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Removed from starting lineup
March 28, 2018
LemonNation has been taking off the starting lineup of OpTic Gaming, Jacob Wolf of ESPN reports.
After a rough Spring Split, OpTic has decided to move on from LemonNation and zig. While the entire team never looked very good at any point this Split, the two were singled out as OpTic will look to build around the remaining three players for the Summer Split and beyond. It's unclear where LemonNation will head now that his stint with OpTic has come to an end.
Poor showing results in loss against Cloud9
February 5, 2018
LemonNation earned a 0/2/3 KDA during his team's loss against Cloud9 on Saturday.
LemonNation struggled immensely through his team's defeat against Cloud9. Finding a death early on, he was unable to do anything. Without a ranged form of engage on his team, the rest of OpTic were at a loss for what to do as the onslaught of Cloud9 continued. Try as he might, LemonNation could only sacrifice himself to delay his team's eventual demise. On a melee champion, he was not even close to making an impact once behind, resulting in a convincing 36-minute victory for Cloud 9.
Shuts down Mithy, except when it counts
January 28, 2018
LemonNation went 0/3/6 as OpTic fell to TSM on Saturday.
LemonNation's Braum proved to be a fantastic counter to Mithy's Ornn throughout most of the game, as he needed only use Unbreakable to shut down the latter's engages. Unfortunately, when it mattered most, LemonNation failed to stop Mithy's ultimate, leading to a two-man knockup into a three-man one that ended the game.
Becomes cannon fodder
January 21, 2018
LemonNation couldn't stay alive in OpTic Gaming's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday, finishing with a 1/5/2 KDA.
LemonNation died early and often in this one-sided match to open up Sunday's slate of games. It every single engagement of the 36-minute bout, he found himself dead. Without their support around, OpTic simply couldn't prevent Liquid from walking away with a win. OpTic will need to find a way to work better as a team in order to pick up wins in Week 2.
Knowledge over skill
November 28, 2017
LemonNation ended the NA LCS Summer Split with a 29/147/304 combined KDA.
LemonNation helped FlyQuest finish in seventh place during the regular season, missing the playoffs during the Summer Split. He completed a perfect five out of five members of FlyQuest leading their respective roles in deaths, while having the sixth highest kill and assist total, and twelfth highest KDA among North American supports. LemonNation earned an 8/15/58 combined KDA during the regional qualifier, as FlyQuest swept Team Dignitas before falling to CLG. LemonNation was replaced on FlyQuest, but quickly joined OpTic Gaming for their debut season in League of Legends.
Joining OpTic Gaming
November 23, 2017
LemonNation is expected to sign with OpTic Gaming, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Thursday.
After FlyQuest acquired support option Stunt earlier in the offseason, it made sense that LemonNation could be out the door. While not necessarily one of the most well known of the NA LCS supports, LemonNation had the dubious honor of finishing with the highest death totals of any support in the NA LCS during the Summer Split. He also posted the lowest number of kills and assists totals of any support who played at least 40 games, reinforcing the notion that OpTic Gaming may not be able to consistently rely on their new support. That may not matter, however, given that offseason additions of Arrow, Akaadian, and PowerOfEvil should provide all the offense the Green Wall needs.
Strong performance nets victory against Dignitas
September 13, 2017
LemonNation earned a series KDA of 5/4/32 in FLY's 3-0 sweep over DIG.
Unsurprisingly picking champions to utilize Ardent Censer, LemonNation was able to easily facilitate WildTurtles domination throughout his team's series victory against Dignitas. In lane, he was able to assist in finding early leads, through both engagements and disengaging when his carry was in trouble. This allowed the rest of FlyQuest to move throughout the game with ease due to the advantages from the bottom lane. As a result in each game, FlyQuest was able to easily dominate teamfights, securing victories left and right. Although LemonNation was killed multiple times in the process, he was able to trade his life for advantages for the rest of his team's benefit, securing a convincing 3-0 series sweep.
Four Rakan Games
September 11, 2017
LemonNation finished FlyQuest's 1-3 loss to CLG with a 3/11/26 KDA in four games as Rakan.
LemonNation ended Game 1 with a 2/2/9 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 13 kills, finishing with his team's second-highest assist total, but third-highest kill total. In Game 2, Lemon finished with a 1/3/5 KDA. He was involved in six of eight kills, leading FlyQuest with five assists. In Game 3, Lemon earned a 0/1/7 KDA. He was involved in seven of nine kills, leading FlyQuest with seven assists. For the final game of the series, Lemon ended with a 0/5/5 KDA. He was involved in only five of 11 kills, finishing with only the third-highest assist total.
Constantly out of position
July 31, 2017
LemonNation ended 1/13/5 in FlyQuest's 0-2 loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Playing Thresh for Game 1, LemonNation can be pointed to as the primary reason FlyQuest lost. He did help his team get an early 2-for-1 trade in the bot lane with superior laning, but that was the extent of his success. Following that, he was constantly caught out of position, feeding Jensen's Syndra nearly all of his early-game kills, which snowballed into a quick C9 victory. In Game 2, LemonNation's Karma simply never had a chance, as Cloud9 steamrolled to a second easy victory.
