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Surprisingly high kill total
November 28, 2017
Balls ended the NA LCS Summer Split with a 101/145/200 combined KDA.
Balls helped FlyQuest to a seventh place finish during the 2017 Summer Split. He finished eighth in assists, had the most deaths, and the fifth highest kill total among North American top laners. His KDA of 2.1 was tenth best among top laners during the regular season. During the regional qualifier, Balls finished with an 18/19/38 combined KDA, helping FlyQuest sweep Team Dignitas before falling in four games to CLG. Balls is technically still on FlyQuest heading into the 2018 season, but with Flame moving to the team, he is unlikely to see much playing time.
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Status with FlyQuest uncertain after roster announcement
November 24, 2017
Balls will not start for FlyQuest for the upcoming year, according to a recent report by ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Sure, Jacob Wolf's announcement never explicitly says that Balls will not see any playing time for the new-look FlyQuest, but it's hard to see Balls getting into the starting rotation for next year. With Flame coming into the team after one of his best splits in recent memory on Immortals, where he made it to the NA LCS finals and the 2017 World Championship, it's doubtful that Balls, after a lackluster 2017, will see much play.
Strong performance on tanks and a carry results in sweep
September 13, 2017
Balls earned a series KDA of 5/6/23 in FLY's 3-0 sweep over Dignitas.
Starting the series off on Rumble, Balls was able to pull out a strong performance to start the series off right. After dominating lane, he had no trouble finding favorable ultimates in teamfights to continue FLY's onslaught and pick up a swift Game 1 victory. Using this momentum, he had a strong performance throughout the next two games of the series where he was placed on tanks. In Game 2, he found himself on Maokai, heavily focused and shut down in the early game. Despite this, he never backed down, scaling up and providing necessary crowd control to dominate the mid game and bring FLY a second victory. Game 3 saw a similar storyline with him once again being focused heavily in the early game and then bouncing back as the game went on. On Cho'gath, he had several crucial ultimates that swung fights in his team's favor, allowing FLY to easily close out the game, securing the 3-0 series sweep.
Average in Saturday loss
September 11, 2017
Balls finished FlyQuest's 1-3 loss to CLG with a 13/13/15 combined KDA.
Balls used Kennen in Game 1 to end with a 5/3/7 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, leading FlyQuest with five kills and finishing with the third most assists in their lone win. In Game 2, Balls played Shen and finished with a 1/4/2 KDA. He was involved in only three of eight kills as CLG evened the series. Returning to Kennen in Game 3, Balls earned a 2/3/2 KDA. He was involved in four of nine kills, finishing with his team's second-highest kill total. For the final game of the series, Balls used Trundle and ended with a 5/3/4 KDA. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, tying WildTurtle for the team high in kills.
Can't save floundering team
July 31, 2017
Balls went an overall 4/5/6 as FlyQuest went down 0-2 to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Balls went with his signature Rumble in Game 1, and lived up to his reputation on the champion. He turned around a gank to get a kill in the 1-vs-2 at seven minutes, as well as an assist as Moon came in to clean up. From there, his Equalizers were consistently well placed, but simply insufficient to overcome FlyQuest's massive deficit. Similarly, in Game 2, Balls' Gnar won his lane and was consistently up in CS, and even grabbed himself one of FlyQuest's three kills. However, with the rest of his team falling drastically behind, there was nothing he could do.
Struggled after solid Game 1
July 24, 2017
Balls scored a 6/10/13 KDA in FlyQuest's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Balls didn't have a very good laning phase in Game 1 on Jarvan IV as he fell behind. Things got better for him in the late game teamfights as FLY started to win skirmishes and take the lead in objectives. In Game 2 Balls' had a poor 0/4/1 performance on Kennen. After losing an early skirmish, Balls lost all chance of snowballing a lead. FLY steadily fell behind in gold and objectives, failing to pull the trigger and engage and losing when EnVy finally did. In Game 3 Balls was on another split pushing threat, Camille. However, he got little chance to after scoring some early kills as FLY was getting beat everywhere else on the map. There was little he could do late besides trade deaths for kills as he finished with a 5/4/4 KDA.
Struggles to make impact in late game fights
July 15, 2017
Balls posted a 4/9/3 KDA in FlyQuest's 2-0 series loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Friday.
Balls started off Game 1 on Rumble with a solo kill for first blood against Darshan's Gnar. He managed to keep the pressure on early and got plenty of assists with the Equalizer in skirmishes in the first half. However, Balls couldn't pull it together in the late teamfights and got blown up a few times before dealing out any damage. In Game 2 Balls tried to be a split pushing menace on Gnar, but never really got the chance to. FLY struggled to coordinate its defense in Game 2 and got picked apart in teamfights to finish with two kills, one of which was secured by Balls.
Can't transition early leads
June 25, 2017
Balls earned an 8/9/2 KDA in two losses as Rumble against TSM on Saturday.
Balls played his signature Rumble in both games on Saturday, and despite looking good early on, he failed to make an impact on the series overall. In Game 1, he snagged a quick kill and assists with a Teleport to a river skirmish, and then proceeded to do nothing with them, finishing just 1/4/1. He got off to an even better start in Game 2, as some solid play combined with TSM misplays started him out 3/1/0. This time he continued to put up more of a fight for the remainder of the game, but largely only came out with four more kills because of TSM playing with their food. He finished 7/5/1 in the Game 2 loss.
Strong performance to bring team first victory of the split
June 13, 2017
Balls earned a series KDA of 7/3/14 in FLY's 2-0 sweep over P1.
