Park Kwon-hyuk 
South Korea
SK Telecom T1
Rough go of it against Khan
August 9, 2018
Thal ended Thursday's 2-0 loss to KZ with a 3/9/2 combined KDA.
Thal finished Game 1 with a 3/5/2 KDA as Gangplank. He was involved in all five SKT kills, but died a team-high five times in the opening game. In Game 2, Thal used Cho'gath and earned a 0/4/0 KDA. He was involved in none of SKT's five kills, dying four times in the final game. Thal was involved in five of 10 kills in the series, finishing with the SKT's second-highest kill total.
Lackluster showing despite victory
July 17, 2018
Thal earned a series KDA of 2/8/12 during SKT's 2-1 victory over MVP.
Despite his team's victory over MVP, Thal did not have a good showing throughout the series. He started things off with an extremely mediocre showing on Gangplank. Dying early and dying often, he quickly became unable to do anything. Although he stepped up in teamfights, it was too little too late, resulting in a Game 1 loss. Thal picked Gnar in the remaining games of the series, and although he was able to assist his team in their victories, he did not have impressive showings. Unable to get anything done, he was at the mercy of the rest of his team. Thankfully the rest of SKT had no problem finding their stride, allowing Thal to join his team in fights after they were already at an advantage. As a result, SKT was able to bounce back in Game 2 and Game 3, earning a revere sweep against MVP.
Strong tank play nets victory
July 9, 2018
Thal earned a 2/0/5 KDA on Dr.Mundo during his team's victory over Flash Wolves.
Thal had an extremely strong showing over Flash Wolves during his team's decimation over the enemy team. After picking up an early assist, Thal grouped with his team in fights to help translate his lead across the map. As SKT dominated the map, Thal didn't have to do much work on his own. After split pushing for a while, he joined his team for skirmishes and was unkillable. Forcing the enemy team to focus him, he disrupted them enough for the rest of his team to take over the game with ease. Running around the enemy backline during fights, he allowed his team to take a strong teamfight victory, closing out the game in just 36 minutes.
Low kill participation hurts SKT's chances
July 6, 2018
Thal finished SKT's loss over iG with a 2/2/3 KDA as Darius.
Thal ended the game involved in only five of 14 kills, having the lowest kill participation on the team. He tied for the team low in kills with two, but also tied for the second-lowest death total. Thal's three assists were the lowest on the team as SKT fell to iG.
Unkillable top lane Swain
July 5, 2018
Thal ended Thursday's win over M17 with a 2/0/7 KDA as Swain.
Thal finished the game involved in nine of 13 kills. He was unkillable, while his two kills tied him for the third-highest total on the team and his seven assists were tied for the second-highest total.
Gives SKT a fighting chance on Darius
June 28, 2018
Thal put up a 13/7/3 KDA in SK Telecom T1's 2-0 loss at the hands of Kingzone DragonX on Thursday.
Well, that was less than ideal. Thal finally gets himself a standout series for SKT and they still get 2-0'd. On Darius for both games, he was a teamfighting presence that synergized well with Faker in the mid and late games. The two would bounce kills off each other and generally tear through Kingzone at certain points of the game. Unfortunately, SKT's macro game was atrocious in this series as they bled objectives left and right. Even when they ended up with an ace late in Game 2, they couldn't secure Baron and Kingzone easily picked it up to close out the game.
Unable to solidify SKT's top lane
April 4, 2018
Thal finished Wednesday's 1-3 loss to KT with a 6/12/10 combined KDA.
Thal ended Game 1 with a 3/2/2 KDA as Swain. He was involved in five of nine kills, finishing one kill short of the team lead. In Game 2, Thal used Gangplank and earned a 1/1/5 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, tying for the team-high assist total as he was able to utilize Gangplank's global presence, despite losing the game. In Game 3, Thal finished with a 0/6/2 KDA as Renekton. He was involved in 50 percent of his team's kills, but tied for the team-high death total with six deaths as KT took a 2-1 lead. In the final game of the series, Thal turned to Poppy and ended with a 2/3/1 KDA. He was involved in only three of nine kills, but did tie for the team-high kill total with six. Thal was involved in 16 of SKT's 29 kills during the four-game loss.
