Cody Sun
Li Yu Sun 
100 Thieves
Struggles mightily
July 15, 2018
0/4/1 was Cody Sun's KDA as 100 Thieves fell to GGS on Sunday.
There's not a whole lot to be said for Cody Sun's accomplishments in this game. On Varus up against a Heimerdinger/Fiddlesticks lane, Cody Sun struggled in the early game, particularly with aphromoo's mediocre Thresh backing him up. He was helpless against GGS' early dive (although it didn't help that he whiffed his ultimate) and from there on in couldn't do much of anything as 100 Thieves was rolled over. At 0/4/1, he clocked in with the lowest kill participation in the game.
Continues to perform well running the funnel strategy
July 15, 2018
Cody Sun scored a 8/2/6 KDA on Xayah in 100 Thieves victory over Team SoloMid.
100 Thieves have had no problem funneling its resources in Cody Sun as its been on a 5 game win streak while running the strategy. The laning phase was quiet but Cody Sun began to try to help out the other lanes once hitting his two item power spike. When 100 Thieves started to group up it began to take over the teamfights. Cody Sun was very difficult to lock down and was able to damage carry 100 Thieves in most fights. After Cody Sun won the smite fight over Baron, he scored a triple kill in 100 Thieves ace of TSM before pushing to victory.
Unable to get much done on a support
July 9, 2018
Cody Sun earned a 1/6/11 KDA on Alistar during his team's loss against G2 on Thursday.
Although he is primarily known for his carry play, Cody sun was forced to play a support champion in order to fill his team's funnel strategy needs. Although he did not have an extremely poor showing, he was clearly uncomfortable in his position. Unable to utilize the champions roaming strengths early to get kills, he was simply helping with vision control. Despite this being helpful, it was not nearly what the team needed in order to navigate the game. As 100T began falling behind due to the carries being dominated, Cody Sun found his stride and was able to get several kills under his belt. Unfortunately, this did not improve the performance of his teammates, allowing G2 to continue dominating the game. After losing two teamfights, 100T was defeated.
Does everything he can
July 7, 2018
Cody Sun went 5/1/2 in 100 Thieves' loss to Fnatic on Saturday.
Throughout the game, Cody Sun was the star of the show for 100 Thieves. Early on, he kept the game close with his multiple kills, and as Fnatic drew further ahead, he became the only thing keeping his team in the game. He put out tons of damage in fights even with his team behind, ended with 100 percent kill participation, and took five of seven of his team's kills for himself. When he finally died for the only time at 37 minutes, it spelled the end of the game.
Takes gold funnel and damage carries in victory
July 1, 2018
Cody Sun's Xayah posted a 5/2/9 KDA in 100 Thieves' win against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Cody Sun was put into the driver's seat of a gold funneling strategy where he played the mid lane/jungler combo. While Cody Sun managed to farm plenty and do well in teamfights, he struggled to secure the neutral objectives in the mid game which included a Baron that Clutch Gaming used to push all the way to the Nexus. 100 Thieves were able to recover and eventually put together a 4-for-0 teamfight victory late that ended the 51-minute marathon.
Puts himself back into the narrative
June 25, 2018
Cody Sun put up an impressive 8/0/2 KDA in 100 Thieves' win over Cloud9 on Sunday.
While Cody Sun hasn't really been at the forefront of conversation with this team, he made sure he was noticed in this game. On the powerful Kai'Sa, he basically did whatever he wanted at every point. He got the first kill in the bottom lane and then farmed his way into a late game beast. Once the teamfights really got underway after 25 minutes, he ripped Cloud9 to shreds as 100 Thieves cruised a relatively easy victory.
Underwhelming performance on AP carry
June 16, 2018
Cody Sun's Vladimir finished with a 4/3/2 KDA in 100 Thieves' loss to Team Liquid.
The bottom lane meta changes around the world has opened up Cody Sun's champion pool, allowing him to pick mage carries like Vladimir. While the pick didn't work out well early as Cody Sun gave up first blood at level one, he rebounded a bit in the second half. Cody Sun was still able to dish out the most damage to champions on 100 Thieves but had no where near the impact on teamfights that Doublelift's Xayah had. It'll be interesting to see if Cody Sun will continue expanding his champion pool in the bottom lane or return to the traditional marksman AD carries.
