Yun Han-gil 
South Korea
Bilibili Gaming
Helps BLG move into the next round
April 13, 2018
Road finished Friday's sweep of JDG with a 0/5/17 total KDA.
Road ended Game 1 with a 0/2/13 KDA as Thresh. He was involved in 13 of 19 kills, leading BLG with 13 assists in the opening game. In Game 2, Road used Morgana and finished with a 0/3/4 KDA. He was involved in only four of 12 kills, but did earn the second-highest assist total on the team. Road was involved in 17 of 31 kills, a team low, but finished tied for the team-high assist total across two games.
Paves the way to victory
April 6, 2018
Road finished Friday's 2-0 win over VG with a 2/3/19 combined KDA.
Road ended Game 1 with a 1/1/8 KDA as Thresh. He was involved in nine of 14 kills, finishing with only the third-highest assist total in the opening game. In Game 2, Road used Shen and earned a 1/2/11 KDA. He was involved in 12 of 15 kills, leading BLG with 11 assists as they closed out the series. Road was involved in 21 of 29 kills, tying Chieftain for the team-high assist total.
Rocky series for Road
August 7, 2017
Road ended with a KDA of 0/7/3 in I May's Saturday loss to EDG.
It can be very difficult for a support to look good when his team is getting stomped, and this series exemplified that. Road's Braum in Game 1 was helpless, ending 0/3/0, and his Game 2 Gragas could only find a few assists in passing, going 0/4/3.
Can't pave the way for IMay
July 27, 2017
Road finished IMay's 0-2 loss to OMG with a 2/3/12 combined KDA.
Road finished Game 1 with a 1/2/8 KDA as Thresh. He played well, picking up an assist on IMay's first four kills and getting involved in all but one of IMay's kills in Game 1. In Game 2, Road used Gragas to earn a 1/1/4 KDA. He had an assist on IMay's first three kills, ending the game involved in all but one kill. It wasn't enough to help IMay to a win, but Road's kill participation was excellent in both games.
Use of utility champions pays off for I May
April 18, 2017
Road ended Tuesday's win over QG with a 2/4/39 combined KDA.
A massive 39 assist total for Road, as his use of Lulu and Karma paid off in a huge way for I May. Using Lulu in Game 1 and 2, Road earned a 1/2/17 combined KDA, including an unkillable 1/0/11 KDA in Game 1. Switching to Karma for the final two games, Road earned a 1/2/22 combined KDA to close out the series. Road's ability to protect his allies with shielding, while dealing strong poke damage on both champions helped I May dominate QG and advance in the playoffs.
Helps I May to reverse sweep
March 10, 2017
Road ended I May's 2-1 win over QG with a 2/7/27 combined KDA.
In Game 1, Road used Karma and ended with a 0/1/3 KDA. He picked up two assists in the first teamfight and an assist in the second teamfight as QG took Game 1. Using Karma again in Game 2, Road ended with a 1/2/9 KDA. He grabbed an assist in the first teamfight and a kill and three assists in the third teamfight. He helped pick off Ali in the mid game and found two assists in the fourth teamfight of the game. An assist in the fifth teamfight followed, while two assists in the final teamfight evened the series. Using Lulu in Game 3, Road finished with a 1/4/15 KDA. He grabbed two assists during a four-man dive in the bottom lane and two assists picking off Kabe and Clid in the late game. He grabbed two assists in the second teamfight and two assists picking off Doinb and Clid in the late game. Two assists in the third teamfight and three assists in the fourth teamfight followed, before an assist in the fifth teamfight. A kill and an assist in the final teamfight closed out the win for I May.
Roams well in series win Thursday
January 19, 2017
Road ended iMay's sweep of RNG with a 3/5/22 combined KDA.
Road ended Game 1 with a 2/2/10 KDA as Tahm Kench. He picked up an assist on iMay's first kill, roaming to top lane to help Athena clean up a kill on LetMe. Road took a kill and an assist in the first teamfight and a kill and an assist during a 2-vs-2 fight in the bottom lane with Ben4. He grabbed an assist in the second teamfight after securing Baron and five assists in the final teamfight of the game as iMay dominated RNG in Game 1. In Game 2, Road ended with a 1/3/12 KDA as Thresh. He picked up two assists during an early 3-vs-3 fight in the bottom lane and two assists during the first teamfight of the game after roaming to the top lane. His lone kill came in the fourth teamfight. Road was able to consistently set up kills in teamfights, including picking up four assists in the final teamfight of the game.
