Jonathan Armao 
United States
Team SoloMid
Joins TSM's Academy team
December 18, 2017
Grig has signed with Team SoloMid to compete on the Academy team, the organization announced Sunday.
After playing under the Echo Fox organization for the better part of the last year, Grig has left the organization and signed with TSM to compete on the organization's Academy team. With strong performances in both the challenger scene as well as during his LCS debut with Echo Fox, his impressive individual skill will be a strong addition to the team's roster.
Low production in series loss
July 17, 2017
Grigne posted a 1/2/5 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Grigne had a rough start on Elise in Game 1 as he died in the first skirmish. However, he turned it around in the mid game, quickly rotating around the map taking objectives. He overstayed late and got killed, but he had already completed his mission of taking down an Inhibitor. Echo Fox closed out its Game 1 victory shortly after and Grigne got benched for Game 2, but brought back for Game 3. Grigne had a 1/0/1 KDA performance on Olaf in Game 3. Echo Fox quickly fell behind after a sloppy lane swap gave EnVy a huge lead in objectives. Grigne played pretty passively and only really tried to engage once and Echo Fox won the trade 3-2. However, it couldn't push objectives and were destroyed by EnVy's Elder Dragon and Baron power play around the 37 minute mark.
Solid day despite series loss
June 12, 2017
Grigne had a decent day in loss vs CLG Saturday by scoring a 7/13/17 KDA.
A much different player than the man he is replacing, Grigne was able to display the type of playmaking he is capable of in Echo Fox's hard fought series vs. CLG. In Game 1, he selected Ivern and was counter-picked by Dardoch's selection of Rengar. In Game 2 two Grigne truly shined on Lee Sin. His KDA was 3/5/12 and he was instrumental in securing Echo Fox's only victory of the series. The substitute jungler found success with numerous kicks onto the CLG carries which gave his team plenty of easy pick opportunities. In Game 3 Grigne again took Lee Sin away from Dardoch, but this time his teammates struggled to close out the plays he set up.
Grigne: Subs in Game 2 during series loss
June 20, 2016
Grigne earned a 0/2/2 KDA in his first game with Echo Fox as the team fell 0-2 to Counter Logic Gaming.
The substitute jungler was unable to give Echo Fox the spark of life they needed against CLG. After Big gave up first blood to Darshan, Huhi, and Xmithie, Xmithie bullied Grigne's Elise out of his jungle, counter-jungling with impunity while Grigne looked lost in the lane swap tower trades. Fox tried to aggressively siege down CLG's tier two bot tower at seven minutes, but CLG withstood the push as Huhi killed Grigne. With CLG's chokehold in place, Grigne was helpless to stop CLG from taking whatever they wanted across the map, earning a 0/2/2 KDA in the 28 minute loss.
Grigne: Starts series for Echo Fox, benched in Game 2
June 20, 2016
Grigne earned a 0/1/3 KDA in Game 1 against Immortals on Sunday.
Grigne got some more playing time on Sunday against Immortals, despite having a mediocre outing against Counter Logic Gaming. His game against Immortals wasn't much better. He managed to keep his death total low, but wasn't able to make an offensive impact. He participated in all but two of Echo Fox's kills, but they only managed to put up five. It's unclear how much playing time Grigne will receive the rest of the split.
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