Performance falls off after superb Game 1
July 24, 2017
LemonNation finished FlyQuest's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday with a 0/9/11 KDA.
In Game 1 LemonNation's Janna was on point, expertly kiting his way to a 0/0/11 KDA. LemonNation had clutch Howling Gales and Monsoons throughout the second half teamfights that helped FLY take a lead in the series. He wasn't able to make a repeat performance in Game 2 on Janna after getting dominated in an early 2-vs-2 in the bottom lane. FLY managed to buy a lot of time clearing waves and delaying EnVy's push, but never found a good engage late to turn it around. In Game 3 LemonNation was on Sona, but had a lowly 0/6/9 KDA. Again FLY was falling behind in the mid game, but this time tried to fight back. Its effort resulted in mostly in death as EnVy steadily pushed to a series victory.
Solid Sona performance in Game 1
July 15, 2017
LemonNation finished FlyQuest's series loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Friday with a 0/7/8 KDA.
LemonNation got to have a good first half of Game 1 on Sona, but fell off in the second. His heals and shields were a great help as FLY rotated the map running up a lead in kills, turrets and gold, but it wasn't enough late. CLG managed to stall for enough time that its damage dealers got caught up in items and then LemonNation's shields and heals weren't enough. Despite its lead, FLY started losing teamfights late and got nearly aced in the final fight. In Game 2, LemonNation went with Braum and his laning phase didn't go well. He got caught by a Death Sentence from Thresh and taken down for first blood. FlyQuest as a whole couldn't put together a winning lane and got torn apart in the teamfighting throughout Game 2. In the end, FLY finished with only two kills to CLG's 24.
Might need to bench the Kench
June 25, 2017
LemonNation ended FlyQuest's 0-2 loss to TSM on Saturday with a KDA of 1/5/5.
LemonNation has struggled to look good this split, which is understandable to some degree for the support on a last-place team, but his performances on Tahm Kench this series really left a lot to be desired. Offensively, he was a non-factor, as he never managed to pull off an effective Abyssal Voyage. Defensively, his use of Devour was at times premature or unnecessary, and as a result he often didn't have the cooldown when he truly needed it. Regardless, once TSM found their leads in both games, the skill was nowhere near enough to save his teammates, as FlyQuest took a pair of sub-30-minute losses.
Strong in sole victory
June 12, 2017
LemonNation went 4/10/21 in FlyQuest's 1-2 defeat at the hands of Immortals on Saturday.
It's sometimes difficult to look good as a support when your team is losing, and this was the case for LemonNation on Saturday. He started out nicely in Game 1 on Karma, having the relatively simple, but important job of helping Hai's Talon and Balls' Jarvan IV alive and healthy while diving the backline of Immortals. Unfortunately, there was little LemonNation could do to cover for his teammates' missteps, namely WildTurtle's, and FLY lost the game. He looked great all throughout FlyQuest's win in Game 2 on Lulu, tag-teaming perfectly with Moon's Rengar to land beautiful engages and go 1/0/8. In Game 3, FlyQuest acquired an early lead, but once again allowed IMT to come back, and thus LemonNation accrued a lousy 1/6/5 KDA as FLY lost the series.
Looks rough in defeat
June 4, 2017
LemonNation ended FlyQuest's 0-2 loss to Echo Fox with a 2/8/15 KDA Saturday.
LemonNation stuck with Zyra for both games of this series, and didn't look terrific in either of them. Zyra is a champion that is very capable of making plays, but LemonNation's strong ultimates were few and far between, particularly in Game 1. In both games, LemonNation was also solo picked off by Froggen, on LeBlanc and Lucian in Games 1 and 2, respectively. Given that Froggen ended up carrying both games for Echo Fox, this was highly detrimental to FlyQuest's chances in the series.
Up and down showing in series defeat against Phoenix 1
April 24, 2017
LemonNation finished FLY's 2-3 series defeat on Saturday with a series KDA of 2/16/25.
LemonNation had a rough start to his team's series against Phoenix 1. Picking Zyra, he was able to help Altec get several kills, but the rest of his team found themselves falling behind quickly. Once behind, LemonNation could not find a way back into the game, resulting in a defeat. The following two games went much better for Lemon who found his team early leads and rolled with them. Once ahead, he had no trouble moving with his team to force fights and ultimately push FlyQuest to victory, bringing the series score 2-1 with ease. The rest of the series didn't go so hot for LemonNation. Although his lane did not fall behind from the get-go, FlyQuest quickly fell behind and Lemon could not find a single way to bring his team back into things. Try as he might in both games, he could do little more than delay his team's deaths. Getting caught out several times as well, his impact was negligible, allowing Phoenix 1 to close out the series and claim Third Place in the NA LCS 2017 Spring Split.
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