Little impact on teamfights in loss
October 2, 2016
Road struggled to set up good engages and finished with a 0/1/0 KDA in I May's loss to SKT telecom T1 on Saturday.
Road and Jinjiao kept the early game close, but started to fall behind in the mid game. He kept his deaths low, but really struggled to get much done in teamfights. All of I May struggled in those mid and late game teamfights as SKT dominated. They only managed three kills and failed to get any neutral objectives or turrets against the defending champions and look to turn things around against Cloud9 on Sunday.
Comes back from first game struggles to find playoff win against WE
August 17, 2016
Road started off slow, but finished 1/11/51 the series win over World Elite.
After the previous series, where Road either looked amazing or offered a buffet of kills to his opponents, the I May support looked positively consistent against WE. In Game 1, Road took Bard alongside Jinjiao's Sivir and had his worst game of the series. He may have still finished 0/3/10 in the loss, but Road missed multiple Tempered Fates, whiffing on initiations that could have set up I May's superior teamfighting composition to come back. Instead, they lost right as they were beginning to come into their own, in large part due to Road's missed opportunities. In Game 2, Road switched his pick to Braum, protecting Jinjiao's Jhin. The combination of long-range initiation and close-range protection proved deadly, as the pair helped I May close out the win before WE's late game composition could fully come online. In Game 3, Road went back to Braum again, but this time protected Jinjiao as Kog'Maw against a Sivir/Alistar lane from WE. Again, Road used the early pressure of Braum alongside Jinjiao's attack speed steroid to pressure their lane, helping set I May up for a 1-3-1 split push that crushed WE. This led to Game 4, where Road switched to Alistar alongside Jinjiao's Jhin. Road spent much of this game serving as the initiator for his team, creating space for Jinjiao to work in and combining with Athena's Lissandra to lock down crucial targets from WE. I May rode that combination to victory, taking third place for themselves.
Has up and down series in playoff loss to RNG
August 14, 2016
Road had some moments of brilliance in this series loss against RNG, finishing 5/17/42.
In Game 1, Road took Braum to protect Jinjiao's Kog'Maw from RNG's Ashe/Karma combination. Unfortunately, even the burly man with a giant shield wasn't enough to stop the RNG poke, and I May's duo lane quickly fell behind before RNG took a speedy victory. In Game 2, Road took Bard alongside Jinjiao's Sivir and had a much better time, landing several clutch Tempered Fates to help swing the game back into I May's favor. This game ended with I May finding a pick on Xiaohu's Vladimir, and a clutch Cosmic Binding from Road was part of the CC chain that locked him in place. In Game 3, Road went back to the Bard and had another solid game, but unfortunately, not solid enough to stop Uzi's Caitlyn from taking over in the late game. But Game 4 was where Road really showed up to play, taking Braum to protect Jinjiao's Twitch. Not only did Jinjiao eventually take over and carry I May to victory, Road was there the whole time, participating in 100 percent of I May's kills. This led to a Game 5, where RNG was able to secure an early Ashe/Braum lane. Facing down an aggressive bottom lane duo, Road chose to take Tahm Kench alongside Jinjiao's Ezreal, giving them a lot of safety and basically zero wave clear. That decision ended up biting I May, as RNG picked three pushing laners and followed that up with a Hecarim for mlxg, who had plenty of space to farm in both jungles with all of I May pinned under their turrets. RNG then rode their well-fed horse to victory, closing out the series and I May's playoff dreams.
Great Bard play takes playoff victory over Invictus Gaming
August 10, 2016
Road finished the series 1/4/21, sealing out Game 3 with some excellent Bard ultimates.
I May took the victory in Game 1 based on their regular season record, but they had very little trouble securing the win in Games 2 and 3 as well. In Game 2, Road took Braum as a personal protector for Jinjiao's Kog'Maw and did just that, keeping his carry from dying even once in this game. With pretty much all of I May taking big early leads, Road had very little trouble stopping Invictus from reaching Jinjiao, allowing him to safely unleash his assault and carry the team to victory. In Game 2, Road switched his pick to Bard alongside Jinjiao's Jhin, and the pair struggled a bit against the aggressive Ashe/Braum lane from Marge and Baolan. However, Road was able to help turn this game around with a series of solid Tempered Fate ultimates, allowing I May to isolate and pick off members of Invictus Gaming as they tried to retreat. Thanks to these picks, I May was able to retake the lead and close out the series, finalizing the playoff sweep.
