Ren-Jie Xiang 
Can't transfer momentum from Game 1
July 19, 2018
Condi finished WE's 1-2 loss to iG with a 8/7/18 combined KDA.
Condi ended Game 1 with a 6/2/13 KDA as Kindred. He was involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, leading WE in kills during the opening game. Using Kindred again in Game 2, Condi earned a 0/2/3 KDA. He was involved in only three of 10 kills as iG evened the series. Switching to Jarvan IV for the final game, Condi finished with a 2/3/2 KDA. He was involved in four of six kills, tying for the team-high kill total as iG closed out the series. Condi was involved in 26 of 35 kills in the series.
Drops Game 1 before substituting out
June 29, 2018
Condi played WE's Game 1 loss to RW ending with a 2/3/5 KDA as Camille.
Condi was involved in seven of 12 kills. He ended with the third-highest kill and assist totals in the game. Condi was replaced by Pepper for the second game of the series.
Not great in win over Flash Wolves
October 14, 2017
Condi ended World Elite's Saturday win over Flash Wolves with a 0/3/3 KDA as Gragas.
Condi wasn't especially involved in the game but was picked up by his teammates as World Elite took down Flash Wolves. He was involved in only three of 12 kills, finishing tied for the team low in assists. Condi will need to play better moving forward as WE advanced to the knockout stages with the win.
Solid early game
October 12, 2017
Condi went 0/1/4 in Team WE's loss to TSM on Saturday.
Condi started off fantastically in this game on Sejuani. His aggression onto enemy jungler Svenskeren gave WE their first three kills of the game, and he found an assist on the fourth and final one as well. Unfortunately, a missed ultimate in a mid-game skirmish, while understandable against a Rakan with Flash, proved incredibly costly, as it granted TSM a Baron and control of the rest of the game.
Leads WE in assists
September 29, 2017
Condi finished Friday's sweep of Young Generation with a 6/4/19 combined KDA.
Condi finished Game 1 with a 2/0/6 KDA as Jarvan IV. He was unkillable while being involved in all but one kill in the game. In Game 2, Condi used Ezreal to end with a 2/3/6 KDA. He was involved in eight of 13 kills, utilizing the Ezreal pick to have a presence across the map. For Game 3, Condi used Gragas and earned a 2/1/7 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, using Gragas multiple crowd-control abilities to set up seven kills in the game. Condi finished with WE's highest assist total in the series.
Controlled play comes out on top against Gambit
September 28, 2017
Condi finished off World Elite's opening victory against Gambit with a 3/1/13 KDA.
Condi might have gotten off to a slow start during World Elite's opening game against Gambit Gaming, but you would be hard pressed to argue that he didn't leave his mark on the game by its end. World Elite's draft forced Condi's passivity early in the game, for while he found opportunities to set the Gambit laners behind, he also had his potential impact neutered somewhat. He was forced to spend the early game constantly on guard for any counter-ganks from Diamond, who snowballed early with Kayn and thus was able to make short work of Condi in a 2-vs-2 fight. Fortunately, Condi's smart map control managed to contain Diamond, who eventually found himself outscaled by Condi's Gragas, which he used to tear apart Gambit's formation in the game's infrequent teamfights, allowing Mystic to tear apart whoever he wished. It proved a winning formula, as, despite a few speed bumps early in the game, World Elite closed out the game looking like the definitively better team.
Controls the jungle just enough for the win
September 23, 2017
Condi finished WE's win over Lyon Gaming on Saturday with a 0/4/8 KDA.
Playing on Gragas, Condi managed to get just enough going to hold off Lyon in the late game. He started well with the first dragon but then had to give up his life immediately after. From then until the very late game, WE struggled in just about every fight. He managed to keep the enemy jungler from popping off, however, which ultimately allowed WE to stick around long enough to win the final fight and take the game.
Wins jungle matchup despite loss
August 26, 2017
Condi managed a quiet 5/6/43 KDA in WE's loss against RNG in the semifinals of the LPL Summer Playoffs.
Condi was fascinated with playing Sejuani in this series, but it never quite paid off for him. While he ended up going even in the four games in which he picked the champion, his team just needed a bit more from him. Sure, he won the lane matchup against mlxg handily in the final game. But he simply didn't have enough of a global impact on the fact to give his team enough of a cushion to overcome RNG as a team. Still, he showed some great confidence and skill with a champion that doesn't necessarily see a lot of play these days.
