Vincent Wang 
Team SoloMid
Shows off on Rakan again
October 14, 2017
Biofrost used Rakan to earn a 1/3/16 KDA during Saturday's win over Misfits.
Biofrost utilized his excellent skill on Rakan to set up a massive amount of kills in the game for TSM. He was involved in 17 of 19 TSM kills, leading the side with 16 assists. This win was massive for TSM's chances of advancement, as they evened the head-to-head record against Misfits in the one-sided win.
Unimpactful in loss
October 14, 2017
Biofrost put together a paltry 0/1/0 KDA in TSM's backbreaking loss to Misfits in the tiebreaker of Group D on Saturday.
Biofrost was on Karma in this game and simply put, had no impact whatsoever. While the bot lane here didn't really have much to do with the action mainly being focused on the top lane for most of the early game, Biofrost still had no impact in the mid or late game. Sure, he only took one death, but he didn't even manage to use much of his utility in this rough game. TSM simply looked disjointed as a unit, which left them floundering time and again. This will surely be a tournament that will leave a sour taste in their mouths for some time.
Gets results on Rakan
October 12, 2017
Biofrost went 0/1/7 as TSM took down Team WE on Saturday.
TSM first-picked Rakan for Biofrost in this game, and it was easy to see why. TSM struggled early on in this game, but that all turned around when a flawless Flash engage from Biofrost got two free kills for TSM, which they followed up with a Baron. Another beautiful engage in the game's only 5-vs-5 teamfight won the game for TSM, and Biofrost missed out on only a single kill participation -- a solo kill that Bjergsen found early on.
Perfect kill participation in loss
October 9, 2017
Biofrost ended TSM's Sunday loss to Misfits with a 1/2/6 KDA as Nami.
Biofrost attempted to keep Doublelift alive, but couldn't get his AD carry into a strong enough place to carry the game. Biofrost was involved in all seven of TSM's kills, leading his team in assists with six. Despite the upset loss, Biofrost has helped TSM to a 2-1 record after Week 1 of Worlds.
TSM's rock on Rakan
September 3, 2017
Biofrost ended 4/10/47 in TSM's 3-1 Sunday win over Immortals.
Biofrost played three games on Rakan this series, and while one was a loss, he was absolutely clutch on the champion and was easily the biggest reason TSM were able to come back in Game 4. In Game 1, Biofrost's engages were beautiful, as he participated in every TSM kill up until the last minute of the game when he was dead (for the only time all game). With TSM on match point in Game 4, but down 10,000 gold at 24 minutes, Biofrost found a pixel-perfect engage onto both Flame's Rumble and Cody Sun's Xayah, miraculously winning the teamfight for TSM. This wasn't the end of his contribution by a mile, as he continued to find immaculate engage after immaculate engage, allowing TSM to keep scaling and win every single major fight for the remainder of the game.
Shines on comfort picks
August 29, 2017
Bifrost posted a 2/7/48 KDA in Team SoloMid's 3-1 series victory over Team Dignitas on Sunday.
Biofrost stuck with his comfort picks, playing Thresh in Game 1, and then Braum in the next three games. His series was solid throughout. His laning was strong; he protected his ADC well, which is especially important for a Kog'Maw. Bifrost engaged and disengaged as needed, making sure that his contribution to the team was noted. Overall, Biofrost did what he needed to and he did it very well.
Consistent as always
August 7, 2017
Biofrost went 2/5/27 in TSM's sweep over CLG on Sunday.
Biofrost played two games of Braum in this series and was his normal self in both games. He was always there with Unbreakables to save his teammates from certain death. In the first game, he even managed to find two early kills to show off his versatility. All in all, this was just another notch in his belt of strong showings. With the win, TSM locked up a first round bye for the playoffs.
Falls off in series victory against Phoenix 1
August 7, 2017
Biofrost finished TSM's 2-0 sweep over P1 with a combined KDA of 1/5/23.
Starting things off on Lulu, Biofrost had an extremely strong showing, netting his team a convincing victory. After finding a lead in lane, he easily moved with the rest of his team to impact skirmishes, picking up kills and keeping his team alive throughout the onslaught of the enemy team. This allowed TSM's carries to dominate teamfights, claiming a swift victory in Game 1. Game 2 didn't go as well for Biofrost as he found himself on Taric and was heavily focused. Although he didn't have the same impact as Game 1, he used his ultimate and stun effectively in fights. After falling behind, he helped turn the tide of several fights, allowing TSM to bounce back and claim victories of their own. With the momentum in their favor, TSM closed out the game in 34-minutes, securing the 2-0 sweep despite behind heavily behind earlier in the game.
Solid support play throughout series victory
July 24, 2017
Biofrost finished Team SoloMid's 2-1 series win against Echo Fox on Sunday with a 1/7/35 KDA.
