Shin Jung-hyun 
South Korea
Enjoys another strong season
November 29, 2017
Nuclear ended the 2017 Summer Split with a 123/53/161 total KDA.
Nuclear helped H2K finish in first place in Group B, leading H2K in kills during the regular season. He finished third in kills, fourth in assists, had the third-lowest death total, and third-highest KDA among European AD carries. Nuclear ended the playoffs with a 11/17/25 KDA as H2K dropped two series, finishing in fourth place. In the regional qualifiers, Nuclear earned a 47/29/55 KDA as H2K were swept in the regional finals by Fnatic. Nuclear remains a member of H2K for 2018, at least for the moment.
Well rounded in series win
September 9, 2017
Nuclear ended H2K's 3-0 win over Splyce with a 16/13/30 combined KDA.
Nuclear finished Game 1 with a 4/3/9 KDA as Varus. He was involved in 13 of 18 kills, finishing with his team's third highest kill total and third-highest assist total. Nuclear used Tristana in the final two games, earning a combined 12/10/21 KDA. He finished with a 7/5/9 KDA in Game 2, involved in 16 of 20 kills while tying Odoamne for the team high in kills. In Game 3, Nuclear earned a 5/5/12 KDA. He was involved in 17 of 21 kills, finishing with H2K's second-most kills and tying Jankos for the second-highest assist total.
Outclassed by Samux
August 15, 2017
Nuclear went 12/9/12 in three games of Tristana as H2k fell 1-2 to UoL Sunday.
Nuclear played Tristana in all three games this series, and never looked particularly impressive. His only good game was the first, in which he was gifted first blood by an awful early dive from UoL. He fell behind in lane in all three games, and had the most deaths on his team as the AD carry in Games 1 and 2. Samux hard-carried UoL; Nuclear had trouble getting off the ground.
Unkillable during Friday's sweep
August 11, 2017
Nuclear ended Friday's sweep of Mysterious Monkeys with a 12/0/6 KDA in two games as Tristana.
Nuclear finished Game 1 with a 3/0/2 KDA. He was unkillable, but finished the game involved in only five of his team's 13 kills. Despite the low kill participation, Nuclear finished tied with Jankos for the second-highest kill total. In Game 2, Nuclear earned a 9/0/4 KDA. He carried an easy Game 2, finishing the game involved in 13 of 16 kills and leading the team with nine kills of his own.
Carries hard in Game 1
July 28, 2017
Nuclear finished H2K's sweep of Splyce with a 8/4/18 combined KDA.
Nuclear finished Game 1 with a 5/1/10 KDA as Tristana. He was dominant, finishing with 100 percent kill participation and tying Febiven for the game high in kills. He also finished with the second-highest assist total, finishing one assist behind Chei. In Game 2, Nuclear used Caitlin to earn a 3/3/8 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 17 kills, ending with the second-highest kill total on the team as H2K closed out the series.
Falls short in series against G2 Esports
July 24, 2017
Nuclear ended H2k-Gaming's defeat to G2 Esports with a 6/5/20 KDA.
While Nuclear's performance over the course of H2k-Gaming's defeat to G2 Esports couldn't be characterized as bad, it certainly wasn't overwhelming. Most notably, whenever H2k built their composition around Nuclear, he failed to step up when it would matter most. Both Games 1 and 3 were face-offs between hyper-carry focused compositions, and G2 Esports got the better of that deal both times, as Nuclear simply never matched Zven's damage output, even when he was put on Kog'Maw, arguably the highest damage carry of them all. Once the spotlight wasn't entirely on him, though, he seemed like a different man entirely. His Ashe in Game 2 was outstanding, and he did an unparalleled job at providing utility and initiation to his team -- a large divergence from H2k's strategy in Games 1 and 3. It seems the biggest takeaway from this series is that while Nuclear is without a doubt one of the strongest ADCs in the EU LCS, H2k as a whole might not be ready to play around him entirely, as every time they've tried to do so this split has ended in tragedy.
Massive in Game 2
June 18, 2017
Nuclear finished 9/4/18 in H2K's 2-0 sweep over Team Vitality on Saturday.
Nuclear played Xayah for the first game of the series, and had a passable performance. He went even in CS, and while he got a string of kill participations in the mid game, this was mostly due to the play of his support. He added in some deaths due to some poor positioning later in the game as well. However, Nuclear had a standout performance on Ashe in Game 2. His CS lead in lane was large to begin with, and it only grew after the laning phase ended. Moreover, he picked up kill after kill in teamfights, landed some great Enchanted Crystal Arrows, and had fantastic positioning, dying only once in a 1-for-1 trade. Nuclear finished with a stellar 8/1/9 KDA in the Game 2 win.
Steps up and carries H2k to big win
June 6, 2017
Nuclear finished H2k's 2-0 sweep vs Mysterious Monkeys in the EU LCS on Saturday with a combined KDA of 11/1/11.
Nuclear didn't have the best start to Game 1 as Varus, with Lamabear's Kha'Zix ganking early for a kill, but H2k's bot lane managed to out 2-vs-2 MM throughout the early game. With Nuclear able to deal safe damage alongside Febiven's flashy Lucian in H2k's double ADC comp, Nuclear was reliable, to say the least, picking up a 2/1/8 KDA as H2k took Game 1 in methodical fashion after falling behind early. When it came time for Nuclear to pick up the Lucian in Game 2, Nuclear popped off in a big way, outright winning his lane matchup and taking a double kill in a 3-for-0 teamfight at 13 minutes. From there, Nuclear was unstoppable after being gifted several mid-game kills, dealing a whopping 19,500 damage to enemy champions while posting a flawless 9/0/3 KDA for 67 percent kill participation as H2k took Game 2 in 27 minutes to close out the series sweep.
