Nam Donghyun 
Helps secure early lead
October 12, 2017
Ben ended 0/2/4 as Team WE fell to TSM Saturday.
Ben's Taric played a big role in getting WE its early lead, as his followup on Condi's engages, and especially his use of Cosmic Radiance, was key to WE winning early fights. However, when his ultimate was split up by Svenskeren's Explosive Cask, WE lost a fight and gave up Baron. Ben's ultimate in the game's one real teamfight was decent, but TSM kited around it well and won the game.
Ties for highest kill participation
October 6, 2017
Ben ended Friday's win over Misfits with a 0/0/7 KDA as Janna.
Ben utilized the Ardent Censor user to full effect, helping WE to an easy win in their first game at the World Championships. Ben finished with a team high seven assists, equaling xiye for the team high kill participation as both ended involved in seven of nine kills. Ben kept his carries alive and allowed WE to snowball early to pick up an easy victory.
Bottom lane play not enough for the win
August 26, 2017
Ben put together a KDA of 1/13/34 in WE's tough 2-3 loss to RNG in the semifinals of the LPL Summer Playoffs.
Ben tried his best to give his team some help in this series with strong support showings, but it simply wasn't enough in the end. When his team won, he managed to bring nice initiations to the table with Alistar and Braum, but he simply came up short in the other three games of the series. He'll need to bring a bit more if they wish to take the third place game, and eventually the Regional Qualifier if they end up needing to go that route to the World Championship.
Will not play at Rift Rivals
July 3, 2017
Ben will not take part in Rift Rivals thanks to visa issues, Kelsey Moser of Slingshot Esports reports.
Zero will take over as the substitute support for WE as the team travels to Kaohsiung for Rift Rivals. Zero's had some experience in international competition in the past, most notably starting for WE when the team knocked of SKT at the Mid-Season Invitational.
Roleplayer comes up big in series sweep
June 24, 2017
Ben posted a combined KDA of 2/1/21 in Team WE's 2-0 victory against I May on Thursday in the LPL.
Ben had a phenomenal showing in Game 1 as Lulu, doing Lulu things to help Mystic enter the midgame with a significant lead over IM's duo lane. While Ben only managed a 2/1/4 KDA, his vision control and variety of shenanigans helped WE take Game 1 in 37 minutes. Ben took Braum into Game 2, where he was instrumental in bringing WE's aggressive initiation to life. Stacking concussive blows and landing big time Glacial Fissures, Ben posted a 0/0/17 KDA for 85 percent kill participation as WE completed the 2-0 sweep.
High death total leads to substitution
May 22, 2017
Ben ended WE's loss to G2 with a 4/14/14 combined KDA in two games.
Ben started the first two games of WE's loss to G2 ending with a 3/8/7 KDA in Game 1 on Malzahar and a 1/6/7 KDA as Thresh in Game 2. He struggled to stay alive in the first two games of the series, giving away 14 deaths and falling in both games. With WE down 0-2, Ben was removed from the lineup in favor of Zero for the final two games.
Helps WE to easy win
May 19, 2017
Ben finished Sunday's win over GAM with a 2/0/9 KDA as Karma.
Ben had no trouble in setting up kills for WE in this easy win over the Gigabyte Marines. He picked up an assist during a 4-vs-4 fight in the top lane and helped to pick off Levi in the mid game. His other seven assists and both kills came in teamfights as WE dominated the wildcard-region team in 5-vs-5 situations.
Poor positioning in defeat against SKT
May 15, 2017
Ben played Lulu to moderate success against SKT in a loss on Thursday, earning a 3/5/4 KDA on the champion.
Throughout the game against SKT, Ben had an up and down performance. In an attempt to keep his carries safe throughout the game, he found himself caught out often and sacrificing himself. As the game passed the early stages, he found himself unable to control vision, conceding much of the map and objectives to the enemy team. Once SKT found an advantage, they moved with it swiftly, catching Ben off guard. After falling behind, he was unable to recover, allowing SKT to take a 33-minute victory.
Lackluster against GAM
May 15, 2017
Ben ended Friday's loss to GAM with a 0/5/4 KDA as Nami.