Picks his namesake
March 23, 2018
Thal ended Thursday's sweep of MVP with a 3/1/6 total KDA.
Thal finished Game 1 with a 1/0/1 KDA as Trundle. He was involved in two of six kills, tying Faker for the second-highest kill total while giving away no kills on the champion he is named for. In Game 2, Thal used Vladimir and earned a 2/1/5 KDA. He was involved in seven of 16 kills, having the lowest kill participation, kills, and assists on the team in Game 2. Thal wasn't heavily involved in the series, but didn't give away anything as SKT took the two game win.
Instant impact in Game 2
March 16, 2018
Thal played the final two games of SKT's 1-2 loss to BBQ, ending with a 3/3/12 KDA.
Thal entered the series in Game 2 and earned a 2/1/12 KDA as Gangplank. He was involved in 14 of 16 kills, tying for the third-highest kill total while having the most assists on the team in Game 2. In Game 3, Thal used Cassiopeia and finished with a 1/2/0 KDA. He picked up the lone SKT kill of the game as BBQ took the upset win over the struggling perennial LCK favorites. Thal tied Blank for a series-high 12 assists, despite playing one fewer game.
Finishes with 50% kill participation
February 20, 2018
Thal ended Tuesday's 2-1 win over KDM with a 2/4/17 combined KDA.
Thal used Sion in Game 1 to earn a 0/0/8 KDA. He was involved in eight of 15 kills, finishing the game tied for the highest assist total. Using Sion again in Game 2, Thal finished with a 2/4/5 KDA. He was involved in seven of 15 kills, tying for the third-highest kill total and lowest assist total. For the series-deciding Game 3, Thal used Gangplank and earned a 0/0/4 KDA. He was involved in 50 percent of his team's kills, ending the game tied for the third-highest assist total while giving away no kills.
New blood in the top lane
February 7, 2018
Thal ended Wednesday's 2-1 win over BBQ with a 5/6/16 combined KDA.
Thal finished Game 1 with a 2/1/7 KDA as Gangplank. He was involved in nine of 13 kills, finishing with the third-highest kill total and second-most assists in Game 1. In Game 2, Thal used Vladimir and ended with a 2/3/6 KDA. He was involved in eight of 15 kills, but struggled to help SKT dominate teamfights as BBQ evened the series. Returning to Gangplank in Game 3, Thal earned a 1/2/3 KDA. He was involved in 50 percent of his team's kills, tying for the second-highest assist total as SKT picked up the victory.
Shaky in top lane
January 26, 2018
Thal had a rough outing during SKT's 2-0 loss to Kingzone DragonX on Friday, finishing with a 2/5/3 KDA.
With SKT struggling in a big way to start the season, Thal hasn't exactly been helping matters with his play. Sure, he picked up a couple kills in the opening game with Gangplank, but those kills came early on and he didn't contribute much to the late game teamfights his team needed to win the game. His Camille in Game 2 was even worse, as he tallied no kills and was thoroughly outplayed by Khan from start to finish. With neither Thal or Untara inspiring much confidence in the top lane, the shuffle between the two is sure to continue for some time.
Struggles in lone game
January 21, 2018
Thal posted a 1/5/6 KDA in SK Telecom T1's 1-2 series loss to Jin Air Green Wings on Saturday.
Thal was subbed in for Game 3 and struggled in the matchup. He locked in Gnar against Ornn, which should be a winning matchup. While Thal could have played smarter, SKT's inability to close out the game cost them far more than Thal's subpar performance. Thal played decently, at best, but he also deserves some slack since he is new to the team.
Joins SKT as a sub
January 8, 2018
Thal has joined SKT ahead of the 2018 LCK season, according to the team's official twitter page.
Thal joins after spending time in the lower divisions of China, Europe, and North America. Thal provides SKT with a second top laner, following the departure of Huni. UnTara is expected to be the starting top laner, with Thal providing the team with another option if necessary.
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