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Team Liquid
Smooth sailing after early kill
March 4, 2018
Doublelift posted a 2/0/4 KDA on Xayah as Team Liquid picked up a win against 100 Thieves on Saturday.
Team Liquid's bottom lane drafted a winning duo and pressed its advantage with a level 1 invade. The invade forced some late backs and gave it a small level advantage in lane and Doublelift pressed that advantage during the laning phase. Doublelift slowly built his lead in CS and when aphromoo tried to engage, it was easily countered each time. Team Liquid dominated the teamfights from here on out but Doublelift didn't secure many kills or assists as he spent time split pushing objectives. The final push couldn't be stopped as Team Liquid scored a delayed ace while knocking down the Nexus.
Unable to carry team in loss
February 19, 2018
Doublelift stumbled his way to a 2/4/7 KDA in Team Liquid's loss at the hands of the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Give credit to Doublelift for trying his best in this game. He truly tried to give his team avenues in which to mount a comeback. The only problem was that he was shut down at just about every turn. He tried to use his Tristana to dive in and start fights, but Guardians simply brushed him aside at every turn. While Liquid was seen by many as one of the best teams in the league, this loss to a team at the bottom of the standings is surely a head-scratcher.
Can't carry Liquid to win
February 12, 2018
Doublelift did what he could with a 4/2/1 KDA in Liquid's loss to Echo Fox on Sunday.
Doublelift's Kog'Maw had a rough game after a tense laning phase, never put in the position to carry due to Echo Fox out-drafting Liquid. In mid-late game teamfights, Doublelift did what damage he could to the oncoming Zac that was perpetually in his grill, but that pressure plus Cassiopeia and Gangplank zoned him out of teamfights entirely. If Doublelift got caught in Gangplank's Cannon Barrage into Cassiopeia's Miasma, he would be dead for sure, so he had to stay far back while Pobelter's Ryze died over and over again. The 4/2/1 KDA was Liquid's sole bright spot, as Doublelift fell victim to Echo Fox's superior draft in a one-sided EF win.
Dishes out damage in devastating win
February 5, 2018
Doublelift posted a KDA of 5/1/8 in Liquid's Saturday win over FlyQuest in the NA LCS.
Doublelift's Varus did well to pressure the bottom lane early on, which was realistically the most difficult thing Doublelift had to do all game long. With Pobelter and Xmithie popping off across the map, and Liquid rotating circles around FlyQuest, Doublelift merely had to take down towers while threatening to shred FQ's tanks if they ever walked too close. The 27-minute win was largely uneventful for Doublelift, but he still played well given the extremely easy circumstances.
Solid performance in victory
February 5, 2018
Doublelift scored a 4/0/5 KDA on Tristana as Team Liquid dominated the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Doublelift fell behind in CS during the laning phase but made up for it during the mid game teamfights. He was able to deal out plenty of damage and got out of trouble with Rocket Jump before anyone could kill him. Team Liquid quickly ran away with a lead in the second half and finished in under 27 minutes
Remains a powerhouse in the bottom lane
January 21, 2018
Doublelift came to play against OpTic Gaming on Sunday, finishing with a 4/0/9 KDA in Team Liquid's win.
Doublelift continues to prove that he's still a formidable force in the bottom lane with another lights out performance. He stayed alive for the entirety of this match while participating in every single kill for his team. Being such a dominant presence not just in the bottom lane but all across the map is allowing Liquid to enjoy some early success in the NA LCS.
Gets his first taste of revenge
January 21, 2018
Doublelift ended 5/0/5 as Team Liquid smashed TSM on Saturday.
Doublelift had strong words for TSM after their decision to kick him in favor of Zven, and he backed those words up nicely on Tristana. The TL bot lane did take a bad early trade or two, and fell a bit behind in CS, but when the first gank came through, Doublelift played it flawlessly, Flashing behind the enemy Alistar's Headbutt and ulting Zven's Kalista away from TSM's turret. This netted a total of three kills for Liquid, who used the advantage to smash TSM in every fight from there on in, taking the game easily in 28 minutes.
Set to join Team Liquid
November 21, 2017
Doublelift's trek across the NA LCS looks to continue with his return to the Team Liquid roster for the upcoming season. He was last with the team during the 2017 Spring Split when he helped them stave off relegation in the promotion tournament. The news comes after reports have surfaced about TSM possibly picking up Zven and Mithy from G2. The move would be just another part of Liquid's massive rebuild in which they have reportedly picked up six players in the last few days.
