Park Jae-Hyuk 
South Korea
Will spend another year on Samsung Galaxy
November 20, 2017
Samsung Galaxy announced via their Facebook this morning that they would be entering another season with the same roster that they've played with throughout all of 2017, Ruler included.
It comes as little surprise that Samsung Galaxy, the reigning world champions, have decided to re-sign each of their 2017 players for another season. It comes as even less of a surprise that they've chosen to re-sign the player that fired the shot heard round the world, Ruler, who's bold flash play at the end of Game 3 of the World Finals led to a crucial pick on Faker and ended SK Telecom T1's threepeat ambitions. Over the course of the last two years Ruler has slowly grown from being a mere undisciplined rookie into one of the premier carry threats in the LCK who can even go toe to toe with names like Pray and come out on top.
Severely outclassed enemy bot lane
November 6, 2017
Ruler posted a 10/2/21 KDA in Samsung Galaxy's series victory over SK Telecom T1 on Saturday.
Ruler played two games of Xayah and a game of Varus. His first game as Xayah was essentially a game of macro play, and Ruler made it easier for his team by beating the SKT bot lane. Despite having drafted a losing early lane, Ruler didn't give any advantages over. In Game 2, Ruler followed up his teammates engages well to close out teamfights. In the final game, Ruler was bailed out by Bang in teamfights. Ruler took advantage of Bang's kindness by dominating teamfights. Overall, Ruler played a crisp series of League that paved the way for his team to take home the world championship.
At home on Varus
October 30, 2017
Ruler finished Sunday's win over World Elite with a 10/3/14 combined KDA.
Ruler struggled in Game 1, finishing with a 0/1/0 KDA as Tristana, while Samsung managed only one kill in the game. Ruler then used Varus for the remaining three games, posting a combined 10/2/14 KDA on the champion. In Game 2, Ruler finished with a 2/2/5 KDA, ending the game involved in seven of 11 kills. In Game 3, Ruler was unkillable, ending with a 3/0/7 KDA and finishing with 100 percent kill participation. In Game 4, Ruler earned a 5/0/2 KDA. He was unkillable again, involved in seven of 11 kills, and picking up half of his final series kill total in one game.
Surprisingly crushes the LZ bot lane
October 19, 2017
Ruler ended Thursday's sweep of Longzhu with a 11/2/23 KDA in three games as Tristana.
Ruler finished Game 1 with a 5/1/10 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 19 kills, tying for the team-high kill total, while also tying for the second-highest assist total. In Game 2, Ruler ended with a 1/1/9 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 16 kills, managing only one kill, but finishing with his team's third-highest assist total. For the final game of the series, Ruler earned a 5/0/4 KDA. He was unkillable, involved in nine of 11 kills while leading Samsung with five kills. Ruler stepped up huge for Samsung, as he was thought of as their weak link coming into the series.
Outplayed by Uzi
October 14, 2017
Ruler posted just a 1/4/1 KDA in Samsung's loss to RNG on Friday at the 2017 World Championship.
Ruler had a tough matchup in this game, as he was tasked with going up against the perennial Uzi. Ruler managed to get a pretty nice start when his lane picked up two early kills, but they just weren't able to hold onto that lead. As the game progressed, his Varus simply seemed to lose a ton of utility as RNG ran away with the game to claim the top spot Group C.
Carries Samsung closer to the quarterfinals
October 13, 2017
Ruler ended Samsung's Friday win over 1907 Fenerbahce with a 5/0/7 KDA as Xayah.
Ruler tag teamed with Ambition to be the main threats for Samsung during their opening game of Week 2. Ruler was involved in 12 of 14 kills, tying for the team high in kill participation while leading Samsung in kills. Ruler's unkillable performance put Samsung that much closer to the quarterfinals.
The threat against G2
October 13, 2017
Ruler finished Samsung's Friday win over G2 with a 7/1/3 KDA as Twitch.
Ruler was able to scale well to become the carry for Samsung in the win. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, leading Samsung with seven kills. Ruler helped Samsung move to 2-0 in Week 2 and finished the game with over half of his team's kill total.
Bounced back after early death
October 8, 2017
Ruler finished with a 4/1/1 KDA in Samsung's victory against 1907 Fenerbahce.
The laning phase was not kind to Ruler's Tristana as he had to deal with almost constant pressure from Fenerbahce's jungler. However, after dying in an early skirmish Ruler started to play safer and managed to Rocket Jump out of any trouble he found himself in during the mid game. Samsung Galaxy weathered through two Baron power plays before finally finding a good teamfight engage that swung momentum into its favor immediately. Ruler picked up four kills as SSG scored an ace and pushed to secure the win.
Falls behind and never recovers
October 7, 2017
Ruler ended Day 3 of the Group Stages with a 0/2/0 KDA as Twitch as Samsung fell to RNG.
