Lee Byeong-hoon 
South Korea
Release by FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
ShrimP has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
ShrimP, along with Fly, was released by FlyQuest on Friday as the team continues to retool their roster for the Summer Split. The Spring Split was a rocky one for this team, with ShrimP being one of the glaring problems with the roster. With a new lineup in hand for the Summer, FlyQuest will be looking to turn things around and become a contender. It is unknown what is next for ShrimP following his release.
Ineffective in defeat
February 5, 2018
Shrimp went 1/5/3 as FlyQuest fell to CLG on Sunday.
Shrimp simply wasn't able to get much done on Sunday as Sejuani. Once CLG pulled off its early tower dive, it had a solid lead and objective control, keeping Shrimp from getting any early Drakes and making it difficult for him to find a place on the map to attack. He ended with the most deaths in the game and didn't really have a single standout play.
Gets shut down hard in loss
February 5, 2018
ShrimP got stuffed in FlyQuest's loss vs Team Liquid on Saturday, finishing with a KDA of 0/5/2.
Poor ShrimP got routinely stuffed as Jarvan IV against Liquid, kept well in check by Xmithie. After early ganking the mid lane didn't yield anything, ShrimP's attempts to camp Pobelter backfired when Liquid turned a 2-vs-2 and took ShrimP's life, relegating him to cannon fodder for the rest of the game. ShrimP's attempted full-damage build meant that he couldn't do anything in the face of high damage coming out of Pobelter and Doublelift, getting melted time after time en route to a dismal 0/5/2 KDA in a 27-minute loss.
Unable to find meaningful leads for team throughout defeat
September 13, 2017
Shrimp earned a series KDA of 10/11/7 in his team's 0-3 defeat against FlyQuest.
Although Shrimp had a decent performance and earned the most kills out of anyone on his team in the series, his performance did not net the rest of his team an advantage; something that cost them in the long run. Finding early kills for himself and heavily focusing topside, he neglected his faltering bottom lane in every game of the series. As they fell further and further behind, he struggled to catch up, allowing FlyQuest to push their lead in each game with ease. As a result, FlyQuest took a swift 3-0 victory in the series.
Can't set his laners up for success
September 5, 2017
Shrimp ended DIG's 0-3 loss to CLG with a 3/14/8 combined KDA.
Shrimp finished Game 1 with a 0/6/3 KDA as Elise. He was involved in only three of eight kills, finishing fourth in assists on the team. In Game 2, Shrimp used Gragas and finished with a 1/4/1 KDA. He was involved in two of three kills, finishing with the second-highest kill total with only one kill. Returning to Elise for Game 3, Shrimp finished with a 2/4/4 KDA. He was involved in six of 11 kills, tying Keane for the second-highest kill total. Shrimp had the highest death total in the series as DIG lost in straight sets.
Consistent performance throughout series
August 7, 2017
ShrimP posted a 10/7/29 KDA in Team Dignitas series victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
In Game 1 ShrimP's Jarvan IV didn't have to make successful ganks as DIG earned a small lead through lane swaps early. When there were teamfights, it was ShrimP that locked down damage dealers with Cataclysm and rack up assists. In Game 2, ShrimP's Elise focused on the top side while TL took over the bottom lane. DIG started to get torn apart in teamfights and fell behind in objectives. In Game 3, ShrimP got the highly prioritized Maokai and delivered with an 94 percent kill participation performance. ShrimP easily locked down key targets in teamfights with Twisted Advance as DIG closed out the series.
Bounced back after poor Maokai performance in Game 2
July 30, 2017
ShrimP scored a 2/10/14 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Immortals on Saturday.
In Game 1 ShrimP's Maokai got punished for being too aggressive, but recovered nicely in the mid game. ShrimP managed to safely farm his way back to a healthy point before providing plenty of good frontline protection and engages for DIG late. In Game 2 ShrimP wasn't as lucky on Maokai as he got killed early and often throughout his 0/6/0 KDA performance. There was no coming back from his two deaths in the first six minutes as IMT slowly pushed its advantage to a victory. ShrimP picked up his play in Game 3 on Maokai as he put together a better early game that included securing first blood gold. ShrimP continued to supply good frontline and follow up to Ssumday's Kled as DIG sieged through IMT's turrets on its way to a series victory.
Little impact in loss
July 25, 2017
Shrimp went an overall 2/13/17 in Dignitas' 1-2 Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Shrimp started off the series on Nunu, and was lucky to have two AD champions to buff up with Blood Boil. Dignitas won an early skirmish, which allowed them to snowball to victory, but Shrimp's usefulness was mostly found in the attack-speed buff. In Game 2, Shrimp went with Graves and simply had no positive influence on the game, going 0/7/2 in the loss. Shrimp tried to replicate his Nunu success from earlier in Game 3, but couldn't even secure objectives properly, and had only one decent Blood Boil target. He went a measly 1/6/4 as C9 took the series.
