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Uses Azir to great success in victory over Splyce
January 20, 2018
Caps earned a 5/1/2 KDA on Azir in Fnatic's victory over Splyce on Friday.
Although it took him a decent amount of time to get involved in kills, once Caps got going on Azir, he never stopped. Racking up a massive CS advantage in lane and out-pressuring his opponent, he was able to assist Fnatic in taking map control early on. After doing so, he had no problem participating in teamfights to output large amounts of damage. Though the enemy team tried to find their way to him time and again, Caps' positioning was superb, allowing him to dominate throughout the remainder of the game. Participating in 70 percent of his team's kills, his excellent play allowed Fnatic to claim a convincing victory in 41 minutes.
Unkillable despite losing to H2k
January 20, 2018
Caps used Zoe during Saturday's loss to H2k, finishing with a 2/0/6 KDA.
Caps couldn't carry, but finished the game with a deathless performance as Fnatic dropped their first game of the season to H2k. Caps finished the game with 100 percent kill participation, ending the game with the second-highest kill total and tying for the second-most assists on the team.
One-man throwing crew
October 13, 2017
FNC was able to defeat IMT on Wednesday at the 2017 World Championship despite a poor 1/3/5 KDA by Caps.
As one of the strongest mid laners from the EU region, Caps is expected to make jaw-dropping plays; however, in this game, he dropped jaws for the wrong reasons. In the mid game, he arrived late to a big 5-vs-5 team fight in the enemy bot side jungle. Just as both teams had managed to disengage unscathed Caps decided to go for the extremely unnecessary over-aggressive play. On Cassiopeia, he flashed over a wall in hopes of landing a two-man ultimate. Instead, he whiffed and gave over a free kill while burning flash. The play summarized his overall performance in the match, which was simply haphazard. The saving grace was the opposite mid laner being equally inept at securing kills.
Solid in mid lane
October 12, 2017
Caps tallied a 5/1/6 KDA in Fnatic's tiebreaker win against GIGABYTE Marines on Thursday at the 2017 World Championship.
While Caps didn't really dominate or pop off in this game, but he was incredibly solid. This is especially true when you compare the impact of the two mid laners in this series. Optimus ended up being the goat for GIGABYTE in their loss, while Caps undoubtedly made strong contributions to his team's win in this series. He picked up the first kills for his team at 16 minutes and then never looked back. He only took a single death in the game as Fnatic pushed past GIGABYTE to secure a spot in the quarterfinals.
Attempts to carry, but unable
October 12, 2017
Caps ended Thursday's loss to Longzhu with a 3/1/3 KDA as Syndra.
Caps played pretty well against the LCK champions, but not well enough to pick up a win. He was involved in all but one Fnatic kill, leading the team in kills while having the third-highest assist total. Caps' strong play is a positive side for Fnatic as they attempt to make history by making quarterfinals after starting 0-4 in their group.
Unable to utilize Ryze to claim victory
October 6, 2017
Caps earned a 5/4/3 KDA on Ryze during his team's loss against GAM.
Although there has been much discussion about the potential of Ryze during the current patch, Caps was unable to showcase what the hype was about. Though he found several kills for himself throughout the match, he was subsequently put at a disadvantage due to his limited range. Getting poked down easily by the enemy AD carry, he was only able to deal limited damage in skirmishes before being focused down heavily. Although he found multiple kills, they were never on key targets, allowing GAM to run away with back-to-back teamfight victories. After losing a final fight at 23 minutes, Caps watched as his team was defeated to start their World's run.
Monstrous performance nets swift victory over HKA
September 28, 2017
Caps earned a series KDA of 20/4/20 in his team's 3-0 series victory over HKA on Thursday.
Starting the series off on Cassiopeia, Caps showed that he deserved to be at Worlds and didn't take things easy on his opponents. Getting a kill early on, he was able to exert his pressure swiftly against the melee matchup, dominating lane and easily bringing his team ahead. Joining fights, he participated in all but two of his team's kills in the 34-minute victory. After playing so controlled in Game 1, he turned things up a notch in Game 2, picking Cassiopeia again, he was able to once again find early kills. This time moving much faster, he was able to pick up multiple kills and group with his team to dominate skirmishes. Without any contestation, he was able to lead his team to a 29-minute victory. With Game 3 underway, Caps outdid his prior two performances, picking Taliyah and decimating from the get-go. Able to pick up twice as many kill as anyone else in the game, he participated in 20 of his team's 21 kills. With such a strong performance, his team had no trouble closing things out, securing the 3-0 sweep in the series.
Perfect KDA in victory over KLG
September 28, 2017
Caps earned a perfect 3/0/5 KDA on Orianna to dismantle KLG on Tuesday.