Provides little help in lopsided loss
October 14, 2017
Doublelift posted a 0/2/0 KDA in TSM's rough loss at the hands of Misfits on Saturday in the tiebreaker of Group D.
Doublelift grabbed Kog'Maw in this series to try and bring the noise in this do-or-die game, but that simply didn't pan out one bit. Most of the early action took place on the top side of the map, and once TSM's bot lane finally saw some action, they were taken out in a fight that flipped the game on its head. After losing that fight, and the Baron, there wasn't much that anyone on the team could do to prevent their demise. This was surely a disappointing end to a day that started out with such promise for the North Americans.
Makes the difference in the late game
October 12, 2017
Doublelift ended 4/1/1 in TSM's Friday win over Flash Wolves.
Doublelift's famous late-game teamfighting was on full display in TSM's first win of the World Championship, as they fell behind considerably early on and were forced to fight their way back. Thankfully, Doublelift's positioning and decision making were as steadfast as ever, and particularly with a Lulu backing him up, he outscaled the enemy Varus by a great deal. This was crucial to TSM's win, as he was the only member of his team to have a teamfighting advantage over his counterpart in the late game.
Team-high death total
October 9, 2017
Doublelift finished Sunday's loss to Misfits with a 2/5/1 KDA as Kog'Maw.
Doublelift had a poor game, along with the rest of TSM, as he was bullied and focused from an early stage. He was involved in only three of TSM's seven kills but did have his team's second highest kill total. Doublelift led the game in deaths as Misfits were able to focus him well in teamfights, not giving him an opportunity to carry.
Untouched in teamfights
September 3, 2017
Doublelift finished off TSM's 3-1 Sunday win over Immortals with a KDA of 26/5/31.
Ironically, Doublelift was the one who looked immortal during Sunday's win, as he took only a single death in each win and only two in the sole loss. This was largely due to his fantastic positioning, which not only kept him alive but also dishing out more damage than Immortals could handle. On Xayah for Games 1 and 2, Doublelift knew exactly when to pull the trigger on his ultimate, dodging IMT's considerable engage and maximizing his damage and utility. Meanwhile, his Games 3 and 4 on Tristana demonstrated the full late-game potential of the pick, as he picked the perfect times to go in for resets and completely take over the late fights that won TSM both games.
Kog'Maw extraordinaire
August 29, 2017
Doublelift posted a 25/6/20 KDA in Team SoloMid's 3-1 series victory over Team Dignitas on Sunday.
Double started off the series playing a game of Tristana, then locked Kog'Maw for the rest of the series. His tried-and-true Tristana in Game 1 put up an amazing 11.0 KDA, and he played as well as spectators have come to expect when he locks in the Yordle Gunner. Doublelift and co. decided to switch it up and stick with Kog'Maw despite Doublelift not playing the champion much. He must have practiced it a lot, or have had the pick and never locked it, because he looked great on it. His positioning and teamfighting were nothing less than superb throughout the series, even in TSM's single loss. Doublelift was a massive key in TSM's series victory, but it's simply what's expected of him anyway.
Shows out against former team
August 7, 2017
Doublelift finished TSM's win against CLG on Sunday with a 12/4/18 KDA.
Doublelift played two champions that aren't seen too much these days, but played extremely well with both of them. He chose Sivir in Game 1 and played a more supportive game with the champion. He mainly served to assist his team in teamfights, pulling in 11 assists in the game. In Game 2, he busted out Jinx and was a terror. His damage was off the charts, pushing TSM to victory through teamfights. CLG almost managed to snag victory, but Doublelift's 9/3/7 KDA was enough to pick up the win to secure the number one seed for TSM.
Strong showing nets victory over Phoenix 1
August 7, 2017
Doublelift earned a series KDA of 11/3/10 in his team's 2-0 series sweep.
Starting things off on Tristana, it was no surprise that Doublelift outperformed the enemy team. Being one of the strongest players in the league coupled with arguably the best champion in his role, he unsurprisingly dominated from the very start. Scaling up easily, he controlled the pace of the game and ultimately dominated teamfights, allowing his team to claim a 26-minute victory. Switching things up and going Kalista in Game 2, he had a much tougher time but he still had an impressive performance. After conceding lane pressure, he scaled up and bounce back in late game teamfights with his team. Positioning expertly, he easily dominated the competition, picking up back-to-back teamfight victories despite being substantially behind. The result was a 34-minute victory, allowing TSM to close out the series 2-0.
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