Ruler was unable to scale into a carry during the loss as Samsung managed to pick up no kills in the game. Ruler's two deaths were the second highest on the team. He fell behind Uzi in lane from an early stage and couldn't match his marksman opponent's pressure as the game wore on.
Steady presence in the bottom lane
August 1, 2017
Ruler ended Tuesday's win over ROX with a 7/2/7 combined KDA.
Ruler used Kalista in Game 1 to finish with a 3/1/4 KDA. He picked up first blood in the sixth minute and was involved in 70 percent of his team's kills in Game 1. He had the second highest kill total and third most assists in Game 1. In Game 2, Ruler used Ashe to earn a 2/1/1 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation and picked up two of Samsung's three kills in the game. For the deciding Game 3, Ruler returned to Kalista and earned a 2/0/2 KDA. He was unkillable, but involved in only four of Samsung's 11 kills in the final game.
Fails to be much of a ruler in loss
July 24, 2017
Ruler had an uncharacteristically poor performance against MVP on Friday by scoring a 9/7/6 KDA.
In Game 2 Ruler had a perfect KDA of 7/0/1 on Twitch. But in Games 1 and 3, he had a combined KDA of 2/7/5 on Varus. Considering he was facing a bottom lane that has been one of the worst in the league, his inconsistent play is inexcusable. He laned against Xayah in all three of his series and should have been able to build leads in early game that would help later, but he played much too aggressively for an immobile ADC, and was picked off on jungle ganks and mid roams far too often.
Dances with death in victory over SKT T1
July 14, 2017
Ruler took home an 8/5/26 KDA during Samsung Galaxy's victory over SKT T1.
If Ambition and CoreJJ were the nuts and bolts that kept Samsung together during their victory over SKT T1, then Ruler was the engine that kept the team moving in the right direction. SKT T1 allowed Ruler to take Varus into both games, a pick that has quickly emerged as his strongest champion over the course of the Summer Split. It was a decision that SKT T1 would come to regret immensely. Samsung's team composition was all but designed to make Ruler shine in teamfights, and shine he did. Seemingly every fight in Game 1 played out the same way. Either Huni or Faker would get to Ruler, drop him to critically low HP, and then get peeled off by Samsung's disgusting chain of crowd control. So many of the game's most important fights came down to Ruler managing to output damage while skirting around the edges of certain death, and without his efforts Game 1 would have been a sure loss. His impact in Game 2 was much more muted, but that was more a function of how good Samsung was doing on the whole than it was any underperformance by Ruler. When you're an immobile ADC like Varus and the enemy team has no choice but to run from yours, it's quite hard to find kills. This series was an outstanding showing from Ruler, who's quickly proving himself to be one of the preeminent carry threats in the LCK.
Carries Samsung back from the brink
July 11, 2017
Ruler finished Tuesday's sweep of Ever8 with a 9/1/5 KDA in two games as Varus.
Ruler finished Game 1 with a 6/1/1 KDA. With Samsung heavily behind for the majority of the game, Ruler was the lone bright spot, picking up Samsung's first kill in the early game. He finished the game involved in all eight kills and leading Samsung with six kills. In Game 2, Ruler ended with a 3/0/3 KDA. He was unkillable, again finishing with his team's highest kill total and helping Samsung close out the sweep.
Recovers from early mishaps in victory over EDG
July 7, 2017
Ruler earned a 2/2/8 KDA during Samsung's victory over EDG.
Samsung's match against EDG began in disaster for the Korean team's star ADC. Had a lesser bottom lane been the target of Clearlove's aggression the way that Ruler and CoreJJ were, they certainly would have buckled. Samsung's bottom lane held fast, however, and managed to survive the laning phase on relatively even footing despite their early deaths. It was all a game of rotations from there, as Samsung took over the game via their smart macro play, most of which directly benefited Ruler and his excellent CS score. When Samsung finally decided to take the gloves off come the late game, Ruler was ready. His positioning in the final two teamfights of the game was pixel perfect, and he put out a continuous stream of damage that EDG simply could not handle. While he wasn't the MVP of the match -- that accolade belonged to the much more flashy CuVee -- Samsung's victory would never have happened without him.
Mainly picks up assists
June 28, 2017
Ruler finished Wednesday with a 6/8/20 combined KDA.
Ruler used Caitlyn in Game 1 to end with a 2/3/2 KDA. He had 50 percent kill participation, but couldn't do enough to carry Samsung to a win in Game 1. In Game 2, Ruler used Twitch to earn a 4/5/13 KDA. He scaled well and was involved in 17 of Samsung's 21 kills. Despite only picking up four kills, Ruler provided adequate damage in the late game, finishing with the second-highest assist total. Returning to Caitlyn for Game 3, Ruler finished with a 0/0/5 KDA. Despite not picking up a kill, Ruler had assists on five of Samsung's eight kills, helping to lead his team past Longzhu to close out the series.