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OpTic Gaming
Unable to abuse Nunu's power against Cloud 9
February 5, 2018
Akaadian earned a 0/3/3 KDA on Nunu during his team's loss against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Although he was able to get his hands on arguably the strongest champion on the current patch, Akaadian was unable to use the pick to find success for his team. Falling behind early, his ability to counterjungle was quickly taken away from him, resulting in a lackluster performance, to say the least. Able to find only a single dragon, and no Barons during the game, he was relegated to simply slowing enemies with his snowballs and using blood boil. Without many options to come back due to his unfortunate position, Akaadian did little more than die in his team's 36-minute loss.
Strong performance doesn't yield victory
January 28, 2018
Akaadian's scoreline read 0/2/7 by the end of OpTic's Saturday loss to TSM.
Akaadian's Sejuani probably shouldn't have had an early edge over MikeYeung's Evelynn, but it did. Akaadian managed to not only score first blood for his team but was, in general, the main reason why OpTic held a kill lead for most of the game, as he was involved in seven of his team's eight kills. He also dominated the objective game, getting his team three Elemental Drakes and multiple Barons.
Pushed around by Xmithie
January 21, 2018
Akaadian finished OpTic Gaming's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday with a 1/2/4 KDA.
Despite his ADC taking down Xmithie early on in the game, Akaadian just couldn't capitalize on the advantage and quickly fell apart in lane. While it's perhaps not fair to compare him to the jungler that was on the all-NA LCS team last Split, the stark contrast between the two was clear. He did get a kill onto Xmithie, but it did nothing to change the pace of this matchup.
Falls off in final split for Echo Fox
November 27, 2017
Akaadian finished the NA LCS Summer Split with a 60/86/148 combined KDA.
Akaadian featured in 34 of 43 games for Echo Fox during the Summer Split, sharing some jungle time with Grig. Akaadian fell off after an excellent Spring debut, finishing tenth in kills and assists and eleventh in KDA among North American junglers. Akaadian and Echo Fox were only able to finish in eighth place during the regular season, but the organization did receive franchise partnership with Riot for the 2018 season. Unfortunately, Akaadian will not be apart of Echo Fox's future as he has left the organization to sign with OpTic Gaming in the new season.
Leaves Echo Fox for OpTic Gaming
November 21, 2017
ESPN announced Tuesday morning that Akaadian has taken his leave of Echo Fox and is now the first confirmed member to join OpTic Gaming.
Echo Fox was dealt a mighty blow Tuesday, as their first roster transaction of the offseason was announced, and it isn't a good one. Akaadian was one of the biggest surprises of the 2017 season, and he quickly rose to prominence as one of the region's top domestic junglers over the course of the Spring of 2017. His loss to OpTic Gaming will be keenly felt by all fans of Echo Fox, who found in him the secondary carry threat they'd been looking for since the team's inception, and they'll be hard-pressed to find a domestic jungler with anywhere near the same level of skill. The Green Wall, on the other hand, is sure to celebrate their first acquisition, as Akaadian is one of the foremost domestic talents in the scene, and his acquisition may open the door to some high profile imports in the team's carry roles, which may give OpTic the leg up it needs to be a real competitor come the start of the 2018 season.
Strong starts fall apart throughout series loss
July 24, 2017
Akaadian posted a 9/10/9 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Akaadian made an early invade in Game 1 on Kha'Zix that yielded first blood and first turret. However, the mid game started to get away from EF as TSM's strong frontline helped take over teamfights. Akaadian struggled to get damage onto the backline carries late as EF dropped Game 1. In Game 2 Akaadian stuck with Kha'Zix and put together an improved 5/3/3 KDA performance. An early gank again got him first blood, but again EF started to falter in the mid game. EF broke open TSM's base, knocking down two inhibitors, but started to throw teamfights. Luckily most of TSM got distracted chasing down kills while EF split pushed to tie up the series. In Game 3 Akaadian was put on Lee Sin, but broke even in gold after trading kills with Svenskeren. Most of his influence came in the first half as he struggled to make plays in the second and finished with a lowly 2/4/3 KDA.
Quickly fell behind on Nunu in loss
July 17, 2017
Akaadian scored a 1/4/1 KDA in Game 2 of Echo Fox's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Akaadian was put on Nunu in his only game of the series and wasn't able to play the champion to its strength. Most of the time it was his jungle being invaded and he was forced to fight over camps. Echo Fox was constantly picked apart by EnVy and was slaughtered if it tried to group and teamfight, only scoring two kills to EnVy's 19.
Mercurial series for Echo Fox jungler
July 2, 2017
Akaadian went an overall 1/7/10 in Echo Fox's victory over Team Liquid on Saturday.
Akaadian's Game 1 on Gragas was an interesting one, as he accounted for all of his team's positives and negatives early on. His early invade attempt led to him giving up first blood, and soon enough he was 1/2/1 having participated in every kill for both teams. This also made him his team's only deaths all game, as Liquid hardly put up a fight. In Game 2 Akaadian's Rek'Sai was part of the early skirmish that gave up a triple kill, off of which the entire game snowballed, so his 0/5/2 KDA is no surprise. Akaadian went Lee Sin in Game 3, and was perfectly happy picking up assists to help grow a lead for his team. Much like in Game 1, Liquid barely tried to win this game, and Akaadian went 0/0/6 in the win.
