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Nearly unkillable in quick sweep
April 13, 2018
AmazingJ finished Friday's sweep of JDG with a 6/1/14 total KDA.
AmazingJ ended Game 1 with a 3/1/11 KDA as Gangplank. He was involved in 14 of 19 kills, tying for the third-highest kill total, while earning the second-most assists in Game 1. In Game 2, AmazingJ used Cho'gath and earned a 3/0/3 KDA. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in half of his team's kills. His three kills tied for the second highest on the team, but his three assists were the second lowest. AmazingJ was involved in 20 of 31 kills in the two-game win.
Sets the tone from the top lane
April 6, 2018
AmazingJ finished Friday's 2-0 win over VG with a 6/0/17 combined KDA.
AmazingJ ended Game 1 with a 3/0/10 KDA as Gangplank. He was involved in 13 of 14 kills, ending with the second-highest kill and assist totals in the opening game while giving away no deaths. In Game 2, AmazingJ used Sion and earned a 3/0/7 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 15 kills, giving away no deaths, while tying for the second-highest kill total and earning the second-highest assist total. AmazingJ tied Chieftain for the team-high kill participation, being involved in 23 of 29 kills while giving away no deaths in the series.
Game 2 plays come up short
August 6, 2017
AmazingJ went 4/5/3 as I May went down 0-2 to EDG on Saturday.
AmazingJ selected Jax for Game 1, and while he received a lead from some early jungle pressure, didn't do anything with it in the face of IBoy's fed Kog'Maw. In Game 2, AmazingJ's Cho'Gath continued to get help from the jungle, and made better use of his money. This game was much closer, largely due to AmazingJ's clutch Baron steal, but ultimately I May still went down.
Little impact in loss to OMG
July 27, 2017
AmazingJ finished Thursday's sweep to OMG with a 3/5/4 combined KDA.
AmazingJ ended Game 1 with a 2/1/3 KDA as Maokai. He was involved in 50% of IMay's kills, finishing tied for the second-highest kill total on the team. In Game 2, AmazingJ used Cho'Gath to finish with a 1/4/1 KDA. He struggled to really get involved in the game, ending involved in only two of his team's six kills as OMG completed the sweep.
Impactful on tanks and bruisers
April 18, 2017
AmazingJ ended I May's playoff win over QG with a 15/7/20 combined KDA.
AmazingJ was proficient on tanks in the first two games of the series earning a combined 5/4/9 KDA as Gragas and Maokai. His Gragas performance particular stood out, utilizing the champions multiple crowd control abilities to set up kills for himself and his team throughout the game. After losing Game 2, AmazingJ switched to playing lane dominant champions in Kled and Camille and earned a 10/3/11 combined KDA in the final two games of the series. His dominant 6/1/6 KDA in Game 3 stood out as his best performance in the series, helping I May advance to the next round of the LPL playoffs.
Not much to show from Friday series
April 7, 2017
AmazingJ ended Friday's loss to OMG with a 3/7/6 combined KDA.
In Game 1, AmazingJ ended with a 0/2/4 KDA as Gragas. He grabbed an assist on first blood and an assist during an early 2-vs-2 in the top lane. His final two assists came in the first teamfight of the game, as OMG took Game 1. AmazingJ ended Game 2 with a 3/5/2 KDA as Renekton. He picked up an assist picking off Icon in the mid game and solo killed Icon late for his first kill. He picked up a kill and an assist in the fourth teamfight and a kill in the final teamfight, but it wasn't enough to stop OMG from closing out the sweep.
Closes out series with a pair of solid games on carry top laners
March 25, 2017
AmazingJ posted a 13/6/19 KDA in I May's 2-1 series victory over EDG on Friday.
AmazingJ had a solid Game 1 on Nautilus as his KDA benefited from the early skirmishing. However, he wasn't able to do much late as I May fell behind and couldn't pull together a teamfight victory. In Game 2 AmazingJ picked up his play on Kled and finished with a 7/1/6 KDA. He ran away with a CS lead in lane and became a split push threat and front line nuisance late. His only death came from overextending late and after he joined up with his teammates to break down EDG's base and win Game 2. AmazingJ was on another carry in Game 3, but this time it was Camille. Again he ran up a CS lead early and after he got some gank assistance. AmazingJ spent a lot of time split pushing, but joined up with the team to secure objectives and push to win the series.
Struggles on carry, but shines on tanks
March 10, 2017
AmazingJ ended Friday's win over QG with a 9/7/25 combined KDA.