Can't protect his ADC in loss
August 8, 2016
Road ended I May's 2-0 loss to Royal Never Give Up with a 2/16/19 KDA.
Road was never really able to support his team in this series, which constantly kept them at a disadvantage. Things started off well enough with his Bard in Game 1 when he assisted Jinjao in the first blood on Looper early on in the game. After that, though, I May were thoroughly outclassed by RNG at almost every turn. At one point, Road thought that he had a pick on a couple members of RNG, but little did he know that the rest of RNG was lying in wait and ready to pounce on him no sooner than he attempted his own pick. Furthermore, RNG started to dominate all the teamfights, which eventually gave them the victory. Game 2 was even worse for the I May support player. He took Tahm Kench onto the Rift and had the task of protecting Jinjao's Kog'Maw. This was a task that he failed at horribly from the jump. Less than two minutes into the game, he and Jinjao were taken both taken down when they roamed up to the top lane for a lane swap. Since he was unable to protect the hypercarry, I May was just never able to get off the ground and lost once again.
Looks rocky in loss to I May
August 1, 2016
Road finished the series loss with a 0/7/8, struggling to stay alive and protect his carry in both games.
Road looked like one weak point among many for I May as they fell to Vici Gaming. In Game 1, Road took Taric alongside Jinjiao's Sivir and promptly died in lane, but then managed to recover with some solid teamfighting in the early game. Unfortunately, as the game progressed, Caveman's Alistar became the catalyst for much of Vici's aggression, which Road was left desperately trying to recover while Vici's CC chain tore his team apart. In Game 2, Road too Alistar primarily as a way to take it from Caveman, and looked a little uncomfortable on the cow. While Caveman had been able to aggressively lead the charge for his team, Road found his team at a deficit and spent more time trying to peel than he did picking fights. Vici easily overpowered I May in this game, and Road was able to do very little to stop that.
Spends more time dead than alive in defeat to World Elite
July 31, 2016
Road failed to impress during his loss to World Elite, during which he earned a 3/16/19 KDA.
Road proved to be a mismatch for the peaking Zero, as he was comprehensibly outperformed by his opposite number even in the game that he won. His Trundle accomplished very little at the start of the series outside of casting Subjugate on the tankiest member around. There were no tricky pillars pinning enemies to the the wall, and certainly none of the exceptional aggression that other Trundle players have demonstrated this year. I MAY themselves seemed aware of this, as Road moved to Braum for Game 2, yet proved even less effective. His Glacial Chasm could do nothing to stop the approach of World Elite, who happily slaughtered JinJiao every time they got near him. Without the damage output of their hypercarry to rely upon, I MAY couldn't hope to win a straight fight against WE and the match moved to Game 3. This time Road took the Thresh that Zero had taken in Game 1 in response to Zero's drafting of his Braum. His results were no better than Zero's had been, as I MAY went so overboard on trying to set up intricate picks with their composition that they had few tools to actually win a pitched fight, fights that WE were very capable of finding. Ultimately Road was unable to keep JinJiao safe once again and WE came back from behind to take the series 2-1.
Has the best and worst of days against OMG on Thursday
July 22, 2016
Road had a 2/24/33 KDA against OMG, but it ended up being enough for I May to pull out the win.
Road managed to be both the catalyst for his team's success and the weakest link in their chain against OMG, but it was enough to pull out the win. In Game 1, Road took Alistar into the bot lane but barely stayed there, roaming across the map and using his initiation potential to set up kills for his team everywhere. Road looked excellent this game, using his Flash in a number of creative ways to make slight positioning changes and expand his CC potential. In Game 2, Road switched to Tahm Kench and just looked awful, going 1/6/3 in a losing effort. In addition to being caught out at level 1, Road was often found by himself later in the game as he took aggressive paths to secure vision, giving OMG the boost they needed to snowball past I May. Game 3 looked like it would be much of the same, with Road switching to Braum but still getting himself caught out. Road managed to die a staggering 14 times this game, accounting for more than half of his team's total deaths. However, while that did greatly inflate OMG's statistics, the rest of I May was able to stay pretty safe and build for late game, where Jinjiao's Sivir was able to dominate teamfights and win the game for I May.
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