Consistent Jhin performances in wins
March 19, 2018
Cody Sun scored a combined KDA of 7/2/17 in 100 Thieves back-to-back victories against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Cody Sun was at a disadvantage from the draft as Jhin is easily controlled by Caitlyn during the laning phase. However, Cody Sun got multiple ganks to help turn that around through the two games. The early helped paid off in both games as Cody Sun was a top damage dealer for 100 Thieves in both games. While it took over 50 minutes to claim victory in the regular season game, in the tiebreaker, 100 Thieves were able to cut the time nearly in half to finish in under 27 minutes.
Secured lone kill in loss
March 4, 2018
Cody Sun scored a 1/1/0 KDA on Tristana as 100 Thieves picked up a loss against Team Liquid on Saturday.
Cody Sun had a tough matchup in the bottom lane and once its first all-in backfired, there was little hope besides trying to delay and reach the late game. However, 100 Thieves weren't given the chance as Team Liquid quickly rotated the map taking objectives and building an insurmountable gold lead. The lone kill for 100 Thieves was secured by Cody Sun and it came from a greedy dive by Ximithie. 100 Thieves defense crumbled under the split push pressure as its Nexus fell in just over 31 minutes.
Perfect game for 100T ADC
February 26, 2018
Cody Sun went a flawless 9/0/4 in 100 Thieves' Sunday victory over FlyQuest.
aphromoo's Blitzcrank was on fire with the hooks this game, and Cody Sun's Tristana was the primary beneficiary. Starting with a first blood during a gank at the three-minute mark, Cody Sun grabbed kill after kill all throughout the game. As a result, he quickly snowballed into the game's biggest damage threat. He ended the game 9/0/4, going deathless and participating in every one of his team's kills.
Borders on perfection
February 19, 2018
Cody Sun ended 100 Thieves' Sunday win over CLG with a 6/1/9 KDA.
Cody Sun played a nearly immaculate game on Tristana Sunday, which was crucial to his team's victory in such a close contest. He did have a bit of a mishap during an early gank, using his ultimate to nearly save Stixxay's Ezreal and then unnecessarily blowing his Flash in an attempt to secure the kill, but this didn't prove costly. After that, his play was a thing of beauty, as he put out huge DPS in fights while staying relatively safe, and dodging out of abilities successfully when things occasionally got dangerous. His only death came in the last fight of the game, and it didn't cost his team anything at all. Meanwhile, he maintained 100 percent kill participation to end with a 6/1/9 KDA and the most farm in the game at 578.
Timely kills aren't enough for victory
February 18, 2018
Cody Sun went 2/1/2 in 100 Thieves' loss against Echo Fox on Saturday.
On the high-powered Jinx, Cody Sun used the champion well early on to try and give his team an edge. This came in the form of two huge kills that essentially nullified Echo Fox's Baron. The only problem was that 100 Thieves basically had no follow up to that, which allowed Echo Fox to easily bounced back from the deaths and push past 100 Thieves. Cody Sun and company will need to work on closing out and building on leads if they want to prevent sliding even further down in the standings.
Early death sets the tone
February 12, 2018
Cody Sun put up a paltry 0/3/4 KDA in 100 Thieves' loss to the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Cody Sun pretty much tripped coming out the gate in this game, taking a death just two minutes in at the hands of Deftly. That set the tone for the kind of game that the Guardians wanted to play, and it was one that centered around abusing Cody Sun at every moment. This left the 100 Thieves ADC without a way to gain any momentum whatsoever. He simply died over and over as the Guardians ran away from the game.
Preservers in extended victory over Clutch Gaming
February 5, 2018
Cody Sun earned a 5/2/2 KDA on Tristant during his team's victory on Saturday.
Picking Tristana ended up paying off huge for Cody Sun as the game went extremely late. Although his team fell behind early, Cody Sun was able to easily pick up farm, slowly scaling up. Despite things looking grim, he continued to bide time for the late game, hoping that things would come back into his team's favor. The playstyle paid off, with the rest of his team working around him to ensure his success. Winning a late game teamfight, Cody Sun's huge damage output was enough to send his team over the top, claiming victory in what seemed like a lost game.
Gets no traction in loss
January 28, 2018
Cody Sun went 2/1/2 on Ezreal during 100 Thieves' loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Cody Sun never really got a chance to shine in this game. With most of the action taking place up top, 100 Thieves got put down in an early hole from the jump. He was simply never allowed the time to get going at any point, leaving his team without another carry.
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