Using Camille in Game 1, AmazingJ ended with a 3/4/1 KDA. He picked up an assist on I May's first kill of the game and two kills in the first teamfight. A kill in the final teamfight wasn't enough to stop QG from ending Game 1. In Game 2, AmazingJ played Nautilus and ended with a 3/1/10 KDA. He picked up a kill and an assist in the second teamfight of the game and three assists in the third teamfight. He picked off Ali in the mid game for his second kill and grabbed two assists in the fourth teamfight. An assist in the fifth teamfight followed, before a kill and an assist in the sixth teamfight and two assists in the final teamfight closed out the game. Using Nautilus again in Game 3, AmazingJ finished with a 3/2/14 KDA. He grabbed a kill and an assist during a four-man dive in the bottom lane and an assist picking off Kabe in the late game. He grabbed two assists in the second teamfight and a kill and an assist in the third teamfight. He picked up three assists in the fourth teamfight, an assist in the fifth teamfight, and a kill and two assists in the final teamfight.
Decimates his counterpart in series victory
January 21, 2017
AmazingJ ended I May's 2-1 victory over LGD Gaming with a KDA of 11/5/16.
I May's willingness to give Camille over to LGD was surprising initially, given her permaban status in every competitive region at the moment. However, this move was clearly calculated on the part of I May, as AmazingJ brought out a fantastic counter in the form of Darius. Teleporting to the mid lane fight that broke out a little after 12 minutes, AmazingJ would help his team take an eventual four-for-one trade after ending the skirmish with an expertly juggled tower dive. Now 1/0/3, AmazingJ would keep Funny's Camille down in CS the entire game, making the champion entirely ineffective. AmazingJ's Darius, however, remained extremely relevant, posing an immense threat to LGD's backline all game long, and eventually taking the opening map. In Game 2, I May would once again allow Funny to play Camille, and this time AmazingJ would bring Poppy into the matchup. While the farm was more even this time, AmazingJ still solo'd out Funny on multiple occasions, and it was only due to the lead earned by the rest of LGD that AmazingJ would suffer a loss here. AmazingJ would bring his jungler and mid laner along for help in Game 3, as some early team focus kept Funny's Fiora down early. From there on in, AmazingJ's Maokai gave Funny no breathing room to get back into the game, and I May would take the series after securing Baron in just under 30 minutes.
Expertly tanks for iMay in upset sweep
January 19, 2017
AmazingJ finished iMay's sweep of RNG with a 1/4/21 KDA in two games as Maokai.
AmazingJ helped iMay crush Game 1 with a 1/2/11 KDA as Maokai. He was killed to give away first blood after 10 minutes, but did manage to grab an assist in the process as Athena roamed top to clean up a kill. AmazingJ was dominant in teamfights for iMay, including picking up three assists in the first teamfight of the game. Two more assists followed in the second teamfight as iMay secured the Baron. With the Baron buff in hand, iMay pushed into the RNG base for the final teamfight, where AmazingJ was unkillable, picking up a kill and four assists as iMay took Game 1. Using Maokai again in Game 2, AmazingJ finished with a 0/2/10 KDA. He picked up two assists during the first teamfight of the game and assists throughout the game as a nearly unkillable frontline force. He grabbed two assists in the third teamfight of the game and four assists in the final teamfight to help iMay to a big win.
Unkillable in win over Flash Wolves
October 10, 2016
AmazingJ finished Sunday's win over Flash Wolves with a 4/0/10 KDA on Ekko.
AmazingJ helped I May to a win over Flash Wolves Sunday with an excellent performance on Ekko. He helped I May dominate teamfights, picking up an assist in the first teamfight, two kills in the second teamfight and two more kills in the third teamfight. He frontlined well for I May and stuck to FW targets with his slows. He used teleport well to flank Flash Wolves in teamfights and placed Parallel Convergence perfectly to set up a game-high 10 kills.
Struggled to find good engages in loss
October 2, 2016
AmazingJ posted a 0/4/0 KDA in I May's loss to SKT Telecom T1 on Saturday.
AmazingJ kept the laning phase close, but started to fall behind after some bad engages cost him his life in the mid game. His struggle to find good engages continued into the late game as he finished without participating in any of I May's kills. I May may have gotten first blood, but they really struggled to get any sort of offense as they lost 10 kills to three.
Phenomenal Ekko play leads to playoff win over WE
August 17, 2016
AmazingJ found Ekko in Game 2 and never let go, finishing the win against WE with a KD of 15/8/44.
