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No longer with EDG
December 21, 2017
As per his exclusion from EDG's official roster twitter post on Thursday, Mouse has left EDG.
Mouse had a decent enough tenure with EDG, but he was rarely the star of the show. To be fair, he rarely needed to be, with strong play from the mid and bot lanes taking on most of the carry duty, but Mouse's exclusion is a head-scratcher. A solid frontline tank player, Mouse might be sorely missed if new EDG top laner Ray can't provide the same level of frontline presence that Mouse did in the past. Then again, EDG's rebuilding mission might move away from a more traditional playstyle, so it's tough to say for certain whether this move is good or not at the moment. Regardless, there will be some Chinese teams that will be interested in Mouse's services, so expect to see him back in action soon.
Has a decent game
October 7, 2017
Mouse finished Saturday's loss to C9 with a 3/2/3 KDA as Cho'Gath.
Mouse played fairly well on Cho'Gath, despite the loss, providing EDG with a tank in the front line. Mouse was involved in all but one kill, leading EDG in kills and finishing with the third highest assist total. Mouse and EDG will need help in Week 2 to qualify for the knockout stages after starting 0-3 in their group.
Plays well even in losses
September 2, 2017
Mouse finished EDG's 3-2 win over RNG with a 11/10/31 combined KDA.
Mouse played well in the opening two games, despite dropping both to RNG. He finished Game 1 with a 4/2/4 KDA as Shen and Game with a 1/3/2 KDA as Rumble. He was involved in 11 of 14 kills in the first two games, before helping EDG turn around the series in Game 3. He finished Game 3 with a 4/2/6 KDA as Cho'gath, Game 4 with a 0/0/10 KDA as Jarvan IV and Game 5 with a 2/3/9 KDA as Rumble. EDG were able to complete the reverse sweep and mouse was a big reason why ending the final three games involved in 31 of 46 kills in the team's three wins.
Falters in Game 2 against IG
August 21, 2017
Mouse earned a 2/2/2 KDA on Renekton in Game 2 against IG.
After being substituted in during Game 2 of the series against IG, Mouse had a lot of pressure to perform. Finding himself on Renekton, he cpuldn't find a meaningful lead for himself. Although he wasn't playing poorly, the rest of his team struggled to find an opening for themselves, meaning he fell further and further behind. After he fell behind, he opted to play safe, failing to get involved in teamfights. In doing so, he solidified his team's fate, allowing them to be dominated in the 29-minute defeat. Without any impact of his own, Mouse could not stop his team from losing the series 0-2.
Deathless in series sweep over DAN
August 13, 2017
Mouse earned a remarkable 16/0/15 KDA in EDG's swift 2-0 sweep this weekend.
Starting off on Jarvan, Mouse had an extremely strong performance, starting out by finding an early lead and never stopping. Building a sizable lead in lane, he had nothing stopping him from joining his team and securing multiple kills to snowball the rest of his team ahead. Able to dominate teamfights, he earned a perfect 9/0/10 KDA in Game 1 to bring his team a convincing victory. Game 2 went even better as he found himself on Renekton and once again had a flawless performance. After finding a lead in lane once again, he decimated the enemy team in skirmishes, shutting down any chance of a comeback for DAN. As a result, EDG was able to take a 27-minute victory, closing out the series 2-0.
Does his job in win over I May
August 6, 2017
Mouse finished EDG's sweep of I May on Saturday with a KDA of 1/5/15.
Mouse did a perfectly fine job in Game 1 on Renekton. He accounted for his team's only two deaths of the game due to some jungle focus, but was serviceable as a frontline for IBoy's Kog'Maw, which was all he needed to be. In Game 2, Mouse's Rumble racked up the assists, starting with an early Teleport to the bot lane to help EDG get three kills. From there his solid Equalizers netted him a KDA of 0/3/12.
Struggled initially, but excelled later on
July 24, 2017
Mouse posted a 3/2/6 KDA in EDward Gaming's 0-2 series loss to Suning Gaming on Sunday.
Mouse played two games of Camille. He saw the tale of two games: Game 1 was very lackluster, while Game 2 was strong despite his team's loss. In Game 1, the EDG top laner couldn't make much of an impact, and he essentially was useless for the team. Game 2 saw the top laner do what he was expected, putting forth solid splitpush and duel potential. His team's loss in Game 2 wasn't his fault by any means, but his team poor macro hurt him anyway.
Dominates in series victory over JDG
July 20, 2017
Mouse earned a series KDA of 11/4/13 in EDG's 2-0 victory over JDG.
Playing carries in both games, Mouse had a strong performance that netted him a series victory over JDG. He started the series off on Renekton, quickly roaming and picking up kills for the rest of his team. After creating an impact, the rest of EDG had no problem capitalizing and forcing fights to snowball the game out of control. Although he only picked up a single kill in the victory, Mouse's early play was a large factor as to why his team was able to take the victory. Game 2 went even better, as Mouse found himself on Camille and absolutely dominated. After finding an extremely early lead, he was able to run over teamfights and pickup numerous kills for himself. Quickly earning a 10/3/3 KDA, he was able to bring his team a convincing Game 2 victory to close out the series sweep 2-0.
Facilitates near comeback against Samsung
July 6, 2017
Mouse earned a 3/5/3 KDA during EDG's loss to Samsung Galaxy.
