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Strong in lane, but falls off late
October 6, 2017
Scout finished Friday's loss to SKT with a 6/3/10 KDA as Lucian.
Scout got off to a dominant start, destroying Faker in lane with help from a camping Clearlove. He was involved in all but one EDG kill, tying iBoy for the team high kill total. Scout was excellent in the laning phase, snowballing EDG's early lead, before being out scaled in the late game to give away the game.
Leads EDG in kills
September 2, 2017
Scout finished EDG's 3-2 win over RNG with a 20/16/30 combined KDA.
Scout finished the opening two games with a 4/11/6 KDA as Cassiopeia. He couldn't really get much going on the champion, picking up all four of his kills in Game 1 while dropping the first two games of the series. Things turned around in Game 3, as Scout used LeBlanc in Game's 3 and 4 to carry EDG with an 11/2/15 combined KDA. Scout dominated on the LeBlanc before being forced onto Lucian in the deciding Game 5. Scout finished Game 5 with a 5/3/9 KDA, helping EDG complete the reverse sweep. He finished the series with his team's high in kills at 20, while being involved in 50 of EDG's 60 kills in the series.
Miserable performance on Orianna results in series defeat
August 21, 2017
Scout earned a series KDA of 1/7/4 in his team's 0-2 defeat at the hands of IG.
Picking Orianna in both games, Scout had a less than desirable performance, allowing his team to fall convincingly in the series. In Game 1, he fell behind early and struggled to get things going to form a comeback. As his team fell around him, he only found a single kill, though it was his team's lone kill in the game. With teamfights going extremely poorly for his team, he could do nothing as his team was defeated convincingly in Game 1. Game 2 went even worse for Scout who was focused early and could never find his stride. After falling behind massively, he could not find a single kill for himself. Dying six times as his team fell in fights, he sat by as his team was defeated in 29 minutes, resulting in a 0-2 series defeat.
Consistent play nets victory over DAN
August 13, 2017
Scout earned a series KDA of 14/3/18 in his team's convincing 2-0 sweep.
Throughout the entire series against DAN, Scout had an extremely strong performance, starting out strong and never slowing. Picking LeBlanc in Game 1, he found a decent lead in lane and quickly start picking off key targets to bring his team favorable starts to fights. Although he died in the process, he eliminated multiple crucial members, allowing his team to take a convincing 35-minute victory. Game 2 saw an even stronger performance as he found himself on Taliyah. After finding an early lead once again, he dominated the competition, eliminating key members and dealing sustained damage to win fights repeatedly. The result was a swift victory, allowing his team to close out the series 2-0 in convincing fashion.
Superb in the mid lane
August 7, 2017
Scout ended 9/1/14 in EDG's Saturday sweep over I May.
Scout went with Orianna for Game 1. There isn't a whole lot to say about this game, as it was quite slow, but Scout did what he needed to: farm up and give shields to IBoy's Kog'Maw. He had some impressive Shockwaves as well, but these were secondary in this game. In Game 2, Scout took matters more into his own hands on Lucian, where he traded aggressively with Athena's Corki in lane, netting him a CS lead and several kills as the game wore on.
Outplayed, outclassed, in disappointing fashion
July 24, 2017
Scout posted a 1/5/8 KDA in EDward Gaming's 0-2 series loss to Suning Gaming on Sunday.
Scout played a game of Karma and a game of Galio. Scout laned against the backup for Suning (fenfen), but despite this Scout was thoroughly beaten. While Scout didn't play champions who are supposed to carry, he also failed to do much of anything that his picks were centered around. Scout might have just had a bad series, and fenfen might have just had good luck, but a loss is a loss.
Controlled play assists in victory
July 20, 2017
Scout earned a combined KDA of 13/3/15 in EDG's 2-0 victory against JDG.
Throughout the entire series against JDG, Scout had a dominant performance that allowed his team to secure a convincing series victory. Starting off on Taliyah, he was able to quickly recover from an early gank that resulted in his death. Immediately after, he began stomping lane, building up a massive lead in the process. In doing so, he had no problem running over teamfights to bring EDG a dominant Game 1 victory. Game 2 didn't go quite as well in the early game as Scout fell behind due to several ganks, but he once again recovered. On Cassiopeia, he shined in teamfights, hitting multiple-man ultimates that allowed the rest of his team to dominate. Winning back-to-back teamfights, he was able to secure his team's victory, closing out the series 2-0 in convincing fashion.
Solid performer during loss to Samsung
July 6, 2017
Scout ended EDward Gaming's defeat to Samsung Galaxy with a 5/3/3 KDA.
Rift Rivals is Scout's chance to finally prove himself on the international stage, and if he keeps playing like he did against Samsung he'll have no trouble catching the eyes of fans and analysts alike. While Clearlove was the impetus of all EDG's plays during the early game, it was Scout who made things happen during the mid game. While he didn't show the same mastery of Weaver's Wall that we've seen in the past from the likes of Crown, his lane opponent, he did still put Taliyah's notoriously skill-intensive ultimate to good use. Nearly all of CuVee's deaths can be blamed upon Scout's Taliyah play, and it was his repeated plays around the map that stalled out Samsung's early advantage and made the game EDG's to lose. Unfortunately, they did manage to do just that, as not even the finest Weaver's Wall can compare to a well-placed wall slam from an enraged Gnar, which is just what CuVee treated EDG to at the 40-minute mark. Samsung won the game more or less instantly afterwards, but by a narrow enough margin that EDG, the serious underdogs coming into the match, can walk away with their heads held high, especially Scout.
Can't carry in loss to DAN
June 9, 2017
Scout ended EDG's Friday loss to DAN Gaming with a 5/7/4 combined KDA.