In spite of a disappointing start, AmazingJ was everywhere in this series, finishing with 83 percent kill participation over the entire series. In Game 1, AmazingJ took Shen to play off of Avoidless' Hecarim, but 957 took Gnar and challenged him in the lane from the very start. WE as a whole had a much earlier spiking composition, and were able to get enough of a lead to just barely take down I May in spite of their superior teamfighting composition. In Game 2, AmazingJ switched to Ekko to face off against 957's Irelia and had probably his most impressive game of the series. Not only did AmazingJ finish with just one death to his lane opponent's six, he also managed to participate in all 20 of I May's kills. In Game 3, though, WE chose to leave Ekko unbanned, allowing AmazingJ to pick him again and face off against a Shen from 957. In this game, it was I May's turn to blitz down WE's late game scaling composition, as I May rode the strength of BaeMe's Aurelion Sol to a quick and decisive victory. This led to Game 4, where AmazingJ was again given the chance to take his Ekko up against 957's Irelia, leading to results very similar to Game 2. AmazingJ took a lead in both CS and kills early and never relented, providing a frontline distraction to create space for Jinjiao's Jhin and chase down any targets his Curtain Calls didn't quite finish off.
Middling results in playoff loss to RNG
August 14, 2016
AmazingJ had pretty consistently so-so results against RNG in the playoff loss, finishing 13/13/23.
In Game 1, AmazingJ went for a pretty standard Shen pick, but was forced to face off against Singed from Looper. The matchup went horribly awry, as AmazingJ couldn't put any pressure on Looper as he free farmed and became an enormous teamfighting threat. Even beyond winning game 1, the Singed pick effectively banned Shen for AmazingJ for the rest of the match, since he was terrified of running into that matchup again. In Game 2, AmazingJ switched to Gangplank and faced off against Looper's Gnar. I May took this game in large part because they were able to repel a push from a Baron and Elder Dragon buffed RNG, losing only one turret thanks to some excellent wave clear from AmazingJ. RNG tried to continue pushing even after losing their buffs, giving I May an opening to take a teamfight, then the Baron, and then the game. In Game 3, Looper took away the Gangplank, pushing AmazingJ onto Vladimir. The matchup started off fantastically for AmazingJ, as he started the game 3/0/3, but he never adjusted once things moved into the late game and RNG could actually focus fire him down. Instead, he kept diving in, dying and watching with a grey screen as I May simply didn't have enough damage to take advantage of the initiation. In Game 4, AmazingJ took Ekko up against Looper's Rumble, with both top laner's playing each other pretty evenly. But as the game progressed, AmazingJ's frontline disruption was able to keep RNG's carries in check, while Looper struggled to close in on Jinjiao's Twitch as he tore up RNG. It all came down to Game 5, where AmazingJ went back to Gangplank against an Ekko from Looper. AmazingJ was able to pick up two early kills on Looper, but it wasn't enough to keep I May in the game, as all of their lanes were pushed and mlxg did a fantastic job stifling the development of Avoidless. RNG was able to find the picks they needed, and quickly pushed their advantage to a victory in the game and the series.
Takes Ekko to victory in playoff win over Snake
August 12, 2016
AmazingJ had a mediocre start but found his footing on Ekko, finishing the series 19/11/37
In Game 1, AmazingJ took Gangplank into the top lane and was greeted by a surprise Graves pick from Flandre. Flandre easily got the better end of this matchup, carrying Snake in almost every teamfight and swinging the game in his team's favor. AmazingJ looked fine this game, finishing 5/3/5, but it wasn't enough to cancel out Flandre's Herculean effort. In Game 2, AmazingJ switched to Ekko and had a phenomenal game, diving the backline and pressuring out Flandre's Gangplank. AmazingJ was at the forefront of every battle for I May, baiting out Snake's attention so that Athena's Kassadin and Jinjiao's Jhin could clean up kills. In Game 3, AmazingJ stuck to the Ekko and faced off against a Gnar from Flandre. This game started with Road's Bard dying five times, but AmazingJ and the rest of I May clawed their way back as literally everyone but Road had a great game. In Game 4, Snake decided yet again to let AmazingJ take Ekko, and he faced off against another Gangplank from Flandre. This game came down to a chain of Baron fights in the late game, where neither team could seem to close out the epic monster before dying to the other team. However, AmazingJ was eventually able to take advantage of the close-quarters combat and set up the rest of his team, allowing Jinjiao's Jhin to clean up the kills, the Baron, and eventually the game.
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