Top half focus falls short in series loss
June 26, 2017
Akaadian posted a 5/6/9 KDA in Echo Fox's 2-0 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Akaadian was on Rek'Sai both games of the series and was focused on getting the top side of the Rift rolling. He and Froggen rolled into top lane for first blood in Game 1, but its split push composition never really got going. Echo Fox struggled with vision control and got picked off throughout the second half of Game 1 as TSM ran away with a lead. Akaadian finished with a 1/3/3 KDA in Game 1 which was good enough to earn 100 percent kill participation. In Game 2 Akaadian's Rek'Sai was successful early again with its top half focus, but Echo Fox struggled to coordinate its teamfights. The teamfights broke fairly even early but late it was all TSM. Akaadian had a shot at stealing Baron late but failed to flash over the pit's wall. He still finished with decent 4/3/6 KDA and 83 percent kill participation.
First blood king in sweep
June 5, 2017
Akaadian posted a 3/1/4 KDA in Echo Fox's series sweep of Team Liquid on Sunday.
Akaadian struck first blood in Game 1 during an early jungle invade. Afterwards, Echo Fox had little resistance from TL when pushing objectives. Akaadian overstayed and was punished in the mid game, but was solid late and finished Game 1 with a 2/1/2 KDA. In Game 2 Akaadian ganked mid early to secure first blood. He kept away from death while rotating the map to objectives, but again saw little in terms of teamfight action. Akaadian scored a few more assists late as Echo Fox closed out the series.
Excels in multiple roles
June 4, 2017
Akaadian ended Echo Fox's sweep of FlyQuest Saturday with a KDA of 7/6/15.
Akaadian started out on Graves for Game 1, and showed why it's one of his signature picks. He picked up the first two kills of the game, both around the mid lane, before going bot for another two. He capped off his performance with a triple kill in the closing teamfight of the game to start out 1-0. In Game 2, Akaadian pivoted onto the supportive Ivern. While this left him unable to make the same kind of plays he had in Game 1, his shields and redemption usage were on point in teamfights, helping Froggen's fed Lucian to carry the game.
Unable to get things rolling in series defeat
March 27, 2017
Akaadian earned a series KDA of 2/6/7 in Echo Fox's 0-2 defeat at the hands of FlyQuest.
Though he was able to start things off strong against FlyQuest, Akaadian was unable to close things out. After falling behind due to a large tower lead for FlyQuest in Game 1, he was able to bring his team back by facilitating several skirmish victories. This combined with early objective control made it seem as though Echo Fox could take an easy Game 1 win. This was not the case as FlyQuest stepped things up and found a teamfight victory of their own. After losing this fight, Akaadian lost control of the game, allowing his opponents to take a 39-minute victory. Game 2 went even worse despite Akaadian finding himself on Rengar. From the very start of the game, he was unable to get things done, struggling to keep up with the enemy aggression. Once he fell behind, he tried to find kills, but couldn't make up for his team's shortcomings. As his team picked up only three kills in the defeat, he gave up a rather easy victory to FlyQuest, securing Echo Fox's 0-2 defeat in the series.
Demolished by Svenskeren
March 20, 2017
Akaadian went 2/10/4 on two games of Lee Sin as Echo Fox were swept by TSM on Sunday.
Playing Lee Sin into Svenskeren's Rengar for both games of this series, Akaadian struggled heavily to get anything going in the early game. His first act in Game 1 was to die to Svenskeren's Rengar, and he was caught out again minutes later to start out 0/2/1. He grabbed a double kill in a 2-vs-2 fight against TSM's bottom lane in the mid game, but this was his only real positive play all game, or really all series. Akaadian went down to Svenskeren's Rengar for first blood again in Game 2, and started out 0/2/1 again. This time there would be no even remotely redeeming plays for the Echo Fox jungler, as he failed to achieve anything and finished 0/5/2 as TSM took Game 2 and the series.
Disappears in series loss to CLG
March 19, 2017
Akaadian disappoints with 3/7/15 KDA in series loss to CLG Friday
Akaadian played Rengar in both games in Echo Fox's 0-2 series vs. CLG. In Game 1 the jungler was caught out of position early on, which lead to giving over first blood to the enemy team. However, he was able to turn what started as a disaster into something a little more average by going 3/4/11 in KDA before his team's Nexus was broken in what was ultimately a very close game. The little bit of success Akaadian found in Game 1 was absent in Game 2 where he was never really able to gain any sort of momentum. In the end of the series's 2nd game his scoreline looked closer to that of a support than a jungler, going 0/3/4.
Impressive in loss
March 12, 2017
Akaadian went an overall 5/7/10 as Echo Fox were swept by Phoenix1 on Saturday.
As always, Akaadian's early games were very impressive in this series. On Olaf for Game 1, Akaadian made it to the bottom lane in time to clean up Arrow for Echo Fox's first kill, although first blood had already gone the way of Arrow. He pulled off successful ganks both mid and top as well, keeping pace with Meteos early on and putting pressure on P1's backline in fights. Unfortunately, Olaf struggles to keep up his threat in the late game, especially against fed marksmen, and Echo Fox couldn't take the win. Akaadian switched to Lee Sin for Game 2, and had another great early game. Again he found Echo Fox's first kill, as well as a majority of the early ones for his team, going 4/0/1 early on. His presence in teamfights was fantastic early on thanks to his mechanical prowess and Dragon's Rage, but he fell off once again later on, leading to a defeat for Echo Fox.
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