Back to back solid performances
June 2, 2017
Nuclear posted a 8/2/16 KDA in H2K's 2-0 series victory over Splyce on Thursday.
Nuclear played a game of Caitlyn and a game of Varus, and they were both solid outings. Both games were about the same, except Game 2 was easier due to H2k doing far better as a team. He laned well, although he did have some issues against Varus in Game 1. Other than that, Nuclear did well and provided plenty of damage to keep his team ahead.
Targeted heavily in teamfights
April 11, 2017
Nuclear posted a 2/11/7 KDA in H2K's 0-3 loss to Fnatic on Sunday.
The H2K AD carry was a bright spot for his team despite his poor looking stats. He looked good, but his circumstances of never being able to make it to the late-game really showed on his stats. Since he was the squishiest player on his team most of the time, he was often targeted and prevented from ever getting any chances to scale. Essentially, not much can be said about him because he never got a chance to do what an AD carry was meant to do. So, this series shouldn't be seen as a defining moment for him, but it's worth keeping an eye on him as he grows into the H2K system more and builds more synergy with his team.
Excellent positioning in victories
March 25, 2017
Nuclear finished with a 14/5/17 KDA in H2K's 2-1 victory over Vitality on Saturday.
Nuclear's Ashe traded farm approximately even with Steeelback's Caitlyn in Game 1, but it was Nuclear who entered the wider game first with an Enchanted Crystal Arrow onto Hachani, who had been getting caught out by the rest of H2K. Nuclear continued to find the enemy support with Arrows the rest of the game, picking up plenty of assists to fill his coffer. He also dealt plenty of damage in teamfights, as his solid positioning gave up only a single death in the victory. Nuclear's Ezreal got to do very little in Game 2, as his two-item spike didn't come until 23 minutes. This isn't a bad timing by any means, but H2K were hopelessly behind by then, leading to a Game 3. On Caitlyn for the deciding matchup, Nuclear once again went even in lane, but came through in fights with great positioning. He went down only twice -- once in an attempt to stop a Baron and again in an extended chase, neither of which he could do much about -- as H2K took Game 3 and the series.
Supports and then pops off on Varus
March 3, 2017
Nuclear ended Thursday's sweep over Fnatic with a 6/1/7 KDA in two games as Varus.
In Game 1, Nuclear ended with a 0/1/4 KDA. He picked up two assists in the fourth and in the final teamfights to help H2K win a quick Game 1. In Game 2, Nuclear ended with a 6/0/3 KDA. He picked up two kills in the first teamfight and picked off sOAZ in the mid game. He grabbed a kill during a 3-vs-3 fight in the bot lane and picked off Jesiz for his fifth kill. A kill and three assists in the final teamfight closed out the series.
Can't carry H2K to series win
February 27, 2017
Nuclear played well in H2K's 1-2 semifinal loss to Flash Wolves at IEM Katowice, earning a KDA of 9/4/6.
Nuclear played well throughout the series, beginning with solid play in Game 1 on Varus. Dealing massive poke damage throughout the game thanks to two Infernal Drakes, Nuclear was a menace in H2K's backline. Tearing through FW's health pools with repeated Piercing Arrows while keeping MMD's Nautilus back with Chains of Corruption, Nuclear finished an exhausting 63-minute Game 1 win with a KDA of 4/1/1. Nuclear started Game 2 off well on Sivir by turning a 3-vs-2 tower dive from Flash Wolves into first blood around three minutes, but found limited success afterward as all of H2K struggled. Playing too passively and not willing to take risks, Nuclear's KDA of 2/1/3 didn't end up mattering as H2K threw the game, allowing Flash Wolves to make the 45-minute comeback happen to force Game 3. Taking Caitlyn into Game 3, Nuclear had a relatively quiet game after a 1-for-1 teamfight ended in the bottom lane around 11 minutes. With Flash Wolves jumping ahead and H2K without a tank, Nuclear did his best to stop FW's pick composition to no avail. Ending with a KDA of 3/2/2, Nuclear was little more than a bystander as FW pushed through H2K's base in 46 minutes.
Superb in wins
February 25, 2017
Nuclear went 13/4/19 as H2K took down HKE 2-1 at IEM Katowice.
Nuclear went with a rare Sivir pick in Game 1, and had a very quiet early game. He didn't participate in a kill until 20 minutes, when he essentially stole one from Jankos' Lee Sin. As the game dragged on to almost an hour, Nuclear's crits were on point, granting him the most damage on his team, but his ultimates were largely unimpactful, as he spent much of the game with the lowest kill participation for H2K. H2K lost Game 1, and Nuclear made the switch to Jhin for the remainder of the series. In both Games 2 and 3, some early jungle pressure gave Nuclear and the rest of H2K a strong early game lead, and Nuclear's long-range skillshots paired with the Jayce of Febiven to give H2K an easy time pushing their lead through sieges. Nuclear went 7/1/13 in these last two games as H2K took the series.
On point with his arrows
February 22, 2017
Nuclear ended H2K's win over HKE with a 6/1/6 KDA as Ashe.
Nuclear picked up a kill and an assist during both a four-man dive in the bottom lane and a five-man dive in the top lane early to set the tone for H2K. He was excellent in teamfights, picking up a kill and two assists in the first teamfight and a kill in the second teamfight. His accuracy with Enchanted Crystal Arrow created picks throughout the game, and his two kills and assist in the final teamfight allowed H2K to take an easy win.
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