Biofrost provided plenty of harassment in the laning phase of Game 1 on Karma. However, it didn't yield much of a lead and TSM didn't start pulling away until the second half teamfights. Biofrost supplied plenty of heals, shields and boosts while earning his 0/1/14 KDA. In Game 2 Biofrost went with Thresh and made poor choices early that cost him. Biofrost took a greedy route to lane and got pulled by Blitzcrank, forcing him to flash in order to not give up first blood. When Biofrost returned to lane he was forced to play passive, allowing Blitzcrank roam and help other lanes. TSM made some poor calls late that allowed EF to split push and tied up the series. Biofrost had a solid 1/2/13 KDA performance on Tahm Kench. He provided plenty of good frontline protection and saved his damage carries plenty of times. While he didn't many good opportunities to use Abyssal Voyage, TSM didn't really need it to dominate fights and take the series victory.
Not support in loss
July 23, 2017
Biofrost picked up a 0/4/13 KDA in TSM's loss against Dignitas on Saturday.
The kind of series that Biofrost and TSM were going to have was pretty much summed up with the start of the draft in Game 1. With plenty of strong picks available, they decided to pick up Thresh for Biofrost with their first pick. While Thresh is certainly strong, he's not strong enough to justify a first pick like this. Especially when Biofrost didn't end up using it to really do much of anything in the game. He and Doublelift quickly lost lane and never got it back in the rough loss. He switched to Braum in Game 2 and was a bit better in terms of utility, but he and Doublelift still couldn't stand up to what Dignitas were putting out here. Accordingly, they were quickly swept.
Impressive scorelines tell the story
July 9, 2017
Biofrost went 2/6/47 in TSM's 3-0 sweep of UoL in the finals of Rift Rivals Saturday.
Biofrost started out the series on Braum, and played a practically perfect game. Of course, it's easy to look good on a defensive support pick when your team is smashing that hard, but Biofrost's 1/0/20 KDA is still nothing to scoff at. He took a slightly more active role in Game 2 on Thresh, landing some solid hooks but once again generally coasting to an easy victory, only dying when a mistake from Svenskeren was punished by UoL. Game 3 was another game of Thresh for Biofrost, and while he died a few more times in the much more contested early game, he still looked great as TSM turned back to complete the sweep, going 1/5/15 in the final game.
Only dies once
July 5, 2017
Biofrost finished Wednesday's win over G2 with a 0/1/14 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Biofrost was able to keep Doublelift safe throughout the game and allowed his marksman to scale into a late-game carry. Biofrost was involved in 14 of TSM's 18 kills, dying only once, and helping his side dominate teamfights in the late game. He peeled well for his AD carry, helping Doublelift finish the game with no deaths.
Dies far too often in loss
July 1, 2017
Biofrost was picked off early and often in TSM's 1-2 loss at the hands of Cloud9 on Friday, finishing with a lackluster 2/10/15 KDA.
All throughout this series, Biofrost didn't have much of a chance to shine in his lane, as most of the action took place elsewhere on the map. This forced him to move up to other areas of the map, which often resulted in him dying. His deaths usually came on questionable engagements and questionable decisions to not disengage when a fight broke out. While he did manage to tie for the most assists on his team, his kill participation of just 56 percent was extremely lacking. TSM fans will surely hope that this was simply an outlier for the usually strong support player.
Solid Thresh play to close out series
June 26, 2017
Biofrost finished Team SoloMid's 2-0 series victory against Echo Fox on Sunday with a 2/4/18 KDA.
In Game 1 Biofrost managed to keep he and his teammates safe with Tahm Kench as he finished with a 0/0/9 KDA. He got into some tight spaces, but managed to get out of them with Thick Skin and help from the rest of TSM. His superb play on Tahm Kench in Game 1 drew a ban in Game 2. Biofrost went with a more playmaking focused support in Thresh and had a dominant laning phase. The TSM bottom lane duo won two 2-vs-2 fights and forced a lane swap. Biofrost traded deaths for kills and assists throughout Game 2 but still managed a solid 2/4/9 KDA.
Does his part admirably
June 25, 2017
Biofrost went an overall 2/2/19 as TSM took down FlyQuest 2-0 Saturday.
Biofrost went with Braum in Game 1, assisting Hauntzer's Shen in engaging and protecting TSM's carries. He did a solid job of this, and while he didn't have any massive plays, finished with a well-earned 0/1/10 KDA. He switched to Thresh in Game 2, where once again his primary duty was to provide an additional out to his teammates, this time alongside Bjergsen's Zilean ultimate. He landed a few hooks along the way, and even found a pair of kills for himself, going 2/1/9 as TSM secured the sweep.