Yasin Dincer 
Team EnVyUs
Improved Syndra play after Game 1 loss
July 24, 2017
Nisqy earned a 19/5/11 KDA in Team EnVyUs' reverse sweep FlyQuest on Sunday.
Nisqy got Syndra throughout the series and his performance got much better after a scoring a lowly 3/2/1 KDA in Game 1. While dealt out plenty of damage he struggled to get to the good targets, often wasting abilities trying to fight through the front line. In Game 2 Nisqy was roaming early and got rewarded with first blood. Nisqy ran away with his early lead, leading EnVy in damage dealt to champions on his way to an 8/0/3 KDA. In Game 3 Nisqy's early roam got him a kill but also cost him his life. However the early kill was enough to become a good damage threat in the mid game as EnVy won fights and ran up a gold lead. Nisqy made a few mistakes late but finished with a solid 8/3/7 KDA.
Damage carries in reverse sweep
July 17, 2017
Nisqy earned a 10/2/15 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 series victory against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Nisqy's only two death of the series came in Game 1 on Cassiopeia. He had a small CS advantage during the laning phase but struggled to do much in teamfights in the second half. In Game 2 Nisqy bounced back with a 8/0/7 KDA performance on Syndra. He needed no help to secure first blood as he blew up Damonte in a 1-vs-1 trade six minutes in. EnVy quickly opened up the map, taking objectives and picking apart Echo Fox. Nisqy's kills all came in the first half, but continued to pump out damage and pick up kill participation late to lead EnVy in damage dealt to champions. In Game 3 Nisqy damage carried again, yet this time it was on Taliyah. Nisqy had some nice Weaver's Wall to zone EF off of objectives, but there was little teamfighting as his 1/0/5 KDA was 100 percent kill participation. A late Elder Dragon and Baron kill set up EnVy's series ending push.
Decent performance despite defeat
June 26, 2017
Nisqy earned a series KDA of 7/8/4 in EnVy's series defeat against CLG.
Nisqy started off his team's series against CLG with a Cassiopea pick that didn't quite pay off. He was unable to push Huhi's Aurelion Sol in lane and thus fell behind. Although he tried to bounce back and picked up half of his team's kills, he was unable to bring his team back into the game, resulting in a defeat. Game 2 saw a better performance with Nisqy opting for Syndra and dominating. After picking up early kills, he had no trouble deleting CLG's carries in the later stages of the game, allowing EnVy to push with their lead easily. Shortly after, he was able to win a final teamfight with his team and close out the game to tie the series 1-1. With the series down to a final Game 3, Nisqy picked Syndra once again but was unable to repeat his performance. After falling behind early, he could not one-shot enemy carries like last game, putting his team in a poor position. As the rest of EnVy fell behind, he had no way to bring the team back into the game, allowing CLG to take the game and close out the series with ease.
Set to join Team EnVyUs as starting mid laner
May 17, 2017
Nisqy will head overseas to join Team EnVyUs, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Nisqy is expected to take over the starting role, should he square away any visa issues, after Team EnVyUs parted ways with their former starter, Ninja, during the beginning of the offseason. One of the young, up-and-coming talents in the EU region, Nisqy will look to help EnVyUs improve on their dismal finish during the Spring Split, in which the organization limped to a 10th-place finish, narrowly re-qualifying for the LCS.
Strong showing results in LCS Promotion against Giants
April 16, 2017
Nisqy earned a series KDA of 11/6/18 in FNA's 3-0 victory over GIA.
Nisqy had a strong performance throughout FNA's victory over GIA. He started things off on Leblanc with an extremely dominant performance. After finding an early lead, he was able to roam consistently to demolish the squishy enemy composition. Try as they might, they could not survive his insane damage, allowing him to run away with teamfights and propel his team to a convincing 40-minute victory. He switched things up in Game 2 after LeBlanc being banned and found himself on Cassiopea with an equally dominant performance. Hitting huge ultimates throughout teamfights, he was able to output insane amounts of damage. Eventually soloing the Elder Dragon at 43 minutes, he was able to give his team the buff needed to win a final teamfight and close out Game 2 with ease. Game 3 saw a less impressive performance on Cassiopea, but Nisqy was still able to help his team. Dealing large damage in teamfights, he proved to be too much fro the enemy team once again. Although they focused him heavily, he was able to output enough damage before dying in fights to allow his team to take them convincingly. This resulted in yet another victory, completing his team's 3-0 sweep in the series.
Plays well even in defeat
April 14, 2017
Nisqy posted a strong 17/9/29 KDA in Fnatic Academy's 2-3 loss to Misfits Academy in the EU LCS Promotion Tournament.
Nisqy was actually incredibly consistent in every game of this series, except for maybe Game 5, but even then it was a bad performance from all of Fnatic in the loss. He was strong in both wins and losses up to that point, though. He grabbed LeBlanc in Game 1 and put up a strong 3/1/11 to help get the 1-0 lead to start out. Even in the Game 2 loss, he was a pretty serviceable 3/1/4 on Orianna. In Game 3, another loss, he went 6/3/6, which was actually better than most players on Misfits. He went with Syndra in Game 4 and was great again to help his team get the win to tie things up with a 3/0/6 showing. He had LeBlanc again in Game 5 and only managed a 2/4/2 KDA in a loss. All throughout the series, he showed great poise and understanding of his champions and the matchups he was in to help move his team along. If he plays like this again on Friday, he should be able to help take down Giants to move into the EU LCS.