Scout ended Game 1 with a 3/3/4 KDA as Galio. He was involved in seven of his team's ten kills and provided excellent crowd control in teamfights. The problem was that his teammates lacked follow-up damage as DAN Gaming took Game 1. In Game 2, Scout used Syndra to finish with a 2/4/0 KDA. He couldn't get much going as he fell behind in lane early and never really recovered. Scout ended the series tied with Iceloli for his team's high in kills.
Strong play results in series victory over OMG
April 28, 2017
Scout earned a series KDA of 20/14/29 in his team's five-game series against OMG.
Throughout the entire series against OMG, Scout had a rather strong performance. Starting things off on Orianna, he was able to participate in nearly 100 percent of his team's kills, dominating his enemy from the very beginning of the game and never slowing down. This resulted in a convincing Game 1 win. Game 2 didn't go as well for EDG despite Scout finding himself on Syndra. Falling in lane, he failed to recover despite getting time to scale. He tried desperately to pick up a kill onto the opposing carries but ultimately could not do so, allowing OMG to take Game 2. Scout opted for Syndra once again in Game 3, dominating the enemy team throughout the entire game. Dealing huge amounts of damage, he had no trouble bringing his team the most convincing victory of the series yet. He had another strong showing in Game 4 but it wasn't quite enough to claim victory. Although he dealt large amounts of damage, EDG suffered from a lack of reliable engage, falling to the stronger composition of OMG. With the series brought to a final Game 5, Scout picked Taliyah and decimated the entire game. Finding an early lead, he roamed frequently and performed fairly well. Participating in 14 out of 16 of his team's kills, he was able to lead his team to a victory, closing out the series 3-2.
Unimpactful in series loss
April 23, 2017
Scout finished with a KDA of 7/10/8 as EDG were taken down by RNG on Saturday.
Scout went with a mid lane Karma pick in response to the LeBlanc from Xiaohu, and failed to make an impact on the supposed counter pick. His lone kill came at five minutes in, and he wasn't even necessary for it, as Fireloli did all of the work. He ended 1/3/0 in the loss. Scout's Ryze looked better in Game 2, since his team was dominating, but even then, he only participated in a single kill until the final three minutes of the game. From there, it was all downhill, as despite finding early kills in both games, neither Scout's Jayce in Game 3 nor his Ryze in Game 4 did much of anything to stop RNG from taking the series.
Racks up assists in win
April 20, 2017
Scout finished EDward Gaming's 3-0 sweep of Newbee in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs with a 7/7/33 KDA.
Scout was a fiend with Orianna in the mid lane during Game 1. He had a big CS lead from the start, but that's not where he made most of his impact. His Shockwaves were what gave EDG the edge in the teamfights they used to pick up this win. They were always on point to pick up wins across the map and lock up the win. Scout was on the rarely seen Karma mid lane in Game 2 and was very strong. He picked on Coco's Talon all game long to keep himself ahead the whole time. He also added in a ton of assists to keep his team rolling to a 2-0 lead. He switched over to Taliyah for the final game and was incredibly strong with the champion. He didn't exactly pour on the kills, but he did pick up a couple early ones that led to a sizable lead in the mid lane for him. He was a constant presence in every teamfight, using all of his champion's kit to shut down Newbee at every turn. He picked up MVP honors and helped his team secure the 3-0 sweep to move on to the semifinals.
Damage carries in Game 3 win
April 17, 2017
Scout earned a 11/4/22 KDA in EDward Gaming's series victory against QG Reapers on Sunday.
In Game 1, Scout had a solid laning phase on LeBlanc as he built a small lead in CS. He didn't join in teamfighting in the first half, but was superb in the second half to earn a 7/0/7 KDA. Scout got Leblanc again in Game 2 and had another slow start with a decent mid game. He continued to deal out the damage late, but it wasn't enough as he traded deaths for assists late. In Game 3, Scout went with Jayce and put together a 1/1/8 KDA performance. He used Jayce's range to his advantage and dumped Shock Blasts into skirmishes on his way to leading EDG in damage dealt to champions. EDG quickly closed out the series after a Baron kill 21 minutes in.
Carries Game 2 en route to sweep
April 15, 2017
Scout ended Friday's sweep of VG with a 8/1/11 combined KDA.
Scout finished Game 1 with a 1/0/6 KDA as Ryze. He had an assist during a four-man dive onto Easyhoon, two assists in the first teamfight and a kill and three assists in the final teamfight. Scout helped carry Game 2, ending with a 7/1/5 KDA as Taliyah. He picked up first blood during a four-man dive onto XuanXuanPi and a kill and an assist picking off Bengi and Caveman in the mid game. He solo killed Bengi for his third kill, had a kill and three assists in the first teamfight, a kill in the second teamfight and two kills in the final teamfight to end the series.
Struggled to deal with gank pressure in Game 3
March 25, 2017
Scout scored a 6/15/20 in EDG's 1-2 series loss to I May on Friday.
Scout roamed early on Zed in Game 1 as he participated in the first four kills for EDG. He overreached during the mid game, but pulled it together late to help EDG win teamfights and close out a win. In Game 2 Scout was on Oriana against a Vladimir and it worked out well early as he assisted in EDG's first four kills. However, he couldn't kite out and carry the late game teamfights as EDG was overwhelmed and dropped Game 2 16 kills to six advantage. In Game 3 Scout got taken down early and often as he got camped by I May's jungler. Despite being on Taliyah, a champion with great roaming capabilities, Scout couldn't match the pressure the the I May's midlane Fizz was putting out. Most of the time when Scout used Weaver's Wall it was in attempt to disengage fights. Scout finished with a lowly 0/6/2 KDA in Game 3 as EDG lost the series.
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