Ben struggled to set up kills with his team behind for the majority of the game. He picked up three assists in three separate teamfights, with his final assist coming by way of picking off Slay in the mid game. Ben had little impact, but he wasn't alone as WE dropped a surprising game to GAM.
Assists well in win
May 12, 2017
Ben tallied a 1/0/7 KDA in World Elite's win over G2 on the second day of the Mid-Season Invitational.
Ben went with Malzahar in this game, and didn't have much to do in the early game. Most of the action was centered in the other lanes early on, which left him and Mystic to simply farm their way to a lead in the bottom lane. He had a couple nice uses of Nether Grasp in the mid game, but they didn't always lead to kills. He was much better in the late game, locking down some key enemies to help give his team an edge in the late teamfights that won them the game.
Early kill not enough for win
May 11, 2017
Ben tallied a 1/2/5 KDA in World Elite's loss to TSM on Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational.
Ben was Nami in this game against TSM on Wednesday, and he never managed to make a huge difference in the game. He did get an early kill on Biofrost to keep his bottom lane ahead early, but that wasn't enough to give his team a sizable lead as a whole. He added in his two cents to most teamfights with timely uses of Nami's Tidal Wave, but they still lost one too many teamfights in the game. Accordingly, they were left floundering a bit and dropped this game to close Day 1.
Dies time and again in victory
May 10, 2017
Ben put up a poor 0/6/7 KDA in World Elite's victory over Flash Wolves on Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational.
Ben had a rough go of things in this game to open World Elite's play at MSI. He was on Bard and never seemed to gain any sort of positive footing in the win. He always seemed to get caught out in the wrong place at the wrong time, which led to his game-high six deaths in the game. While he did have some nice uses of Tempered Fate to bring him out of this lane of mediocrity at times, his deficiencies will certainly need to be worked on if they are going to consistently win games at MSI since they won't always have a beefy Kled in the top lane to save them.
Rakes in assists in win
April 15, 2017
Ben put together a 5/8/39 performance in Team WE's win over Newbee on Friday.
Ben was a strong supportive presence in this series. He was on Zyra in Game 1 and Nami for the final two games while raking in the assists. While he may have died a few too many times in Game 1, that was true for all his teammates in the crazy 66-minute loss. Even with the deaths, he put up 14 assists in the loss. He continued to play well, focusing on assists in the rest of the games, as well. He put up 25 assists in the final two games to help secure the final two wins needed for the series victory. With him playing so well from the support position, WE are looking good going into the playoffs.
Earns only a single death in series victory over Game Talents
April 9, 2017
Ben earned a series KDA of 3/1/22 over two Lulu games against Game Talents.
Being given the best support in the game two times in a row, it was no surprise that Ben was able to dominate his opponents. He started off the series by finding several kills for his team, snowballing his lane ahead and allowing him to begin making an impact in teamfights. As they erupted, he shielded his carries and kept them safe while simultaneously using his crowd control to secure kills. This resulted in a convincing 29-minute victory to start off the series. Game 2 saw an equally impressive performance as Game Talents foolishly gave up Kog'maw and Lulu, allowing Ben to find success once again. The same thing as the previous game happened; he found an early lead and rolled with it. As World Elite forced fights, he was able to facilitate his team's success, taking over the game with ease. The result was yet another 29-minute victory, closing out the series 2-0.
Solid kiting skills throughout series loss
April 4, 2017
Ben finished World Elite's 2-0 series loss to the QG Reapers on Sunday with a 1/5/11 KDA.
Ben had a solid Game 1 performance on Lulu. His 0/4/15 KDA was good for 100 percent kill participation in Game 1. Ben did would he could to save teammates with shield and Wild Growth in fights, but it wasn't enough to turn around Game 1. In Game 2 Ben was on Nami and again showed great kiting skills. However, the Aqua Prisons and Tidal Waves came up short in the late fights as QG won a 3-for-2 trade and pushed to win. Ben's 1/1/6 KDA in Game 2 was only a kill or assist shy of 100 percent kill participation.
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