Controls jungle in sweep
July 23, 2017
ShrimP went 5/4/15 in Dignitas' sweep over TSM on Saturday.
Shrimp took the rarely seen (these days, at least) Graves in both games of this series, and was great in both games. While he managed to lose his life on an early invade in Game 1, that was essentially the only blemish on his otherwise clean record in the first game. He was really strong in teamfights that Dignitas used to get ahead in the late game here. The same can be said for Game 2, where he had a nice hold on the jungle to allow his team to have a stranglehold on vision for this game. If they keep playing like this, they could be knocking on the door of that number three seed.
Aggressive jungling results in 2-0 series sweep
July 18, 2017
Shrimp earned a near deathless 4/1/22 KDA in DIG's 2-0 sweep over CLG on Saturday.
Starting the series off on Nidalee, Shrimp had a dominant performance that allowed his team to claim a convincing victory. Ganking early, he put his team ahead in the game by picking up several kills for himself and snowballing his team ahead early. Picking up neutral objectives with the lead, he had no problem closing the game out in 38 minutes. Game 2 went even better as he found himself on Nunu and began picking up objectives extremely early. With two Infernal Drakes under his belt quickly, he buffed up his carries significantly. As the game progressed, these became crucial to winning teamfights. Coupled with his Blood Boil, he allowed his Kalista to dominate fights, resulting in a swift 29-minute victory to close out the series.
Will continue to start for Dignitas
July 18, 2017
With Chaser leaving the team, as reported by Malcolm Abbas of Dot Esports, ShrimP is the permanent starting jungler for Dignitas.
While he's been starting since Chaser was benched in June, we now know that ShrimP will continue to hold the starting spot in the jungle for Dignitas. Whereas Chaser never found much synergy with his teammates, ShrimP has been playing fairly well. Dignitas is currently surging and trying to hold onto their playoff spot in the final few weeks of the season.
Consistent Nunu production throughout series
July 17, 2017
ShrimP scored a 1/5/26 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Phoenix1 on Sunday.
ShrimP's Nunu in Game 1 didn't secure any kills, but he had plenty of assists to make up for it. Dignitas quickly ran away with a lead thanks to its dominant teamfighting composition. ShrimP often got thrown into a good position with Fate's Call and then detonated crippling Absolute Zero ultimates. In Game 2 ShrimP was put on Elise, but wasn't able to make much of an impact as he had a 0/3/2 KDA performance. Dignitas quickly lost control of Game 2 as it lost in under 25 minutes. In Game 3 ShrimP was back on Nunu and back to being a nuisance in teamfights. He wasn't able to get as good of positioning in teamfights for Absolute Zero, but it was good enough as he matched his 12-assist Game 1 performance.
Performance falls off after Game 1 in series loss
June 26, 2017
ShrimP posted a 6/7/8 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
ShrimP started off the series with a solid performance on Lee Sin as he finished with a 3/2/6 KDA. He kept control over the neutral objectives and didn't give any over to C9. Dignitas kept the pressure on C9 as it rotated around the map trimming away turrets. In Game 2 ShrimP tried to get his top laner going, but a successful first gank wasn't enough. Teamfights throughout the mid game all went in C9's favor as Dig got picked off. Late there was little DIG could do to stop C9 from tying up the series. In Game 3 ShrimP was on Gragas, but had a rough outing. One of ShrimP's only positive contributions to Game 3 was Rift Herald as he finished with a 0/3/1 KDA.
Comes off the bench swinging
June 11, 2017
ShrimP went an overall 11/5/19 as Dignitas took down TSM 2-1 Saturday.
Coming off the bench to play for the first time since his stint in the Japanese LJL, ShrimP looked eager to perform. He started out the series on Lee Sin against Svenskeren's Ivern, and found his first kill onto Doublelift's Caitlyn just after the two-minute mark. He quickly returned bot to find another, and went on to secure a 2/0/6 KDA in the win, stealing multiple objectives in the process. He switched to Elise in Game 2, and looked good despite the loss. He maintained perfect kill participation in the first half hour of the game while only dying once, and secured a Baron for his team as well. Game 3 saw him on Lee Sin once again, this time teaming up with Ssumday to get him ahead on Fiora. Given that it was Ssumday who took over the game from there, ShrimP was instrumental in the series victory.
Not doing too well in the jungle
November 3, 2016
shrimP rounded out his first NA LCS Summer Split with a 97/131/301 KDA.
shrimP's first foray into the LCS after a dominant season in the Challenger Series was lackluster at best. His performance was hit and miss, with more misses than hits. He tried to make plays for his team, but his lack of experience led to making bad judgment calls which ended up turning awry for him. Something to note was that he did well when he was the frontline and soaked up damage for his team, allowing his carries to output damage. Nevertheless, shrimP still ended the Summer Split in the top ten of players with the most deaths, which doesn't look so good for him.
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