Although he has been playing poorly recently, Balls shrugged off his recent performances to dominate Phoenix1. He started off his team's series victory with a strong showing on Rumble. Picking up his team's first kill in a dive, he was able to get ahead and maintain his lead throughout the rest of the game. Once ahead, he had impressive showings in teamfights and skirmishes, hitting multi-man ultimates that turned the tide in FLY's favor. In doing so, he allowed the team to take a convincing Game 1 victory. Balls had an even stronger game in the second game of the series, picking Kennen and doing well despite a surprise Urgot from the enemy team. Holding his own in lane, he was able to become a credible threat quickly and pick up a decent advantage. Between split-pushing and joining his team at key moments, he was able to maintain a solid performance that net him a 1/0/7 KDA through his team's victory. Thanks to his strong play, FLY was able to close out the series 2-0.
Does his best to carry
June 12, 2017
Balls went an overall 9/8/13 as FlyQuest lost 1-2 to Immortals Saturday.
Balls started out on Jarvan IV for Game 1, and tag-teamed with Hai's Talon to decimate Immortals in the early game. After an early Teleport play where they got three kills between them, the pair made life hell for Immortals' backline. Unfortunately, some late mistakes robbed FlyQuest of a victory in Game 1. Balls went with Kennen in Game 2, and found an early kill with the help of a gank onto Flame's Gragas. From there, he easily built up a large CS lead, and while he died a couple times in the mid game, he still provided plenty of split-push pressure to force a Game 3. Balls finished the series on Gragas and had another great early game. He went 2/1/2 in the first 15 minutes of the game, but it was all downhill from there as FLY lost the series.
Can't translate leads
June 4, 2017
Balls went an overall 6/4/6 against Echo Fox in a 0-2 loss Saturday.
Balls took advantage of Looper's tank picks to beat him out in lane two games in a row. This started with Balls' Renekton pick against Looper's Gragas in Game 1. As expected, Balls went up significantly in CS in lane, and even managed to find a play or two around the map. Unfortunately, one teamfight win was all Echo Fox needed to take Game 1 in 32 minutes. In Game 2, Balls' Fiora went even further up against Looper's Galio, eventually reaching the Flame Horizon. He used this lead to help take down Looper's Galio in fights, cutting right through his counterpart's tank stats. However, a positioning error cost FlyQuest the game in one fell swoop, as Echo Fox charged down mid to take out the open Nexus.
Up and down tank play results in defeat against Phoenix1
April 24, 2017
Balls earned a series KDA of 5/15/25 in FLY's 2-3 series defeat on Saturday.
Throughout FLY's series, Balls had strong performances as well as weak performances, ultimately leading to his team's 2-3 loss. Along with the rest of his team, he was absolutely dominated in Game 1, allowing Phoenix 1 to take a quick Game 1 victory. He didn't let this get to him, bouncing back in the next two games to bring his team back into the series. With back-to-back convincing victories, it seemed as though he'd be able to close out the series for his team. This was not the case as Balls was unable to get much done in the following games. In Game 4, he was able to hold up decently in lane, but his carries fell around him quickly, keeping him from any opportunity to come back into the game. After picking Nautilus four times, he switched things up in Game 5 and picked Gragas with hopes to help his team close things out. Unfortunately he was unable to do so. Nearly able to find a lead in lane, a botched dive ensured the enemy top was safe. Though he tried to bring his team into the game, he was unable to after a large gold deficit, allowing Phoenix1 to take the victory and close out the series.
Holds his own in top lane
April 18, 2017
The veteran top laner played better than expected in FlyQuest's 0-3 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday, posting a 6/10/10 KDA.
The veteran top laner was expected to lose pretty hard in this series because he was matching up against the NA LCS MVP Hauntzer. Balls did much better than expected, however, and actually challenged Hauntzer here and there. This isn't to say that Balls is going to take over the LCS by any means, but he is still a very serviceable top laner. He played one game of the following champions: Rumble, Kennen and Maokai. He did about the same in the first two games, dealing decent damage and farming relatively well. His team fell behind quite heavily in every single game, which let Balls out to dry. Overall, Balls is still good enough to lane against some of the region's best.
Matches Darshan stride for stride in win
April 11, 2017
Balls posted an 11/17/23 KDA in FlyQuest's 3-2 series victory over Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
Balls played three Rumble games and two Renekton games in this quarterfinals series. Concerning his Rumble, it started off poorly, but he showed massive improvement going into the next game of the series. Then, he peaked his solo performance on his Game 4 Renekton. Overall, he was nearly instant on matching teleport plays by Darshan and he wasn't afraid to lane aggressively. Balls did get punished for overaggression and it is worth noting that he lost to Dr. Mundo, a very rare pick currently, quite sizably. But, Balls showed his prowess on tanks and understands that sometimes a lane must be lost for the other lanes to get ahead. That trait is something that many top laners do not have, and it will definitely pay off when going against better top lane competition.
Scales up slowly in series sweep over Echo Fox
March 25, 2017
Balls earned a series KDA of 3/8/14 in FLY's 2-0 victory over FOX.
Balls had a rough performance to start off FLY's series against Echo Fox. On Camille, he found himself doing very little other than splitpushing for the majority of the game. This seemed to work as FlyQuest found a number of early towers that propelled them to the lead. Unfortunately, it didn't last forever as the team continued to take unfavorable fights, allowing Echo Fox to find their own lead in the game. Balls continued to split and was caught out time and again, trading his life for towers. This ended up working as he cracked the enemy base early on and was able to join his team for several fights to turn the game on its head and earn a 39-minute victory. Game 2 went much better for Balls, this time on Shen. Though he found himself being focused and falling, he was able to hit several extremely clutch taunts, allowing his team to pick up several victories in skirmishes. Once FlyQuest was ahead, he became unkillable, continuing to dominate fights and allowing FLY to take a convincing 28-minute victory, securing their 2-0 sweep in the series.
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