Loses control of jungle
August 18, 2017
Condi tallied a KDA of 3/7/13 during WE's loss against Snake on Thursday.
Condi was perfectly fine on the tanky Maokai in this series, but once he switched over to more of a playmaking champion in Rek'Sai, he left much to be desired. He started Game 2 strong with a first blood solo kill onto SofM, but then the game got out of hand in the late game. He tried to stop Snake from picking up the Baron, but died in the process. From there on, it was all down hill. Not only did they completely lose control of Game 2, but the final game came around and WE looked hapless. Condi was on Rek'Sai once again and was completely ineffective. WE is still in the playoffs, sure, but this was certainly not the result they were looking for against a team like Snake.
Loses matchup from the start
July 7, 2017
Condi picked up a 2/1/4 KDA in WE's defeat at the hands of Flash Wolves on Friday.
Condi was at a bit of a disadvantage from the draft phase of this game, as he picked Gragas into the Elise of Karsa even though Rek'Sai was still on the table. To make matters even worse, Condi had his jungle poached in a big way in the first couple minutes of the game, losing his blue buff and Gromp. With such a poor start to the game, Condi was simply never able to recover. He tried to pick up kills and assists on a couple ganks throughout the game, but he completely lost control over the map, which allowed Flash Wolves to dominate the late game for the win.
Unable to find the edge for WE
July 7, 2017
Condi ended Friday's loss to SKT with a 0/3/1 KDA as Rengar.
Condi picked up an assist on WE's first kill of the game, but it was all downhill from there. He had 50 percent kill participation as WE managed only two kills in the game. SKT snowballed from an early stage and Condi fell victim, giving away three kills in the loss.
Son of Baron steals the show
June 24, 2017
Condi earned a KDA of 4/2/20 in Team WE's 2-0 win on Thursday against I May in the LPL.
Condi played brilliantly throughout the series, beginning with a Jarvan IV in Game 1. While Condi struggled against the early pressure coming out of SofM, Condi's persistent Elemental Drake control kept it within striking distance of I May. Then, Condi stole a Baron kill at 32 minutes and took a follow-up 4-for-0 fight for WE, blasting the game apart. With a 1/0/9 KDA for 91 percent kill participation, Condi shined as WE took Game 1 in 37 minutes. Condi was given Zac in Game 2 as part of a disgusting WE draft, where he bounced all over I May in Game 2. Snowballing the bot lane after securing first blood and doing Zac things like engaging from two screens away to put WE ahead. In a nearly-perfect game for WE, Condi finished with a KDA of 3/2/11 as WE took Game 2 in 32 minutes.
Good every other game
May 22, 2017
Condi ended Team WE's 1-3 loss to G2 with a 8/10/29 combined KDA.
Condi had repeating cycle of good game, bad game throughout the four game series. Despite losing Game 1, Condi played well ending with a 0/1/11 KDA on Ivern. He played Lee Sin in the following three games, ending with a combined 8/11/18 KDA, but only finding success in WE's Game 3 win. He ended Game 3 with a 4/2/12 KDA, giving WE life before dropping Game 4. Condi finished the series tied for the highest assist total on the team.
Perfect kill participation
May 19, 2017
Condi ended WE's Sunday win over GAM with a 0/0/12 KDA as Ivern.
Condi ended the game with 100 percent kill participation, helping WE dominate Gigabyte Marines. He had an assist on WE's first kill of the game and an assist during a 4-vs-4 fight in the top lane in the mid game. Nine of his 12 assists came in teamfights as he supported his teammates well in 5-vs-5 situations.
Strong early game not enough to disrupt SKT
May 15, 2017
Condi earned a 5/5/4 KDA on Rengar in WE's defeat at the hands of SK Telecom on Thursday.
Despite his best efforts, Condi was unable to disrupt SKT in his team's game defeat. Starting off with an aggressive Rengar, he was able to get some things going, but ultimately struggled to build up an amicable lead. Once SKT was able to find their bearings in the mid game, Condi struggled to continue finding picks for his team. Despite being able to do so occasionally, it resulted in deaths. Once SKT found their lead, the gold difference skyrocketed and even the expertly played Rengar could not find his way onto the enemy team. As a result, SKT was able to take a 33-minute victory in the game.
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