EDG's loss to Samsung isn't a reflection of Mouse's performance. It is, in fact, far from it, as though Mouse has long been regarding as something of a joke in international competition, the joke was on Samsung this time, as Mouse very nearly managed to rally his team and earn a very improbable victory. The fact that he eventually failed to do so isn't a reflection on him, as he reliably initiated fight after fight for EDG, but was one-upped by his lane opponent, CuVee, who was simply on the higher-impact champion. Mouse's Renekton could never hope to have the same late-game impact as a Gnar, and the game largely played out just the way the script would lead one to believe. Mouse made plays happen for his team in the mid game, but nothing he could ever do would compare to the five-man Gnar ults that CuVee put out on the regular. EDG might have lost this game, but Mouse's performance was strong enough that he can no longer be considered the weak point of EDG, which is an excellent thing for the team moving forward through Rift Rivals.
Shows up big in final game of the series
April 28, 2017
Mouse earned a 2/0/8 KDA on Fizz in EDG's Game 5 victory over OMG.
After his team was put into a compromising position in their series against OMG, Mouse stepped in to bring his team a final victory to secure EDG's 3-2 series victory. Picking Fizz, he was able to pop off on the champion from the very start of the game, proving not only why the champion is highly contested, but also his ability to perform when it comes to a clutch situation. After finding an early lead in the game, he was able to move effortlessly with his team to decimate the enemy team in every stage of the game. His impressive performance allowed his team to take a convincing victory, closing out the series 3-2.
Inconsistent in loss
April 22, 2017
Mouse ended with an overall 4/14/11 KDA as EDG lost to RNG on Saturday.
Mouse started out Game 1 on Gragas with a quick assist on first blood. Unfortunately, this was very nearly the extent of his impact in the game. He grabbed a sole kill with the help of a gank, but couldn't manage to do anything with it as RNG snowballed to a win. Sticking with Gragas for Game 2, Mouse looked much better. His Flash engages consistently netted picks for his team, and helped them to end the game in under 32 minutes. On Gragas once again in Game 3, Mouse managed to barely grab a kill as he was killed in a gank early on. He continued to play well as the game went on, with the exception of being caught once in the enemy jungle, but his team seemed to be perpetually dying around him, leaving him with no way to prevent a loss. Finally, Mouse went with Nautilus in Game 4, and was repeatedly caught out in the early-to-mid game. His assist on first blood was all he got as he went 0/6/1, giving the series to RNG.
Does just enough in top lane for win
April 20, 2017
Mouse posted a 12/8/20 KDA in EDward Gaming's 3-0 sweep of Newbee in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.
Mouse didn't have an overly impactful showing in Game 1 on Gragas, but what he did was quietly control the top lane from start to finish. He got the first-tower gold to put his team up 3,000 gold and it was all history from there. There was nothing at all that V could do to stop Mouse, which led to EDG's Game 1 win. Mouse chose Kennen in Game 2 and got off to a rough start. He was taken down for first blood, but then quickly bounced back during a 3-for-0 teamfight. While became quite the terror in the top lane, he did have a late death that allowed Newbee to take a Baron and get back into the game. Luckily they were able to overcome this to take the game and a 2-0 lead. Mouse was on Kennen again for Game 3 and was once again very strong with the champion. He got an early kill for a nice lead in the early game, but he mainly existed to set up his teammates for kills. He used Kennen's ultimate to lock down members of Newbee and give his team easy advantages in teamfights for the win.
Stellar Gragas in series win
April 17, 2017
Mouse posted a 17/7/18 KDA in EDward Gaming's 2-1 victory against QG Reapers on Sunday.
Mouse started off the series with a solid 6/1/9 KDA performance on Gragas. An early teleport play earned Mouse a kill and assist. He got caught off guard by a four man gank in top lane that cost him his life, but it was his only death of Game 1. Mouse had some good Explosive Casks throughout Game 1, including one that earned him a triple kill. EDG were dominant in the second half as they took an early lead in the series. In Game 2, Mouse had a rough early game and wasn't able to turn it around later. He made solid contributions to teamfights as he carried EDG in damage dealt to champions but only had a measly 3/6/6 KDA to show for it. Mouse returned to Gragas in Game 3 and had another solid performance on his way to a 8/0/3 KDA. He maintained superb map presence and was always in teamfights for EDG as he finished with 100 percent kill participation. EDG dominated the second half of Game 3 as it closed out the Spring Split with a victory.
Provides plenty of support from the top lane
April 15, 2017
Mouse finished Friday's sweep of VG with a 3/3/11 combined KDA.
Mouse ended Game 1 with a 1/1/6 KDA as Gragas. He picked up an assist during a 2-vs-2 in the top lane and an assist during a four-man dive onto Easyhoon. His lone kill and an assist came in the first teamfight, while his three assists in the final teamfight closed out Game 1. In Game 2, Mouse finished with a 2/2/5 KDA as Rumble. He had a kill and an assist during a 2-vs-4 fight in the top lane and a kill in the first teamfight. An assist in the second teamfight and three assists in the final teamfight closed out the sweep.
Struggled in teamfights late as EDG lose series
March 25, 2017
Mouse posted a 7/5/20 KDA when EDG lost in 3 games to I May on Friday.
Mouse started off the series with a great performance on Shen as he finished with a 6/1/3 KDA and a 86 percent kill participation. He made good use of Stand United early and often as EDG dominated I May. Mouse's only death came as a sacrifice to buy time for his teammates to secure a Baron kill. However, mouse found less success on Gragas in the final games of the series. In Game 2, mouse struggled through laning phase as I May's jungler ganked early but roaming throughout the mid game made up for it as he raked up 6 assists. However, mouse couldn't stop I May from forcing a Game 3. Mouse fell behind in CS, forcing him to stay in lane while I May gained pressure on the rest of the Rift. When mouse finally did join battles there was little he could do to stop I May from diving on EDG's carries. EDG got smashed in Game 3 as Mouse's 1/1/1 KDA was good for 50 percent kill participation.
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