Picking Orianna, Caps wasn't focused on carrying his team to victory; he was simply ready to control the pace of the game and dominate his opponents. He did just that, finding an early lead in lane through pressure and easily moving with the rest of his team to dominate skirmishes. Although he gave up a single Drake in the game and some towers, he was able to remain deathless, participating in every kill of his teams to ensure a swift victory. Without any mistakes in the game, his near-perfect play was an example of Fnatic's top form as they dominated KLG in just 26 short minutes.
Scales well on Ryze
September 25, 2017
Caps ended Monday's win over Kaos Latin Gamers with a 6/0/6 KDA as Ryze.
Caps was unkillable in the game, finishing involved in 12 of 16 kills. His high kill participation led to the team-high kill total with six, and although he was tied for the lowest assist total, his six assists weren't too shabby either. Caps was able to scale well on Ryze and help Fnatic dominate their first play in game.
Feels the power
August 28, 2017
Caps went an overall 7/12/10 in Fnatic's 1-3 defeat at the hands of Misfits Saturday.
Caps struggled in this series, to put it lightly. While his counterpart PowerOfEvil was having the performance of a lifetime, Caps was simply left in the dust, starting with his 0/5/1 Cassiopeia in Game 1, which was camped early and never got the chance to recover. Caps found a bit more success in Game 2 on LeBlanc, but still lost lane to PoE's Orianna and couldn't make nearly enough of an impact. Admittedly, Caps had a good time in Game 3 on Syndra, but so did the rest of Fnatic, as Misfits' horrendous draft made the game an easy win. In Game 4, Misfits came to their senses, and Caps was powerless to stop them on Orianna, ending 1/3/1.
Lacks impact against NiP
August 11, 2017
Caps ended Thursday's sweep to NiP with a 5/7/7 combined KDA.
Caps finished Game 1 with a 1/4/4 KDA as Azir. He was involved in all but one kill, finishing tied for the second-most kills and assists in the game. In Game 2, Caps used Cassiopeia to end with a 4/3/3 KDA. He was involved in seven of 11 kills, finishing with the second-highest kill total, one behind Rekkles in the losing effort.
Dominates in Game 2 victory over Misfits
July 31, 2017
Caps earned a series victory of 4/2/12 in his team's 2-0 sweep over Misfits.
Starting the series off on Orianna, Caps was unable to have an extremely impressive performance. Though he didn't play poorly by any means, he found himself singled out in teamfights, resulting in his untimely demise. Thankfully, this allowed the rest of his team to pop off in Game 1, taking a convincing yet controlled victory. Game 2 told another story as Caps opted for Kayn in the mid lane and absolutely dominated. Finding early kills, he quickly controlled the pace of the game as the rest of his team excelled as well. With a massive early lead, he had no problem decimating his opponents and earning a perfect 4/0/7 KDA in the Game 2 victory. As a result, Fnatic took the series sweep 2-0 with ease.
Set up for success
July 16, 2017
15/5/9 was Caps' overall scoreline by the end of Fnatic's 2-0 sweep of Vitality Saturday.
Caps went ballistic in this series, starting when a gank from Broxah gave his Syndra first blood in Game 1. From there, Caps found zero resistance for the remainder of the game, securing kill after kill with UnleashedTaliyah mechanics, landing every single skill to turn around what Power and tearing through all of Vitality en route to an easy win. In Game 2, Caps shifted gear with a Taliyah pick, but still looked fantastic. As soon as Caps hit level 6, he used Weaver's Wall to secure a kill in the top lane for his team. Caps' series highlight was his 21-minute triple kill, in which he demonstrated masterful had looked like a lost fight. Caps did pick up a few extra deaths thanks to the backline pressure of Vitality's Jax and Gragas, but he can certainly be forgiven for that.
Package Valkyrie not enough to turn fights
July 8, 2017
Caps earned a 2/3/4 KDA in Fnatic's loss to Cloud9 on Friday.
The laning phase for Caps' Corki went alright as he kept the CS close, but things started to unravel quickly for him in the mid game. After Caps fell to a turret dive, he quickly fell behind in lane as well. Fnatic forced some risky team fights in the mid game that broke even in kills, but yielded very little in terms of objectives. When FNC tried to stop C9 late, Caps couldn't get to the damage dealers and eventually died trying to defend the Nexus.
Manager of a fine campground
July 7, 2017
Caps had a terrible game vs. C9 Tuesday, as he went 0/6/4 in the team's loss.
In perhaps the most tilt-inducing laning phase of the day, Caps was camped to no end vs. C9. Unable to farm without being pounced upon by numerous C9 members, Caps unsurprisingly had a terrible laning phase. Due to his lack of farm, Caps was never able to build Orianna into the mage with deletion power the fans have come to see, and by the games end he barely had completed two items. The game had to be absolutely no fun for Caps and he will be happy to move past it.
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