the series.
Better in Game 2
June 22, 2017
CoreJJ finished Samsung's sweep of bbq with a 0/3/9 combined KDA.
CoreJJ used Braum in Game 1 to finish with a 0/1/2 KDA. He was only involved in two of his team's nine kills, as Samsung took control late to win Game 1. He was better in Game 2, using Tahm Kench to finish with a 0/2/7 KDA. He was involved in seven of his team's 12 kills, helping to keep Ruler safe and allowing his AD carry to scale into a threat.
Plays well in easy sweep
June 8, 2017
CoreJJ ended Samsung's sweep of MVP with a 3/2/20 combined KDA.
CoreJJ was excellent on Bard in Game 1, ending with a 2/1/12 KDA. He utilized Cosmic Binding to set up kills and was involved in 14 of Samsung's 16 kills in Game 1. In Game 2, he again played well, this time as Tahm Kench. He ended the game with a 1/1/8 KDA, involved in nine of Samsung's 12 kills. He kept his teammates safe with Devour and helped Samsung steamroll over MVP on Thursday.
Strong KDA in win over Afreeca
June 6, 2017
CoreJJ ended Tuesday's win over Afreeca with a 0/4/23 combined KDA.
CoreJJ finished Game 1 with a 0/2/0 KDA, as Samsung managed only one kill in the game. Things improved in Game 2 as CoreJJ used Karma to end with a 0/1/16 KDA. He enabled his teammates throughout the game as Samsung snowballed an early lead into a one-sided victory, evening the series. In Game 3, CoreJJ ended with a 0/1/7 KDA as Lulu. He kept his carries safe, and was involved in seven of Samsung's eight kills in a close affair.